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Departure Date Last Updated^
Sun 08 Dec 02 Dec
Mon 09 Dec 01 Dec
Tue 10 Dec 24 Nov
Wed 11 Dec 30 Nov
Thu 12 Dec 29 Nov
Fri 13 Dec 26 Nov
Sat 14 Dec 28 Nov
Sun 15 Dec 24 Nov
Mon 16 Dec 26 Nov
Tue 17 Dec 30 Nov
Wed 18 Dec 24 Nov
Thu 19 Dec 25 Nov
Fri 20 Dec 25 Nov
Sat 21 Dec 24 Nov
Sun 22 Dec 24 Nov
Mon 23 Dec 29 Nov
Tue 24 Dec 02 Dec
Wed 25 Dec 29 Nov
Thu 26 Dec 27 Nov
Fri 27 Dec 26 Nov
Sat 28 Dec 29 Nov
Sun 29 Dec 27 Nov
Mon 30 Dec 23 Nov
Tue 31 Dec 27 Nov
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Departure Date
Sun 08 Dec
Updated on 27 Nov
$1,094 RETURN
Mon 09 Dec
Updated on 30 Nov
$1,236 RETURN
Tue 10 Dec
Updated on 07 Dec
$1,072 RETURN
Wed 11 Dec
Updated on 05 Dec
$1,176 RETURN
Thu 12 Dec
Updated on 07 Dec
$1,318 RETURN
Fri 13 Dec
Updated on 29 Nov
$1,382 RETURN
Sat 14 Dec
Updated on 24 Nov
$1,374 RETURN
Sun 15 Dec
Updated on 06 Dec
$1,558 RETURN
Mon 16 Dec
Updated on 07 Dec
$1,441 RETURN
Tue 17 Dec
Updated on 29 Nov
$1,542 RETURN
Wed 18 Dec
Updated on 27 Nov
$1,572 RETURN
Thu 19 Dec
Updated on 29 Nov
$1,754 RETURN
Fri 20 Dec
Updated on 29 Nov
$1,674 RETURN
Sat 21 Dec
Updated on 29 Nov
$2,046 RETURN
Sun 22 Dec
Updated on 30 Nov
$1,784 RETURN
Mon 23 Dec
Updated on 25 Nov
$1,774 RETURN
Tue 24 Dec
Updated on 04 Dec
$1,798 RETURN
Wed 25 Dec
Updated on 06 Dec
$1,737 RETURN
Thu 26 Dec
Updated on 27 Nov
$1,690 RETURN
Fri 27 Dec
Updated on 26 Nov
$1,740 RETURN
Sat 28 Dec
Updated on 29 Nov
$1,578 RETURN
Sun 29 Dec
Updated on 27 Nov
$1,680 RETURN
Mon 30 Dec
Updated on 23 Nov
$1,630 RETURN
Tue 31 Dec
Updated on 03 Dec
$1,734 RETURN

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Route information for flights from Sydney to Tokyo

Cheapest return price for the current month from $1,072
Cheapest return price over next 6 months from $656
Cheapest month June 2020
Popular month December 2019
Average flight time 9h 35m

Cheapest time to fly to Tokyo

Best flight deals in December

Currency used in Tokyo

$1 AUD =

Current Time in Tokyo

Average Temperature in Tokyo

Average Rainfall in Tokyo

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Neighbourhood Overview


Harajuku is one of the most fashionable neighbourhoods in Tokyo. It's an iconic part of the city and is one of the main reasons why so many people book tickets to Tokyo from Sydney each year. There are tons of cosplay shops, upmarket boutiques and trendy cafes to explore.


Foodies booking flights Sydney to Tokyo should try to stay in or close to the Ebisu neighbourhood. It's full of delicious Japanese eateries, hip restaurants and bars as well as fashionable boutiques. One thing to keep in mind is that hotels in the Ebisu neighbourhood are not cheap.


Ginza is considered the Manhattan of Tokyo. If you’re booking tickets to Tokyo from Sydney and you want to stay here, keep in mind that it’s one of the most expensive places to stay. You'll find plenty of stylish cocktail bars, pedestrians wearing the latest designer threads and dozens of upmarket boutiques. Ginza is also one of the closest districts to Narita International Airport (NRT), making it popular with business travellers.

Golden Gai

If you're booking flights Sydney to Tokyo because you want to experience the city's famous nightlife, stay in the Golden Gai district. It's home to more than 200 bars, and there's always something going on any night of the week. Each bar is known to have a signature drink, outlandish decor and promises as much karaoke as you can handle!

The Best Time to Visit

If you're looking for cheap flights to Tokyo from Sydney, plan your trip around the city's shoulder season. Between September and November, you'll have an easier time finding deals on airfare to Tokyo and hotels lower their rates.

Tokyo's peak tourist season is in the summer. From June to August, prices for flights Sydney to Tokyo skyrocket and you'll want to book your entire trip as soon as possible to avoid the increase in prices. On the plus side, the weather is at it's best for exploring if you don't mind large crowds at the top attractions.

March to May is the best time to travel to Tokyo if you want to see the city's famous cherry blossoms. However, the flowers attract thousands of other visitors and hotels fill up fast. Book your Sydney to Tokyo return flights a couple of months in advance to find a good deal.

Public Transport and How to Get Around


The easiest way to get around Tokyo is with the metro. There are signs in English to make it easier for tourists to get around and fares start at a flat rate of 170 JPY ($2,15 AUD). The subway connects the city to Narita International Airport (NRT) and Haneda Airport (HND) and is an affordable way to get to your hotel once your flights Sydney to Tokyo land.


Buses in Tokyo are usually confusing to first-time visitors. There are "front-boarding" and "rear-boarding" buses that work on different payment methods. You'll also need to have small change on you to buy a ticket as the drivers can only accept coins and 1,000 JPY bills.


Taxis are one of the most expensive ways to get around the city. Due to Tokyo's heavy congestion, it's easy to get caught in traffic jams as the meter ticks away. If you’re booking Sydney to Tokyo flights and you know you’re going to arrive with a lot of bags, it’s best to take a taxi to your hotel from Narita International Airport (NRT) or Haneda Airport (HND). Uber also operates in the city, and it's a good option if you want to use your credit card to pay for your trip.

Tips for First-Time Travellers to Tokyo

Eat Slurp Soba

Soba are traditional noodles in Japan. You can find vendors selling them all over the city, and it's an excellent option for budget travellers exploring Tokyo and in need of a cheap eat. After your flight Sydney to Tokyo lands, hit the pavements and pick some up - there are tons of varieties to try!

Garbage in Tokyo

Unlike other cities in the world, Tokyo doesn't have a lot of trash cans. When you’re packing your bags for your cheap flights from Sydney to Tokyo, it’s a good idea to bring along some plastic bags that you can keep on you to store your trash.

The language barrier

Before your flights Sydney to Tokyo arrive, download a translation app and learn a few basic Japanese phrases. It will make it that much easier getting around and asking for help from strangers.

ATM's in Tokyo

If you need to withdraw cash, head to the nearest 7-Eleven store. The machines there accept foreign Mastercard and Visa cards. However, the ATM's can only dispense a minimum of 11,000 JPY ($139,40 AUD).

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