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Fly With Aircalin

Aircalin is the international airline of New Caledonia, operating 12 services a week to Noumea from Australia - 4 flights a week from Brisbane and 8 flights a week from Sydney (Including flights operated by codeshare partners). Aircalin is a proud full-service airline offering our customers complimentary meals and drinks on our young fleet of Airbus A320Neo and A330Neo aircrafts. Guests are treated to menus inspired by New Caledonia’s mix of French culinary culture and Melanesian influence or have the option to purchase meals that suit their taste from a la carte menus.


Renewed in 2019 and 2020, Aircalin's fleet is composed by 2 Airbus A330neo, 1 Airbus A320neo (another A320neo will complete the fleet in 2023).

With these new aircraft, fuel consumption and carbon emissions are reduced by 15% to 20% per seat compared to older aircraft. A key advantage in the context of Aircalin's commitment to reduce carbon and environmental footprints. 

Comfortable cabins at the heart of all amenities

  • Very quiet cabin;
  • Light ambiance designed for each phase of the flight;
  • High quality seats in all classes (Business Hibiscus class is only available on A330neo aircrafts);
  • In-flight entertainment system with high-definition screens on all seats;
  • Careful and attentive in-flight service.

Onboard Aircalin


Carry on 

(to/from Noumea to/from Auckland, Sydney, Brisbane, Nandi, Wallis and Port-Vila)

Cabin class Business Hibiscus Class Premium Economy Class Economy Class
Carry on

Total of 12kg maximum

Total of 7kg maximum Total of 7kg maximum
Checked Baggage  2 baggage items of 23 kg each   2 baggage items of 23 kg each A total of 23 kg of baggage


* Carry on dimensions: 55*35*25 cm or a total of 115 cm (pockets, wheels and handles included)
* In general, the maximum dimensions of a checked baggage item are the following: height + width + depth = 158cm

Cabin Class


Discover Aircalin's Economy Class with all the latest innovations of the Airbus Airspace package. 


  • Check in online 30hrs before your flight departs on aircalin.com.
  • Preselect your seat
  • Book your à la carte services
  • Entertainment offer integrated into the seat and accessible to all
  • USB socket to charge your electronic devices

Premium Economy

A class designed for your comfort. Welcome on board Premium Economy class.


  • Check in online 30hrs before your flight departs on aircalin.com. Preselect your seat
  • Access to dedicated check-in counters.
  • Personal on-demand entertainment system with the latest generation HD LED touch screen, a multi-way adjustable headrest, a USB charging point, and a headphone jack for your own headphones.
  • Private space with only 2 or 4 rows* in the cabin, located at the front of the aircraft.
  • Champagne offered as an aperitif, and dedicated meals and drinks. 


Business Hibiscus class

At check-in, priority counters are dedicated to Business Class customers to ensure time saving.

  • You may embark at your convenience and be among the first passengers to leave the aircraft upon arrival to collect your luggage.
  • You are allowed 2 luggage of 23kg throughout our network*.
  • You earn more Flying Blue miles and get faster access to program benefits.


Business lounge
In Noumea, Brisbane, Sydney, Auckland, Papeete, Nadi, Tokyo, Singapore, enjoy the comfort of our business lounge during transit. Calm atmosphere, modern and elegant decor, buffet, drinks, press, wifi connection, our lounges have all been designed to meet your needs and expectations.

A modern and elegant cabin

Our innovative, Business Hibiscus cabin offers many features, including:

  • Comfort foam seat, tilts to a perfectly flat bed
  • Numerous storage, swiveling reading light, cocktail tablet to put your laptop, a "treasure" box to store your small belonging
  • USB socket and a 110-volt socket to recharge electronic devices
  • Large, state-of-the-art, 39cm HD LED touch screen with remote control
  • Rich and intuitive entertainment system with more than 150 programmes (latest films or classic movies, TV series, music, documentaries, games...) and new features (3D interactive map, external camera...)
  • Complimentary menu combining New Caledonian and International flavours and beverage, 


Must see in New Caledonia

New Caledonia is a land of sharing, culture and exchanges. One that you be sure of is that New Caledonia will offer you many new experiences. Between outdoor sports, boating, discovering Kanak traditions and the gentle way of life, this piece of France at the end of the world will capture your heart. 

Amédée Lighthouse


In the heart of a protected marine reserve, Amédée Lighthouse attracts visitors seeking escape, beauty and relaxation. 

Upi Bay on the Isle of Pines


With its outrigger canoes, turquoise water and coral rocks, it is one of the most iconic places in New Caledonia. Cruising along on a traditional boat and spot turtles, rays and dolphins!

Noumea, capital of all desires


Lively by day and by night, Noumea offers plenty to see and do, including beaches, shopping, water sports, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, taxi boats to the islands and walks.. 


Green Island, Bourail


Bourail has become a top tourism spot in New Caledonia. At the heart of a lagoon listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Green Island is a genuine jewel surrounded by the splendid double-barrier reef that.

Heart of Voh



An unusually shaped mangrove swamp that enjoyed world renown after being photographed by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. The best way to see it is to fly over it in a gyrocopter or microlight aircraft.

Blue River Provincial Park


Explore this biodiversity hotspot on foot, by mountain bike or in a kayak, to see native flora and fauna and enjoy different outdoor activities.



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