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Uluru Guide

What should I know before visiting Ayers Rock/Uluru?

Ayers Rock Resort is the only accommodation option

One of the main draws to Uluru is its remote and untouched nature. However, since the area hasn’t been built up, the only place to stay while holidaying on flights to Ayers Rock is Ayers Rock Resort. The resort is located just down the road from Ayers Rock Airport (AYQ) and has expanded into its own little village called Yulara. Within Ayers Rock Resort, there are eight types of accommodation to choose from, ranging from camp sites to high-end suites. The resort is also home to restaurants and family-friendly activities to enjoy after your flights to Ayers Rock.


Plan to do the Uluru Base Walk first thing in the morning

One of the top ways to experience Ayers Rock is by completing the 10-kilometre (six mile) Uluru Base Walk. For the best experience, start the walk first thing in the morning before it gets too hot. If you book return flights to Ayers Rock between October and April, the base walk may even close after 11am. Experience the best of Uluru by watching the sunrise over the rock, then start the beautiful Uluru Base Walk immediately after. Also note that you can’t fill water bottles along the Base Walk, so carry plenty of water to last the entire walk.


Spend a day exploring Kata Tjuta

Although Uluru is the main landmark to see when you book cheap flights to Ayers Rock, the national park also includes another incredible landmark – Kata Tjuta. Kata Tjuta, also known as the Olgas, is a series of large domed rock formations that are the same signature red colour as Uluru. When you book airfare to Ayers Rock, spend a day exploring the less-visited Kata Tjuta. It is rich with Aboriginal history and stories and is stunning to view at both sunrise and sunset. It also features several walking trails with the most well-known being the 7.4 kilometre (4.6 mile) Valley of the Winds walk.


What’s on in Ayers Rock/Uluru?

Field of Light

Have an unforgettable evening while holidaying on flights to Ayers Rock by attending the magnificent Field of Light art installation. Field of Light consists of more than 50,000 lights that form a colourful desert garden beside Uluru. While visiting, you can stroll amongst the many lights or even book a space at the Sounds of Silence dinner event. The nightly art installation books out quickly, so be sure to reserve tickets to Ayers Rock Field of Light well before departing on your flight.


Tjungu Festival

Celebrate the incredible Indigenous culture of the region by planning return flights to Ayers Rock to coincide with Tjungu Festival. The festival takes place over four days in late April and includes a variety of events that showcase the culture of the Anangu people through music, dance, fashion, food, film, and sport. If you plan flights to Ayers Rock during Tjungu Festival, immerse yourself in Anangu culture by tasting traditional food, watching dance performances, and cheering on the teams at the Tjungu Cup AFL match.


Uluru Camel Cup

Book your flights to Ayers Rock for late May to attend the famous Uluru Camel Cup. The cup features a weekend of activities and races, but with an Outback twist – rather than horses racing, this event features camels. In addition to the main race, visitors who book cheap flights to Ayers Rock for the Camel Cup can attend an Outback-style buffet dinner, local markets, and Fashions on the Field.


When is the best time to visit Ayers Rock/Uluru?

Ayers Rock is located in the heart of the Red Centre. If you haven’t been to this part of Australia before, imagine dry weather and stifling heat. The peak of this weather is during the summer when temperatures rise above 42°C. During November and December, the weather is hot and dry. Then between January and March, this heat is often accompanied by storms. If you book tickets to Ayers Rock in summer, be sure to start any hikes first thing in the morning before it gets too hot, and always have a Plan B in case a storm hits. Always carry extra water and notify others of where you plan on venturing. Summer is the low season, so you can find some good deals on accommodation and cheap flights to Ayers Rock if you visit during this time.

For cooler and more comfortable weather, book return flights to Ayers Rock between April and October. Daytime temperatures average about 20°C and rainfall is rare, allowing visitors to hike comfortably. In addition to hiking gear, pack plenty of warm clothes if you book airfare to Ayers Rock in winter. At night, temperatures can dip as low as 1°C, and you’ll likely see frost if you visit the monolith for sunrise.