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A Brief History

There’s a fascinating history to discover when you book cheap flights to Vladivostok. In the past, Vladivostok was strongly influenced by China, beginning during the Yuan Dynasty. The city officially became part of China in 1689 under the Manchu Qing Dynasty. Europeans first visited the area in 1855, and it became part of Russia in 1858. In 1860, construction began which would turn Vladivostok into the impressive port city that it is today. With its ideal waterfront location, Vladivostok quickly grew as a trading port and became a military port as well. In 1903, the Trans-Siberian Railway opened, which connected Vladivostok to the Russian cities in the west. For several decades between 1958 and 1991, Vladivostok was designated as a closed city due to its military operations. However, since reopening to foreigners, Vladivostok has developed into a bustling city that offers a unique experience compared to other Russian cities.



Tips for First-Time Travellers with Cheap Flights to Vladivostok

Apply for your Russian visa in advance

Australian travellers require a visa to visit Russia. Soon after booking your flights to Vladivostok, you can apply for a tourist visa online. After completing online visa documentation, paperwork must be sent to the Russian Embassy in Canberra to be approved. Russian tourist visas are valid for 30 days.


Try the local cuisine

You’ll discover a unique cuisine when you book return flights to Vladivostok. You’ll find Russian staples, such as stroganoff, blini, and pelmeni. But the cuisine of Vladivostok has also been heavily influenced by the Asian countries nearby. Pyanse are a popular dish to try after your flights to Vladivostok. They are the local take on Korean steamed buns. Being on the coast, Vladivostok is also well-known for its fresh seafood.


Plan your flights to Vladivostok between May and October

During the winter months, Vladivostok experiences frigid temperatures and heavy snow. If you book your return flights to Vladivostok between May and October, you’ll experience pleasant weather around 15° to 20°C.



Top Things to Do and See

Vladivostok Fortress

Vladivostok Fortress was built between 1889 and 1918 as a way to protect the city from invasion. At the time, it was one of the world’s most powerful military fortresses. Today, travellers with flights to Vladivostok can visit the fortress to explore military tunnels, catacombs, and a museum about its history.


Eagle’s Nest Hill

There are so many gorgeous viewpoints to enjoy after arriving on return flights to Vladivostok. Eagle’s Nest Hill provides some of the best views over the city and the bay. The hilltop can be reached from the city centre in about 30 minutes by foot. While the view from Eagle’s Nest Hill is always beautiful, it’s especially scenic during sunrise and sunset.


Go Island-Hopping Around Vladivostok

After arriving on cheap flights to Vladivostok, take advantage of the city’s coastal location to visit some Russian islands. Between sprawling beaches, fascinating rock formations, water activities, and nature walks, there is so much to discover on the islands around Vladivostok. Some beautiful islands to consider visiting after your cheap flights to Vladivostok are the South Primorye Islands, Russian Island, Elena Island, Petrov Island, and Putyatin Island.


Take a Ride on the Trans-Siberian Railway

Vladivostok is located at one end of the expansive Trans-Siberian Railway. The famous train travels for 9,258 kilometres (6,152 miles) between Vladivostok and Moscow. For an epic experience, you could take the seven-day journey all the way to Moscow after your flights to Vladivostok. Alternatively, you could ride a portion of the Trans-Siberian Railway. The closest stop to Vladivostok is Ussuriysk, which can be reached in about two hours on the train. Along the way, there are stunning views of the coastline and the sprawling rural land of Siberia.



The Cost of Visiting

Upon arriving into Vladivostok International Airport (VVO), you can exchange your dollars for Russian rubles. $1 AUD is equivalent to about 46 rubles.

After booking your tickets to Vladivostok, your largest expense will likely be your accommodation. On average, hotel rooms in the city centre cost about $125 AUD per night. There are plenty of budget options available as well for a lower rate of about $50 AUD per night.

When you order a meal from a local restaurant, plan to pay about 700 rubles ($15.20 AUD). You’ll find drinks are affordable after your flights to Vladivostok, with coffee costing about 100 rubles ($2.15 AUD) and a beer costing about 125 rubles ($2.70 AUD).

While Vladivostok is a compact and walkable city, buses are widely available as well. If you take public transport when you have airfare to Vladivostok, a one-way ticket costs 23 rubles (50 cents AUD). Travelling from Vladivostok International Airport (VVO), you can catch a train into the city for 250 rubles ($5.40 AUD).


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