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Departure Date Last Updated^
Mon 17 Aug 12 Aug
Tue 18 Aug 04 Aug
Wed 19 Aug 06 Aug
Fri 21 Aug 29 Jul
Mon 24 Aug 12 Aug
Wed 26 Aug 12 Aug
Thu 27 Aug 31 Jul
Fri 28 Aug 05 Aug
Sat 29 Aug 31 Jul
Sun 30 Aug 05 Aug
Mon 31 Aug 30 Jul
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Departure Date
Mon 17 Aug
Updated on 12 Aug
$2,312 RETURN
Tue 18 Aug
Updated on 04 Aug
$1,362 RETURN
Wed 19 Aug
Updated on 06 Aug
$1,000 RETURN
Fri 21 Aug
Updated on 29 Jul
$4,826 RETURN
Mon 24 Aug
Updated on 12 Aug
$1,760 RETURN
Wed 26 Aug
Updated on 12 Aug
$3,398 RETURN
Thu 27 Aug
Updated on 31 Jul
$4,846 RETURN
Fri 28 Aug
Updated on 05 Aug
$4,828 RETURN
Sat 29 Aug
Updated on 31 Jul
$4,826 RETURN
Sun 30 Aug
Updated on 05 Aug
$5,690 RETURN
Mon 31 Aug
Updated on 05 Aug
$4,828 RETURN

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Cheapest return price for the current month from $1,000
Cheapest return price over next 6 months from $662
Cheapest month December 2020
Popular month August 2020
Average flight time 10h 25m

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Need to know

Innovative, stylish and constantly evolving, Japan’s capital city is a vibrant metropolis where technology merges seamlessly with tradition. Located on the Japanese mainland, Tokyo is the most populous city in the world and is well known for its vibrant culture and futuristic cityscape.

There’s an endless choice of places to eat, drink and shop in Tokyo. Ginza is an upmarket area where you’ll find designer fashion as well as upscale dining and entertainment. On weekends, the roads are closed to traffic for the ultimate, uninterrupted shopping experience. Fashion-lovers should also check out the famous Harajuku district to revel in its outlandish fashion and up-to-minute style. Head to Takeshita-dori to discover unique designs at Tokyo’s iconic fashion bazaar.

The city is rich with traditional architecture and practices, with plenty of ancient temples dotted around the city. Meiji Jingu, a majestic Shinto shrine dedicated to Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken, can be found in the Harajuku area. Hire a kimono and wander through the Geisha District of Asakusa. Here, you’ll find the famous Senso-ji Temple, as well as many seasonal festivals.

Nature-lovers should take a guided tour of Tokyo Imperial Palace, a huge, park-like estate surrounded by stone walls and a moat. Afterwards, head to Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden for picturesque gardens made in three traditional styles: French, Japanese and English.

Getting around

While it can be quite exciting to explore Tokyo on foot, the best way to navigate this huge city is by train. Tokyo’s subway system is relatively affordable and easy to use; most major stations have English language options at the ticket dispensers, and there are also English signs and announcements on train services. That said, it’s best to plan you journey before you head out, as train stations in Tokyo can be rather large and confusing. It’s best to avoid trains during rush hour as they are inundated with office workers. Taxis are expensive in the city, so it’s best to seek other forms of transport whenever possible.

Tokyo has a temperate climate with four distinct seasons. Throughout the summer months (June – August), the weather stays quite hot and humid, so most travellers prefer to visit in spring or autumn.

Spring is a beautiful time to visit Tokyo, as the weather is moderate and cherry blossoms begin to flower across the city.

The autumn months of September and October are also a great time to visit Tokyo as the humidity subsides and the temperature remains pleasant. During this time, the city is filled with stunning autumnal colours and a number of festivals, including the Tokyo International Film Festival. 

Narita International Airport

Narita International Airport is the main international airport in Japan. The airport can be found between the Japanese cities of Narita and Shibayama, around 60 km east of Tokyo city. Flights travel to Narita International Airport from a number of destinations, including Auckland, Beijing, London and Los Angeles. There are direct flights available from Australia with services departing from the Gold Coast, Cairns, Sydney and Melbourne.

Haneda Airport

Located around 14 km south of the city centre, Haneda Airport welcomes a blend of domestic and international flights. Flights travel to Haneda Airport from a number of destinations, including Auckland, Kuala Lumpur, London and Hong Kong. There are direct flights available from Australia, with services departing from the Gold Coast, Cairns, Sydney and Melbourne.  

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