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What Are the Top Tips for First-Time Travellers to Uluru?

Don’t climb Uluru

While climbing to the top of Uluru was once a popular activity for past visitors with flights Brisbane to Ayers Rock, it is now not encouraged or looked favourably upon. Uluru is a sacred part of the culture of the traditional land owners, and it is seen as disrespectful to climb it the massive monolith. If you book your Brisbane to Ayers Rock flights after 26 October 2019, there will no longer be an option to climb Uluru as the traditional landowners will officially be closing it.

Experience Uluru during sunrise and sunset

When you purchase cheap flights to Ayers Rock from Brisbane, allow yourself to fully experience the beauty of Uluru by viewing it at different times of day. Sunrise and sunset are especially gorgeous times to see Uluru after your flights Brisbane to Ayers Rock. During these times, the sky comes alive in a kaleidoscope of colours, and Uluru itself glows in a bright red hue.

Don’t take any rocks or sand from Uluru

Do not take any of the area’s small red rocks as a memory of your time in Uluru. Indigenous Australians believe that anyone who takes rocks or sand from the sacred land will be cursed. Many past visitors have even posted back rocks they took as they believe it brought them bad luck!

Visit Uluru Cultural Centre

In between hikes and outdoor activities, set aside some time to visit the Uluru Cultural Centre after your cheap flights Brisbane to Ayers Rock. The centre is made up of art galleries that will help bring the stories and legends of Uluru to life. If you book Brisbane to Ayers Rock flights in the summer, the Cultural Centre is a great way to spend some time indoors during the hottest time of day.


What Can You Do In Uluru When Travelling with Children?

Mala guided ranger walk

Each morning, visitors with flights into Ayers Rock Airport (AYQ) are able to join a free walking tour led by a local guide. The guided walk covers about 2 kilometres (1.2 miles) of the Uluru base track. The guide tells stories about Aboriginal culture surrounding Uluru and points out places of significance and Aboriginal rock art. Lasting about an hour and a half, the Mala guided ranger walk is a great experience to have when you book cheap flights Brisbane to Ayers Rock.

Maruku dot-painting workshop

Participating in a dot painting workshop is fun for both kids and adults with flights Brisbane to Ayers Rock. 9- minute workshops are held in the Yulara Town Square in which local Aboriginal artists teach you how to tell stories through art. Dot paintings are a traditional Aboriginal form of art using colourful dots and symbols. Having each member of the family create their own dot painting is a great way to remember your experience when you have cheap flights to Ayers Rock from Brisbane.

Uluru camel tour

Camel tours are a fun way to experience Uluru when you have Brisbane to Ayers Rock flights. There are different types of camel tours available, including sunrise and sunset rides. Two people can ride together on each camel. Tours last between 45 minutes and an hour, giving you great views over the landscape when you have flights Brisbane to Ayers Rock.

Cycle around the base of Uluru

When you book Brisbane to Ayers Rock flights, making your way around the 10-kilometre (6 mile) base track of the Rock offers a great experience. You’ll be able to see the many different angles of Uluru as you cycle your way around. Visitors with cheap flights to Ayers Rock from Brisbane are able to rent bicycles from the Uluru Cultural Centre.


What Are Some of the Cafes and Restaurants near Uluru?

Arnguli Grill and Restaurant

Arnguli Grill and Restaurant is a popular restaurant to experience when you book Brisbane to Ayers Rock return flights. The name Arnguli comes from the Aboriginal word for bush plum, which flourishes in the heart of the Outback. Arnguli puts a modern spin on bushtucker food and features local produce and spices. Popular menu items include the emu fillet, kangaroo, and salmon.

Kulata Academy Cafe

The Kulata Academy Cafe is a budget-friendly dining option when you have tickets to Ayers Rock from Brisbane. The cafe serves both breakfast and lunch along with coffee and delicious cakes. Kulata Academy is located in the Town Square in Yulara within easy reach of many of the Ayers Rock hotels.

Ilkari Restaurant

Ilkari is a contemporary Australian restaurant within the heart of Yulara. Ilkari serves food in an interactive buffet style; guests pay a set price for their meal and can have their food made to order. Ilkari uses local produce and native ingredients to create Australian dishes along with traditional European and Asian cuisines.

What are the major events and festivals held in Uluru?

Uluru Camel Cup

Held annually over two days in May, the Uluru Camel Cup is one of the region’s most unique events. An exciting couple of days out for the whole family when you arrive on flights to Uluru from Brisbane, the event is a fun-filled celebration of Uluru’s own take on traditional horse racing. Instead of horses, you’ll find a series of speedy camels vying for the cup. While the main event may be what attracts the crowds, there are plenty of other great activities held trackside, including reptile shows, fashions on the field, and an assortment of Outback-themes games. The event culminates with a dance party under the stars, complete with a live band.

Field of Light

Originally a temporary art installation, Field of Light, by artist Bruce Munro, has become a more permanent fixture of the Uluru landscape. It is currently scheduled to be on display indefinitely. It is a major drawcard for those visiting on flights from Brisbane to Ayers Rock Airport, and covers an impressive area comparable to more than seven football fields. The display is made up of 50,000 lights, coloured in ochre, blue, violet and white, and makes for an overwhelming and captivating sight. The installation’s name in the local Pitjantjatjara language is Tili Wiru Tjuta Nyakutjaku, which translates to ‘looking at lots of beautiful lights’. Tour spaces to see Field of Light are limited, so be sure to book ahead of time once you know the dates of your cheap flights to Uluru from Brisbane.

Tjungu Festival

Uluru’s Tjungu Festival happens in April every year and is a celebration of Indigenous culture. The festival’s name means ‘to meet’ or ‘come together’ in the local Indigenous dialect, and it is a family-friendly event that takes place over four days in April. From sampling traditional bush foods and browsing through market stalls offering Indigenous arts and crafts, to an unmissable lineup of Indigenous musicians and bands; there’s so much to see, do and experience throughout the festival. Don’t miss watching on as the AFL Tjungu Cup is battled out by local teams, and be sure to keep an eye out for Indigenous film screenings and other interesting events. If you’d love to learn more about the Indigenous culture and heritage of the Uluru region, book your flights from Brisbane to Ayers Rock Airport (AYQ) to coincide with the next festival.

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