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Departure Date Last Updated^
Tue 09 Jun 28 May
Thu 11 Jun 05 Jun
Fri 12 Jun 30 May
Sun 14 Jun 02 Jun
Mon 15 Jun 25 May
Tue 16 Jun 26 May
Wed 17 Jun 26 May
Thu 18 Jun 26 May
Fri 19 Jun 26 May
Sat 20 Jun 04 Jun
Sun 21 Jun 24 May
Mon 22 Jun 24 May
Tue 23 Jun 26 May
Wed 24 Jun 25 May
Thu 25 Jun 04 Jun
Fri 26 Jun 04 Jun
Sat 27 Jun 04 Jun
Sun 28 Jun 04 Jun
Mon 29 Jun 05 Jun
Tue 30 Jun 25 May
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Departure Date
Tue 09 Jun
Updated on 28 May
$1,067 ONE WAY
Thu 11 Jun
Updated on 05 Jun
$1,067 ONE WAY
Fri 12 Jun
Updated on 30 May
$685 ONE WAY
Sun 14 Jun
Updated on 02 Jun
$668 ONE WAY
Mon 15 Jun
Updated on 25 May
$259 ONE WAY
Tue 16 Jun
Updated on 26 May
$270 ONE WAY
Wed 17 Jun
Updated on 26 May
$270 ONE WAY
Thu 18 Jun
Updated on 26 May
$259 ONE WAY
Fri 19 Jun
Updated on 26 May
$259 ONE WAY
Sat 20 Jun
Updated on 04 Jun
$542 ONE WAY
Sun 21 Jun
Updated on 24 May
$259 ONE WAY
Mon 22 Jun
Updated on 24 May
$259 ONE WAY
Tue 23 Jun
Updated on 26 May
$270 ONE WAY
Wed 24 Jun
Updated on 25 May
$259 ONE WAY
Thu 25 Jun
Updated on 04 Jun
$440 ONE WAY
Fri 26 Jun
Updated on 04 Jun
$310 ONE WAY
Sat 27 Jun
Updated on 04 Jun
$500 ONE WAY
Sun 28 Jun
Updated on 04 Jun
$565 ONE WAY
Mon 29 Jun
Updated on 05 Jun
$522 ONE WAY
Tue 30 Jun
Updated on 25 May
$270 ONE WAY

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Cheapest one-way price for the current month from $259
Cheapest one-way price over next 6 months from $238
Cheapest month November 2020
Popular month June 2020
Average flight time 3h 0m

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Compare Cheap Canberra to Townsville Flights

A holiday in Townsville can include a variety of outdoor and water excursions for the entire family. Spend the day snorkelling or scuba diving along the Great Barrier Reef, or experience the thrills of a skydiving tour. If you’re planning a honeymoon or couples’ getaway, plan an evening under the stars with a sunset picnic on the peak of the pink granite monolith at Castle Hill or stroll through the Botanic Gardens. No matter your reason for visiting the tropical city, save time and money on airfare when you book cheap flights from Canberra to Townsville on Webjet. 

When you use Webjet’s Deal Finder to book cheap airfares from Canberra to Townsville, you can find the perfect flight that fits into your budget. Find the seat, airline, stopover, and travel time that meets your travel preferences all in one place!

The best time to visit Townsville

The northern Queensland city can become incredibly hot and humid in summer. October through April can see summer temperatures of up to 31°C (88°F) and experience plenty of rainfall. The intense heat can become uncomfortable during all day water adventures. Be sure to pack extra water and sun protection. June through August are a cooler and drier. Daily temperatures rarely reach above 25.5°C (78°F) and still see plenty of sunshine. If you’re looking for cheap flights from Canberra to Townsville, plan your trip in the shoulder months of May or September. Days are often the coolest and driest and crowds have dissipated.

Departing From Canberra

Qantas and Virgin Australia fly from Canberra Airport (CNB) to Townsville Airport (TSV). The five-hour flight from CNB to TSV includes one stopover in Sydney (SYD). 

Getting to Canberra International Airport

The cheapest transfer from the city centre to Canberra Airport is on the route 11 ACTION bus. The 30-minute ride costs $4.80. Taxis and Uber fares start at $23 and will get you to the airport in less than 20 minutes in light traffic.

Parking at Canberra International Airport

Storing your car at the airport doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. In fact, pre-booking your parking prior to arriving at Canberra Airport can save you heaps of cash over the drive up rate. 

Where to Park at Canberra International Airport

Canberra airport offers two car parks that are close to the terminals with affordable rates to make your CBR to TSV holiday as carefree as possible
•    Indoor parking: Indoor parking can be found in both the green and blue lots. These lots are closest to the terminals. Daily rates start at $30 AUD.
•    Outdoor parking: Outdoor parking is can be found in both the red and yellow lots. You’ll have a short walk to the terminals. Daily rates start at $24 AUD but if your CBR to TSV holiday is just for the weekend, snap up the amazing weekend rates in the red and yellow lots.

Arriving in Townsville

Townsville Airport has a host of dining and boutique style shops. Stop in and look around, or head straight to baggage claim.

How to Get from Townsville Airport to Your Townsville Hotel or Accommodation

Townsville Airport (TSV) is located just 15 minutes from the city centre. Taxis and Uber are available outside the arrivals area and charge $15 AUD for a one-way fare. The shuttle service out of the airport is a cheap and comfortable way to get to the city centre. Schedule you shuttle transfer prior to arriving in Townsville Airport (TSV) to avoid a longer wait. The fare for single riders is $10 AUD, couples pay $15, and families have a group rate.

Things to do in Townsville

If you feel lost in Townsville, Castle Hill can help orient you. The giant pink granite monolith stands proudly in the centre of town and offers panoramic views from its peak. History buffs should visit the World War II observation bunker. And if you’re planning a romantic evening, a sunset picnic on the Hill is the perfect choice. Take a relaxing walk on one of the three trails inside the Townsville Palmetum. You will find immense palm trees, birds of paradise, wallabies, and more. The Black Hawk Memorial and Tokuyama Garden are tranquil settings for meditation. Photographers and botanists will revel in the grand display of beautiful flowers and water lilies in the lagoon. Certified Scuba divers can book an unforgettable excursion in the UNESCO-listed Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. Explore the SS Yongala while whale sharks and sea turtles swim by. While you’re there, you’ll find schools of vibrant tropical fish, manta rays, and sea snakes. Grab a few trinkets at one of the many shops inside Stockland Townsville Shopping Centre. Inside the newly renovated centre, you’ll find a selection of big name brand stores, small boutiques, a food court, and a children’s play area.

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