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Departure Date Last Updated^
Sun 01 Dec 07 Sep
Mon 02 Dec 14 Sep
Tue 03 Dec 19 Sep
Wed 04 Dec 18 Sep
Thu 05 Dec 11 Sep
Fri 06 Dec 07 Sep
Sat 07 Dec 10 Sep
Sun 08 Dec 15 Sep
Mon 09 Dec 18 Sep
Tue 10 Dec 15 Sep
Wed 11 Dec 13 Sep
Thu 12 Dec 19 Sep
Fri 13 Dec 18 Sep
Sat 14 Dec 18 Sep
Sun 15 Dec 07 Sep
Mon 16 Dec 14 Sep
Tue 17 Dec 20 Sep
Wed 18 Dec 05 Sep
Thu 19 Dec 12 Sep
Fri 20 Dec 20 Sep
Sat 21 Dec 13 Sep
Sun 22 Dec 11 Sep
Mon 23 Dec 14 Sep
Tue 24 Dec 10 Sep
Wed 25 Dec 10 Sep
Thu 26 Dec 18 Sep
Fri 27 Dec 06 Sep
Sat 28 Dec 13 Sep
Sun 29 Dec 18 Sep
Mon 30 Dec 14 Sep
Tue 31 Dec 20 Sep
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Departure Date
Sun 01 Dec
Updated on 11 Sep
$1,625 RETURN
Mon 02 Dec
Updated on 06 Sep
$1,517 RETURN
Tue 03 Dec
Updated on 19 Sep
$1,521 RETURN
Wed 04 Dec
Updated on 18 Sep
$1,690 RETURN
Thu 05 Dec
Updated on 13 Sep
$1,667 RETURN
Fri 06 Dec
Updated on 12 Sep
$1,729 RETURN
Sat 07 Dec
Updated on 10 Sep
$1,730 RETURN
Sun 08 Dec
Updated on 15 Sep
$1,764 RETURN
Mon 09 Dec
Updated on 13 Sep
$1,740 RETURN
Tue 10 Dec
Updated on 06 Sep
$1,662 RETURN
Wed 11 Dec
Updated on 15 Sep
$1,761 RETURN
Thu 12 Dec
Updated on 19 Sep
$1,918 RETURN
Fri 13 Dec
Updated on 18 Sep
$2,169 RETURN
Sat 14 Dec
Updated on 18 Sep
$2,261 RETURN
Sun 15 Dec
Updated on 07 Sep
$2,098 RETURN
Mon 16 Dec
Updated on 14 Sep
$2,054 RETURN
Tue 17 Dec
Updated on 20 Sep
$2,229 RETURN
Wed 18 Dec
Updated on 05 Sep
$2,133 RETURN
Thu 19 Dec
Updated on 07 Sep
$2,185 RETURN
Fri 20 Dec
Updated on 20 Sep
$2,275 RETURN
Sat 21 Dec
Updated on 05 Sep
$2,309 RETURN
Sun 22 Dec
Updated on 10 Sep
$2,254 RETURN
Mon 23 Dec
Updated on 08 Sep
$2,157 RETURN
Tue 24 Dec
Updated on 09 Sep
$1,738 RETURN
Wed 25 Dec
Updated on 20 Sep
$1,668 RETURN
Thu 26 Dec
Updated on 09 Sep
$1,670 RETURN
Fri 27 Dec
Updated on 16 Sep
$1,823 RETURN
Sat 28 Dec
Updated on 06 Sep
$2,240 RETURN
Sun 29 Dec
Updated on 11 Sep
$2,154 RETURN
Mon 30 Dec
Updated on 14 Sep
$2,049 RETURN
Tue 31 Dec
Updated on 13 Sep
$1,961 RETURN

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Vancouver is a seaport city and one of the gems of Canada. It is located in British Columbia, in what is known as the Lower Mainland region. It has been in the top ten list of most livable cities, ranked by quality of life, for years. Sometimes it even breaks the top 5. It is a world-famous city that many travellers like to visit because of its great parks, a thriving art scene, and interesting history.

The original settlement that would lead to the development of Vancouver, was named Gastown, and it all started because of a saloon. Yes, the reason this wonderful city exists is that of one man’s desire to provide drinks for other people. Vancouver has not strayed from its roots of hospitality, as it has plenty of bars, pubs, and restaurants to serve to the public. Especially, in the national historic site of Gastown.

