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Warsaw Guide

Tips for First-Time Travellers to Warsaw

Learn a few key phrases in Polish

When you arrive on return flights to Warsaw, the locals will be extremely impressed if you try to use their language. Polish can be a difficult language to grasp, but there are some basic phrases to know when you have flights to Warsaw: prosze (please), dziekuje (thank you), Czy mowisz po angielsku? (Do you speak English?), dzien dobry (hello), and do widzenia (goodbye).


Drink tea with lemon rather than milk

Locals prefer their coffee with milk, but drink their tea black. To fit in with the local culture, ask for your tea with a lemon wedge rather than milk after arriving into Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW) or Warsaw Modlin Airport (WMI).


Try the local cuisine

There is lots of delicious food to try when arrive in Poland after booking cheap flights to Warsaw. Some of the most popular Polish dishes are paczki, pierogies, and placki ziemniaczane.



Landmarks and Monuments You Can’t Miss After Landing on Flights to Warsaw

The Royal Castle

Warsaw’s Royal Castle has served as the residence to Polish monarchs, Russian tsars, and Polish presidents. Over the years, the castle has been destroyed and rebuilt, including during the Nazi occupation of Poland throughout WWII. Travellers with return flights to Warsaw can visit the Royal Castle to learn about its history. On a tour of the castle, you can see its elaborate interior in rooms such as the Oval Gallery, the Council Chamber, the Great Assembly Hall, the Marble Room, and the Throne Room.


POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews

Poland has a rich history, some of which you can learn about at the POLIN Museum after your flights to Warsaw. The location of the museum was once the Warsaw Ghetto, which was home to much of the city’s Jewish population. The museum follows the history of the Jewish population of Poland starting in the Middle Ages to today. The museum offers an insight into the city’s Jewish culture and explores the struggles Polish Jews faced during the time of Nazi rule in Germany and the Holocaust.


Wilanow Palace

This Baroque-style palace was first built in 1677 and has managed to stay perfectly intact throughout Warsaw’s history, including German occupation and both World Wars. When you have cheap flights to Warsaw, you can visit Wilanow Palace to see an impressive collection of royal artefacts. Tickets to Warsaw Wilanow Palace will also allow you to see the palace’s royal apartments, the White Hall, the King’s Library, the Queen’s Bedroom, the North Gallery, and more.



One of the most well-known landmarks in Poland is the Auschwitz concentration camp. Auschwitz is located outside the Polish city of Krakow and can be reached as a day trip from Warsaw. When you book return flights to Warsaw, you can take a tour of Auschwitz to learn about the darkest period in Poland’s recent history. Visitors can learn about the Holocaust and what daily life was life for prisoners of Auschwitz through several exhibits.



Neighbourhood Overview

Warsaw Old Town

The Old Town is the hub of the city that is a must-visit for people with cheap flights to Warsaw. Throughout the Old Town, you can see many of Warsaw’s tourist attractions and colourful buildings. The Old Town is also home to a great shopping and dining scene with plenty of restaurants and cafes showcasing the local cuisine.



Located across the Vistula River from the Old Town, Praga is another popular neighbourhood to visit when in Poland on flights to Warsaw. Praga is an old district of Warsaw and managed to make it through WWII mostly intact. The neighbourhood is considered a trendy and up-and-coming area with some cool cafes and bars to check out when you have airfare to Warsaw.


Saska Kepa

Saska Kepa is a residential part of Warsaw that is popular among locals. It offers a unique experience to other central neighbourhoods that you’ll see after your flights to Warsaw. Saska Kepa is a very green neighbourhood, but has a bustling hub on Francuska Street. Along this road, there is some great shopping, restaurants, cafes, and bars.


Old Jewish Quarter

Historically, Warsaw has been home to a large Jewish population. During WWII, Germans established Jewish ghettos across Europe, and the Warsaw Ghetto became the largest Jewish ghetto in Europe. Today, you can visit the Old Jewish Quarter after your flights to Warsaw to learn more about the conditions Polish Jews faced in the past. The area also features some great restaurants where you can try traditional Polish and Jewish foods.