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Zurich Guide

Top Experiences for Visitors


Altstadt is the scenic Old Town in Zurich. The neighbourhood is teeming with history and culture, with an abundance of shopping, dining, and drinking options. Altstadt is loved among visitors with flights to Zurich for its medieval atmosphere. The neighbourhood is made up of narrow cobblestone streets and traditional architecture that will help you imagine what Zurich was like hundreds of years ago.


Swiss National Museum

Pay a visit to the Swiss National Museum after your flights to Zurich in order to learn more about Switzerland. The museum itself is beautiful, featuring a French Renaissance chateau style. Inside the museum, exhibits take visitors on a journey through time from Switzerland’s ancient history to the Middle Ages and present day. Artefacts include sculptures, paintings, furniture, pottery, coins, and more.


Lake Zurich

Visitors with cheap flights to Zurich can see the northern end of Lake Zurich, which is located at the southern edge of the city centre. The crescent-shaped lake stretches south for 40 kilometres (25 miles). The lake offer gorgeous views and plenty of activities. Visitors with plane tickets to Zurich can enjoy lakeside walking trails or try water activities, such as paddle boarding and kayaking. If you book your return flights to Zurich in winter, you can even go ice skating on rinks set up beside the lake.



Fraumünster is an impressive church that is easily recognised by its tall turquoise steeple. The church was originally founded as an abbey in 853 and played an important role in Zurich throughout the Middle Ages. Travellers with flights to Zurich can visit Fraumünster to see its incredible architecture, stained glass windows and the city’s largest pipe organ.



The Cost of Visiting

When you book flights to Zurich, you can exchange your Australian dollars for Swiss francs. 1 franc is equivalent to about $1.40 AUD.

After booking your cheap flights to Zurich, you’ll have plenty of hotels to choose from. Mid-range hotels in the city centre average between $200 and $300 AUD per night. High-end and budget hotels are also available to book through Webjet.

On average, dining out in Switzerland can be expensive. The average cost of a meal in a casual sit-down restaurant is about 25 francs ($35.30 AUD). To save money, alternate sit-down meals with local street food, such as sausages and cheese fondue. When it comes to drinks, a local beer costs about 7 francs ($9.90 AUD), and a latte costs about 5 francs ($7 AUD).

For the most part, central Zurich is very walkable. However, if you decide to catch public transport when you have flights to Zurich, a single adult ticket costs 4 francs ($4.65 AUD). When you have return flights to Zurich, you can catch a train to and from Zurich Airport (ZRH). The train arrives in about 12 minutes and costs 6.80 francs ($9.60 AUD).



Major Events and Festivals


This annual holiday is held on the third Monday in April. It is unique to Zurich and celebrates the beginning of spring. Sechseläuten focuses on a snowman character named Böögg who represents winter. During the festival, the Böögg is burned to symbolise the end of winter. If you book your cheap flights to Zurich during Sechseläuten, you can watch the burning of the Böögg with many of the city’s residents, see several parades, and join locals in barbecuing sausages over the embers of the bonfire.


Zurich Festival

Zurich Festival is a major event in July that attracts many visitors to the city. The festival celebrates the arts and culture of the city with performances in music, theatre, and dance. Visitors with airfare to Zurich during the Zurich Festival can attend various shows and taste local and international cuisine from many pop-up food stalls.


Swiss National Day

Held on August 1 every year, Swiss National Day celebrates the history and culture of Switzerland. It is a great time to book return flights to Zurich in order to witness the national pride of locals. Swiss National Day celebrations consist of fireworks, barbecues, public bonfires and parties, and the reciting of historic speeches.


Zurich Christmas Markets

Switzerland is a magical place to spend the Christmas season. During the Advent season in December, visitors with flights to Zurich will be treated to concerts, lights, a circus, and several large Christmas markets where you can purchase local crafts and food.



How Much Time to Spend in Zurich

When you book cheap flights to Zurich, plan to spend about three days experiencing the city. Once you have spent some time in Zurich, take advantage of the cheap flights available through Europe to visit other attractions. Within Switzerland, you can plan an adventure in the Alps or visit the international city of Geneva. Other cities within easy reach of Zurich include Strasbourg, Munich, and Milan.