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Things to do in Vancouver

Stanley Park

Stanley Park is the third largest park in North America. With the many attractions in Vancouver, this park alone attracts 8 million tourists a year. The thousand-acre park offers scenic tours along the famous Seawall, a nature centre and an aquarium just to name a few of the many attractions. The lush nature provides a beautiful backdrop to the unforgettable sunsets you can experience from the many vantage points in the park.

Gastown Walking Food Tour

Vancouver was built on the spirit of entrepreneurship and hospitality. This is echoed throughout its original settlement known as Gastown. One popular way to visit this historical site is to go on a walking food tour. You will be guided by a professional improv comedian, to some of the famous sites of Gastown, with plenty of amusing stories and opportunities to try the tasty local dishes.

Museum of Anthropology

The Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver has a splendid collection of contemporary and traditional art from First Nations of the Northwest Coast as well as other cultures. You can dive into the rich cultural background upon which Vancouver was founded. With its many artefacts and pieces of art, there is no better place to get in touch with the history of Vancouver. It’s certainly worth the flight from Melbourne to Vancouver to experience this unique culture.

When is The Best Time to book flights Melbourne (MEL) to Vancouver (YVR)?

Usually, there are a lot of tourists during the summer, because of the warm weather. If you plan on a summer Melbourne to Vancouver trip, then you have to book in advance by at least a couple of weeks to make sure you have accommodations. The winter season is also popular for visitors fond of winter sports.

If you are looking for a better bargain, then you should check flights Melbourne (MEL) to Vancouver (YVR) from March until May, as well as September. The weather is still good, and you will have better deals on flights as well as hotels.

Cheap airfares from Melbourne (MEL) to Vancouver (YVR)

Vancouver being a popular city to visit and live in, of course has plenty to offer for everyone all year round. It is no wonder that there are so many flights available from Melbourne (MEL) to Vancouver (YVR).

On a daily basis there are over a 100 MEL to YVR flights. Most of the airlines offer return MEL to YVR flights as well. With Webjet you will easily find a flight that matches your luggage needs and price range.


Departing from Melbourne Airport (MEL)

Getting to Melbourne Airport (MEL)

Your flight will be at Melbourne’s main airport, the Tullamarine Airport (MEL). It is located just 25 km from the city centre. To reach Melbourne Airport, you can go by a car service like Uber or taxi. A taxi ride usually costs between AUD 55-65 and it takes around 25 minutes if there isn’t much traffic. If you are driving yourself, then you can take the Tullamarine Freeway, but you may need a CityLink card to pay the tolls on that freeway.

For passengers that aren’t in a hurry to catch their cheap airfares from Melbourne to Vancouver, there is also the dependable SkyBus service. They provide buses that run 24/7 from multiple locations around Melbourne. The price of a single ticket is AUD 19, you can check timetables, bus stop locations and even reserve tickets on their website.


Parking Options at Tullamarine Airport (MEL)

· There are plenty of parking options available at Tullamarine Airport (MEL). For long or short trips, the most affordable option is the Value car park. These car parks are open-air and since they are not so close to the terminals offer 24/7 shuttle bus services. These buses leave for the terminals about every 5 to 10 minutes.

· Sometimes your plans don’t always go your way and you find yourself in a rush to catch a flight. For those situations, you have plenty of parking spaces in front of the terminals. Some of them even have valets waiting to help you. Those car parks are, of course, the pricier option.


Which International Terminal will your cheap airfares from Melbourne (MEL) to Vancouver (YVR) depart from?

Your MEL to YVR flight will depart from the international T2 terminal at Tullamarine Airport (MEL).


Arriving at Vancouver Airport (YVR)

Once your plane has landed you will be at Vancouver International Airport (YVR) or simply Vancouver Airport. The airport itself is located just 12km from Downtown Vancouver. After you have picked up your luggage and cleared the security checks you can choose one of the fine options to go to your hotel or other accommodation.


Getting from Vancouver Airport (YVR) to Your Hotel

There are, of course, plenty of transportation options when you are leaving from Vancouver Airport. You can leave by taxi as there about 16 different taxi companies that offer metered taxis or a flat rate taxi ride. You can hire a sedan or even a private limousine if that is what you need. A taxi ride from Vancouver Airport to Downtown Vancouver will cost around AUD 48.

There are more affordable options, like taking the Canada Line train. To find the trains, once you have cleared customs you will be in the International Arrivals Greeting Area. You exit that building and follow the Canada Line signs to reach an elevator that will take you to the trains. The trip to Downtown Vancouver takes about 30 minutes and costs AUD 13 with the airport surcharge.

If your hotel offers the service, a courtesy shuttle bus can be ordered from the airport. The telephones to contact your hotel are located on Level 2 of Arrivals for domestic and international terminals.

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