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Toowoomba Guide

Best Things To Do on Weekends

Book flights to Toowoomba, the destination dubbed ‘Garden City’ and located in the Darling Down region of Queensland, Australia. Toowoomba shines with a line-up of great restaurants, nearby wineries and museums, plus there are a number of public parks and gardens that can be found across the city. Make your way to the highest point of elevation in the area where you can sit overlooking the Great Dividing Range at Picnic Lookout and Parkland. This area is in close proximity to the Tobruk, Dive Park and Lion Park parklands where you can walk the many bush trails around the area. There are also some other points of interest around. These include picnic spots and a puppy memorial that will entertain the youngest travellers whilst you enjoy your picnic. This city caters for visitors of all ages so if you have booked flights to Toowoomba with children and find yourself at the Picnic Lookout, it is a wonderful place to relax with spectacular views for the entire family. Crows Nest National Park is a popular spot for visitors with tickets to Toowoomba to stop at. The park offers various walking trails, small swimming spots, and spectacular outlooks over the Valley of Diamonds. For those who have return flights to Toowoomba with a bush experience in mind, this park has a campground where you can spend the night. Remember to check this out as soon as you book flights to Toowoomba through Webjet as it is a popular experience and the camping ground can get booked up quickly. The Japanese Gardens in Toowoomba is a must-see traditional Japanese garden that covers five hectares. Spend an afternoon in the gardens upon your arrival on tickets to Toowoomba, and admire 230 species of both Japanese and Australian native plants. If you’re looking to experience a more typically Australian garden when you book your cheap flights to Toowoomba, Queens Park is conveniently located in the city and has three distinct sections to explore. It is easy to spend an afternoon wandering through the Queens Park Botanic Garden, the Vera Lacaze Memorial Park and the greater park area. For those with flights to Toowoomba booked for travel with children, the southern area of the park has playgrounds and good walking tracks.

Top Things to Do and See

Toowoomba is a great place to dive into the culture and past of the area. Whether you want to visit museums, galleries or known historical spots, book your cheap flights to Toowoomba through Webjet at land at Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport (WTB) in this regional Queensland hub. Cobb & Co Museum is a multi-sensory museum that features the National Carriage Collection, which guides you through the various means of transport options that were available throughout different eras. This is also a great place for visitors with children that have booked return flights to Toowoomba as the museum is filled with many interactive exhibits, trade workshops and guided tours. For a taste of the area’s performing arts, visit the Empire Theatre. This art deco venue is Australia’s largest regional performing arts complex and stages a variety of shows suited to all tastes. Be sure to book tickets as soon as you have your flights to Toowoomba organised to avoid missing out on your show of choice. The First Coat Outdoor Gallery is Queensland’s largest outdoor gallery and those with airfare to Toowoomba will be lucky enough to visit this art spectacle. The area around the Outdoor Gallery is hip and trendy, with many small boutiques and eateries for visitors to indulge in. Download the First Coat App to plan your route as soon as you have secured up your flights to Toowoomba.

Major Events and Festivals

Festivals are a great hit in Toowoomba with frequent celebrations happening within the Garden City. Book return flights to Toowoomba in September for the Carnival of Flowers. Along with bright and breathtaking flowers, this event offers an extravagant food and wine assortment for anybody with flights to Toowoomba. With award-winning wines, cooking displays and tastings as well as street parades that take place throughout the event, this festival attracts about 140, 000 visitors each year. Book your tickets to Toowoomba in advance to get the best flight prices and hotel rates.