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Venice Guide

A Brief History

As part of the Ancient Roman Empire, Venice’s history begins around 400 AD. The city was founded by 12 different families who were fleeing invasions in the countryside and nearby Italian cities. Over the following centuries, Venice became a hub for trading and fishing due to its coastal location. As the city grew, it began to seize other lands along the Adriatic Sea, including some of modern-day Croatia, Greece, and Cyprus. By the late 1400s, Venice was the most prosperous city in Europe thanks to its major role in Mediterranean industry. During this time, Venice was its own sovereign state, operating separately from the rest of Italy. However, the city’s power began to decline during the 1500s. After new lands and trading routes were discovered by explorers such as Christopher Columbus and Vasco da Gama, Venice’s monopoly on European trade ended. The city was hit further when plague struck Venice in 1575-1577 and again in 1629-1631. The Republic of Venice officially lost its independence in 1797 when it was conquered by Napoleon Bonaparte. In the decades that followed, Venice traded hands between Austria and Italy and officially became a part of Italy in 1866. Today, visitors with flights to Venice can enjoy reminders of the city’s rich history everywhere they look.



Tips for First-Time Travellers to Venice

Don’t catch a gondola ride in the Grand Canal

If you would like to take a gondola ride when you have return flights to Venice, head to one of the city’s smaller side canals. The Grand Canal is loud, chaotic and packed with water taxis and tourists. Riding through the city’s smaller canals when you have return flights to Venice can offer a much nicer and more relaxing experience. Visitors with flights to Venice are also able to bring a bottle of wine onboard to drink while enjoying their gondola ride.


Get up early to experience the popular tourist sites

It’s no secret that Venice is a major hub for tourists. In order to enjoy popular areas such as St. Mark’s Square and the Rialto Bridge, get up early before the majority of crowds arrive.


Visit the nearby islands of Murano and Burano

There are many scenic islands neighbouring Venice to visit after your cheap flights to Venice. Murano and Burano are about 30 minutes and an hour away from Venice by ferry, respectively. Murano is known to visitors with return flights to Venice for its handmade Venetian glass. Burano offers a village feel with narrow canals and brightly coloured houses.


Don’t be afraid to get lost

One of the best ways to experience the city after your flights to Venice is to walk down side streets and allow yourself to get lost. This will give you the opportunity to see the local side to the city when you have tickets to Venice. Don’t worry, you’ll find your way out of the labyrinthine side streets before too long.


Eat local

Italy is loved around the world for its cuisine, and Venice has some incredible food to discover. After arriving to Venice Marco Polo Airport (VCE), try local specialties such as seafood risotto, lasagna, tiramisu, and cicchetti, which is the Venetian version of tapas.



Major Events and Festivals


Carnevale is a major festival that is held over the course of several weeks in February. People from all over the world book return flights to Venice to enjoy Carnevale festivities, such as street shows, costume contests, and a parade through the canals. The most famous aspect of Carnevale to experience when you book flights to Venice are the elaborate masks. Masks have been an important part of Carnevale since the 13th century. Even if you book cheap flights to Venice outside of Carnevale, you’ll see handmade masks for sale all over the city, which make for a great souvenir.


La Festa della Sensa

La Festa della Sensa is held each May and is an exciting time to book an airfare to Venice. The festival celebrates Venice’s history and relationship to the sea. It also honours some of the city’s rulers, called doges, from the 11th and 12th centuries. During La Festa della Sensa, visitors with flights to Venice can watch regattas of boats throughout the city’s canals, traditional ceremonies, and a water parade.


Regata Storica

With its system of canals, Venice is a hub for rowing and boating. The Regata Storica is the largest rowing event in the city and is held every September. Visitors with flights to Venice can enjoy a large boat parade followed by a series of rowing races through the Grand Canal. If you decide to book cheap flights to Venice during the Regata Storica, make sure to arrive to the parade and races early, as it can get extremely busy along the Grand Canal.