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Tips for First-Time Travellers to Zanzibar

Australian travellers require a visa to visit Tanzania

You can apply for your Tanzanian travel visa online through the Consulate of the United Republic of Tanzania. Tourist visas are valid for 90 days.


See your doctor for the recommended vaccinations

Visitors with flights to Zanzibar should receive several basic immunisations. This is especially important if you’ll also be visiting rural Tanzania on your trip. Recommended vaccinations include hepatitis A and B, typhoid, rabies and diphtheria. If you have recently travelled to a country where yellow fever is prominent, you may also be asked for proof of immunisation against yellow fever after your flights to Zanzibar.


Dress appropriately when you leave your hotel

The main religion in Zanzibar is Islam, and visitors with return flights to Zanzibar are expected to dress conservatively. When you are outside of your hotel or the beach, keep your shoulders and upper legs covered.


Try the local cuisine – the spicier the better!

Zanzibar is renowned for its vibrant food scene. The island is particularly loved by tourists with cheap flights to Zanzibar for its variety of herbs and spices used by local chefs in traditional cuisine. You’ll find several spice markets across the island where you can purchase spices to take home. Some popular local dishes to try when you have airfare to Zanzibar are spiced pilau rice, wali na maharage, spiced rice and chicken with masala sauce, and fried plantains.



Neighbourhood Overview

Stone Town

Stone Town is the most popular area amongst visitors with tickets to Zanzibar. Located within the wider Zanzibar City, Stone Town is made up of winding laneways and historic architecture. The neighbourhood is also home to a variety of markets, restaurants, and shops. With its proximity to Abeid Amani Karume International Airport (ZNZ), Stone Town is a great place to begin your explorations around Zanzibar.



Mangapwani is another popular area among people with return flights to Zanzibar. The town is known for its white-sand beaches and its series of caves, including the Coral Cavern. Mangapwani is also steeped in history, with artefacts connecting the town to the slave trade of the 18th and 19th centuries and World War II.


Chake Chake

Zanzibar is made up of several islands. Pemba is the second largest and is popular among visitors with cheap flights to Zanzibar for its lush green landscapes. Chake Chake is the largest town on Pemba. Chake Chake offers easy access to the beach as well as the island’s rainforests. Within the town, you can wander through its scenic Old Port and visit the spice markets.


Michamvi Peninsula

Visitors with flights to Zanzibar will find this beautiful and secluded area on the southeast coast of Zanzibar’s main island. The area is known for its palm trees, white-sand beaches, and colourful coral reef. While the Peninsula was once popular among backpackers, it is now a quiet spot where you can enjoy the peacefulness of island life.



Cafes and Restaurants

Bin Jabir

Head to this popular restaurant after your flights to Zanzibar to try some authentic local cuisine. Located in the northeast of the island, Bin Jabir is situated near several hotels and a gorgeous beach. The restaurant specialises in freshly caught seafood and offers great quality at local prices.


Puzzle Coffee Shop

Head down one of the narrow laneways in the heart of Stone Town and you may stumble across this hidden gem. Puzzle Coffee Shop serves high quality coffee as well as a variety of smoothies and teas. Visitors with flights to Zanzibar also love the pastries on offer at Puzzle, particularly the brownies.


Tea House Restaurant

The Tea House Restaurant offers an authentic Zanzibar dining experience. Travellers with cheap flights to Zanzibar can enjoy the rooftop terrace, which offers stunning views over Stone Town and the ocean. Tea House offers both à la carte and set menus featuring traditional African dishes and local seafood.


Badolina Secret Garden Restaurant

Badolina Secret Garden Restaurant serves delicious Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes near the popular Nungwi Beach in northern Zanzibar. The restaurant is located in a large beachside hut, offering an unforgettable experience to visitors with flights to Zanzibar.



How Much Time to Spend in Zanzibar

To fully experience everything that Zanzibar has to offer, it is recommended to book return flights to Zanzibar for at least a week. However, many travellers combine Zanzibar with a trip to mainland Tanzania and a safari. Planning your flights to Zanzibar for about two weeks will allow you to explore the different sides to Tanzania – island life in Zanzibar, urban Africa in the capital city of Dar Es Salaam, and the rural side to the country on a Tanzanian safari.


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