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About "Inspiration of JAPAN"

Emerging out of the three aspects of customer experience: Sparkling / Caring / Japan Quality, comes the brand ”Inspiration of JAPAN”

By leveraging the three aspects of customer experience, ANA have come up with a unique brand that their customers can feel familiar with. This brand is “Inspiration of JAPAN”. With their foundations based on flight safety, ANA aim to deliver Japanese innovation and technology, together with the courtesy, true spirit and hospitality which ANA holds so important.


In-flight Entertainment for all

Enjoy a range of entertainment programs spanning a wide variety of genres as you please.

  • With an excellent selection of movies for your enjoyment, from Hollywood blockbusters and the latest Japanese releases to international titles yet to be shown in Japan.
  • A superb lineup of videos is available, including original ANA programs,sports and music shows.
  • Plus enjoy a wide variety of music genres and audio programs, from new songs to classic hits, traditional Japanese entertainment (Yose), audio books, collaboration programs, and more.

Economy Class

Bringing comfort and the joy of travel to all their customers, ANA seats boast a slim design and provide greater legroom, allowing you to have a spacious journey. They also come equipped with a monitor containing various entertainment options for your enjoyment.

The dining and drink options boast exquisite flavours and are brought to you with devotion and hospitality of a Japanese airline. Choose from nostalgic Japanese dishes with comforting flavours, much-loved western dishes and more.

Pillows, blankets and other amenities are provided to make your time on board all the more comfortable.

Premium Economy

Taking comfort and relaxation to the next level. ANA's spacious seats are wide and have plenty of legroom, they also come with an array of excellent functions including a universal power port and USB port. They are designed to ensure comfort throughout long-haul flights.

In addition to Economy Class inclusions, the Premium Economy line-up offers you a little extra luxury for a mouth-watering, more satisfying dining experience. Enjoy complimentary Business Class lounge access on international flights.

Pillows, blankets, eye masks, ear plugs and other amenities are provided to make long-haul flights all the more comfortable.

Business Class

Business Class seats are lie-flat seats with a staggered arrangement. This setup enables you to enjoy direct aisle access no matter where you are seated, meaning you needn't worry about those around you. Create your very own space on board and spend your time just as you please.

Scrumptious delights are brought to you 10,000 metres up in the sky by THE CONNOISSEURS, an expert culinary group comprising of renowned chefs and professionals from inside and outside Japan as well as ANA chefs. Enjoy these carefully selected dishes and drinks to your heart's content.

A large number of items are provided to make your time on board all the more comfortable. Bedding for a comfortable sleep, moisturisers and other skincare products, plus many more amenities are available for you to use.

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