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Need to know

A melting pot of diverse cultures, Yangon, formerly known as Rangoon, is both the main entry point for visitors to Myanmar (Burma) and its largest city. Known for its beautiful architecture and awe-inspiring spiritual monuments, Yangon is an eclectic jumble of Buddhist temples, serene parks, modern buildings and beautiful colonial architecture from its time under British rule.

There are many places across Yangon to try unique Burmese cuisine. Street food vendors are a common sight throughout the city, serving delectable grilled skewers and rich noodle soups. Strongly brewed tea with condensed milk is a popular drink, as are yogurt-based drinks similar to those found in India. A visit to Bogyoke Aung San Market, sometimes called Scott Market, could also occupy you for most of a day, with more than 2000 stalls of handicrafts and souvenirs to browse

As most of Myanmar’s citizens practice Theravada Buddhism, payas, or pagodas, are spread throughout Yangon. The most sacred of these is the stunning Shwedagon Pagoda. Adorned with 27 metric tons of gold leaf, it is believed to contain ancient relics from the four previous Buddhas. Another amazing architectural feat is the Sule Pagoda, a majestic golden dome in the centre of Yangon’s downtown area. According to legend, this place of worship was built over 2,500 years ago and is revered by Buddhists across the globe.

Yangon is also home to many natural attractions with pretty parks, gardens and lakes around its city centre. Kandawgyi Lake is the perfect place to watch the sunset. Enjoy an amazing view of the city and be mesmerised by the golden Shwedagon reflected in its calm waters.

It is important to keep in mind that some parts of Myanmar are no-go zones for foreigners due to ongoing conflicts, but these are far from the main tourist destinations.


Getting around

Walking is an easy option in the downtown area of Yangon and the best way to take in the exquisite surroundings. Taxis are everywhere in the city and are the most popular mode of transport due to their relatively low fares. Buses can be hard to navigate for travellers and aren’t recommended for a short visit due to long travel times. The same can be said of Yangon’s train system, although those with time to spare will enjoy the immersive, cultural experience. 

The best time to visit Yangon is during the winter months (which span from November to February) when temperatures stay around a pleasant 19°C to 33°C. The dry season from March to May can also be a good time to visit, however, the heat and humidity can be too oppressive for some travellers, with temperatures hitting 40°C and above. Travellers would do well to avoid Yangon in July and August as these are the wettest months. 

Yangon International Airport

Yangon International Airport is the main international airport in Myanmar and is situated 15 km north of downtown Yangon. Flights make their way to Yangon International Airport from a number of destinations, including Beijing, Singapore and Tokyo. There are no direct flights to Yangon International Airport from Australia  

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