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Take off with Philippine Airlines to discover a treasure trove of wonders in the Philippines, with more than 7,000 captivating islands awaiting your exploration.

Whether you seek the pristine shores of Boracay and Cebu, world-class surfing in Siargao, or the vibrant allure of Manila, the Philippines has something for every traveller.

If you're looking to venture a bit further, fly with Philippine Airlines to top destinations such as Tokyo, Los Angeles, Bangkok and beyond.

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Fly with Philippine Airlines

Philippine Airlines flies to 24 domestic destinations and 31 international destinations including Asia, Australia, Canada and the USA. Easily book Flights to Manila, and connect to a world of beautiful Philippine islands with Webjet & Philippine Airlines now.

Onboard your flight

Onboard Philippines Airlines

A wonderful in-flight experience awaits you. Your seat, amenities, and complimentary snack or meals are all set to make you sit back and fly in comfort and safety

Economy Class

Sit comfortably with adjustable seat bottom cushions, and seatback mounted or in-arm personal touch-screen. The Economy Class Passengers benefit from the new seats from Weber which features an actuating seat pan that enables the seat bottom cushion to be moved up or forward to support the body when relaxing. It is also outfitted with a 9in seatback mounted and in-arm touch-screen personal television. The Economy Class seats feature the undulating wave-pattern design in a blue, aqua and terracotta palette. The relaxed, tropical feel extends to the front and back ends of the cabin where interiors, curtains, carpets and surfaces are in various shades of blue, white, gray, silver and tan

Business class

The Business class seats of B777-300ER are adjustable to a variety of the positions at the passenger’s option. The seat may recline with a 15 degree angle (Chaiselongue position). It is outfitted with a 15.4 in. seat-back mounted and 10.6in in-arm touch-screen personal television which allows the passengers to program controls with memory. Each seat is equipped with individual “goose neck” reading lights, laptop charging port and USB port for passengers to listen to their personal mp3 collection or view photos and PDF files.
Business Class seats are outfitted in plush, deep-blue upholstery accented with touches of silvery-copper threads that simulate reflections of light on water.


In-flight Entertainment

Enjoy every minute of your flight with free movies, TV shows, and music on a inseat screen or personal device! Download the myPAL Player App before your flight to stream on your smartphone.

In-flight Dining

Delight in a selection of Western and Asian dishes, and beverages on board. Special meals are available to suit your dietary, medical, and religious needs



Fleet and network

PAL is the Philippines’ largest international airline and the only full-service Filipino air carrier offering Business Class, Premium Economy and Regular Economy services. Its growing fleet, one of the world’s youngest, consists of modern high-technology aircraft such as the Boeing 777 along with the Airbus A350 and A330 for long-haul routes and the A320/A321 family for regional and domestic routes.

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PAL’s network now stretches across the world. The flag carrier operates from four hub airports (Manila, Cebu, Clark and Davao) in the Philippines to an inclusive total of 25 domestic destinations and 28 points in Asia, Australia/Oceania, the Middle East, Europe and North America. PAL operates the country’s only direct air links to mainland U.S.A., Hawaii, Canada, New Zealand and Western Europe, Japan and Australia.

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