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Mon 27 Jun
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$415 ONE WAY
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$415 ONE WAY
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$529 ONE WAY

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Cheapest month November 2022
Most expensive month June 2022
Average flight time 2h 35m

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Compare Cheap Flights from Darwin to Townsville

Townsville is a small but beautiful city on the coast of Tropical Queensland. While much of Tropical Queensland is green with lots of vegetation, Townsville offers a unique experience. The city is surrounded by lots of red rocks, giving it an Outback feel while still being next to the ocean. The main draw for visitors to Townsville is its easy access to the Great Barrier Reef. Magnetic Island is also a popular destination among travellers to Townsville due to its beautiful beaches and location just off the mainland. Back in the city, Townsville has a lot to offer. There are beaches, hiking trails, and cafes to keep you busy during your holiday. The city is also compact, making it easy to get around on foot. With about 320 days of sunshine each year, Townsville is the perfect place to go for your next adventure.

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The best time to visit Townsville

Townsville experiences 320 of sunshine a year, so there is never a bad time to book DRW to TSV flights. While Townsville is in the tropics, it is lucky and does not receive the same amount of rainfall as some other tropical cities in Australia. The months that you are most likely to experience rain and humid weather in Townsville are between November and April. While this is technically considered to be cyclone season in Townsville, cyclones are rare and are unlikely to impact your holiday plans. This is the hottest season in Townsville with daytime temperatures of about 30°C.

For the best weather, consider travelling to Townsville between May and October. Temperatures hit about 25°C during the day, and humidity levels are low. Between June and September, you are also less likely to experience stingers in the waters off of Townsville.

When snorkelling or swimming off the coast of Townsville, it is important to be cautious of stingers. While they can be present at all times of the year, stinger season in Townsville hits it peak between October and May. If you are swimming or snorkelling in an area that isn’t surrounded by stinger nets, wear a stinger suit to protect yourself from getting stung.

Departing From Darwin

Darwin has one airport which is the main airport serving the Northern Territory. Darwin Airport is located 8 kilometres (5 miles) from the CBD and offers several transportation options. The airport is divided into two terminals–one international and one domestic, where you’ll catch your flight to Townsville.

Cheap airfares from Darwin to Townsville are available on Qantas, Virgin Australia, and Airnorth. When you catch a direct flight, you can arrive to Townsville Airport (TSV) in about 2 hours 30 minutes. Each week, you’ll have about 100 flights to choose from, with some days offering more flights than others.

Getting to Darwin Airport

No matter what your budget is, there are several quick and affordable ways to reach Darwin Airport from the city. The most common option is to catch the city’s Airport Shuttle Bus. This bus conveniently runs 24 hours a day and costs $18 AUD. The bus must be pre-booked and can pick you up from a variety of hotels and apartment buildings throughout the city centre.

The most affordable option from central Darwin to the airport is public bus route 25. This bus starts at Darwin Interchange in the CBD and makes stops along Mitchell Street and Stuart Highway on its way toward the airport. Take the bus to the stop across the road from the airport Quality Inn. From there, you can walk to the airport in 15 minutes along Henry Wrigley Drive. This bus costs the standard Darwin public bus fare of $3 AUD.

For a door to door trip to the airport, you can catch a taxi or an Uber from locations all over Darwin and its suburbs. A taxi will get you to the airport in about 15 minutes from the CBD for a fare of about $25 to $30 AUD.

Parking at Darwin Airport

There are several car parks available at Darwin Airport to meet your budget and parking preferences. In order to secure the best rates on your parking space, pre-book to lock in the best price on your park.

Where to Park at Darwin Airport

• The Long Stay Saver car park is located across from the airport. From there, you can walk to the terminal in 6 minutes or catch a free shuttle bus. Weeklong parking rates start at $89 AUD.

• The Long Stay Plus car park is located directly next to the terminal building. You can walk from your car into the airport in just a couple of minutes. Rates for a weeklong park start at $124 AUD.


Arriving in Townsville

Townsville has one airport, which operates regional flights from other Australian cities. It is situated 5 kilometres (3 miles) west of the city centre, allowing you to reach the city in only 10 minutes.

How to Get from Townsville Airport (TSV) to Your Townsville Hotel or Accommodation

Once your flight has touched down at Townsville Airport (TSV), you can catch the Airport Shuttle into the city. The shuttle is available to drop off passengers at a variety of hotels in the CBD as well as the Magnetic Island Ferry Terminal. The shuttle doesn’t have a set schedule, but meets all arriving flights at the airport. The shuttle can book out, so to secure your seat, it is best to pre-book. If you are travelling alone, the shuttle costs $10 AUD; two people cost $15 AUD total; and groups of three or more can ride the Airport Shuttle for $5 AUD each.

If you would prefer the quickest option into the city, you can catch a taxi or an Uber from Townsville Airport (TSV) for a reasonable rate. Taxis are available just outside of Arrivals, while Ubers are available from the hire car parking lot. A taxi will get you into central Townsville in about 10 minutes for a fare of $15 to $20 AUD. When leaving the airport, there is also a $3 AUD airport toll that gets added onto your taxi or Uber fare.

Things to do in Townsville

Great Barrier Reef

One of the main reasons visitors come to Townsville is to experience the iconic Great Barrier Reef. The reef extends along much of the Queensland coastline, and a portion of it is within easy access of Townsville. From the city, a variety of day tours to the Great Barrier Reef are available. Once you are out there, you can experience the colourful coral and tropical fish up close by snorkelling, diving, or taking a glass-bottom boat tour.

The Strand

The Strand is a major road in Townsville that runs parallel to the ocean. Along the road, there is a walking path that will reward you with gorgeous views of the beach, marina, and Magnetic Island off in the distance. Along the Strand, you’ll find lots of cafes and parks where you can relax and take in the view. Another popular feature of the Strand is the Rockpool. It is separate from the ocean water but gives the illusion that you are swimming on a tropical beach. The real beach often is unsafe for swimming due to stingers, making the Rockpool a popular spot among both locals and tourists.

Castle Hill

Castle Hill is located right in the heart of the city and is the tallest point in Townsville. The hill extends upwards for 286 metres and offers some incredible views over the city, ocean, and Magnetic Island. Along the sides of the hill, you’ll also notice lots of red rock, which will give you the feeling that you are in the Outback. The hike to the top of Castle Hill is quick and not very challenging. However, there is also a car park at the summit if you would prefer to drive or catch a taxi.

Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island is located just 20 minutes from Townsville by ferry, making it the perfect option for a day trip. On Magnetic Island, there are lots of hiking trails and beaches as well as an abundance of water sports to try. Several of the beaches also have stinger nets set up, so you can swim without having to wear a stinger suit. If you are an animal lover and would like to learn more about the animals that are native to Queensland, plan to visit Bungalow Bay Koala Park. While there, you can learn about koalas, crocodiles, wombats, and more. You can even hold a koala! In order to get around on Magnetic Island, the most popular option is to rent a “Barbie car” for the day. They are small convertible cars that often come in pink and are a favourite among travellers of all ages.

Reef HQ

The main draw for visiting Townsville is the Great Barrier Reef. Before heading out onto the reef itself, pay a visit to Reef HQ to learn more about it. Reef HQ is the largest living reef aquarium in the world and is made up of colourful fish and coral, turtles, and baby crocodiles that you can see. The aquarium does a good job at mimicking what you will see off the coast of Townsville in the Great Barrier Reef.

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