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Departure Date Last Updated^
Thu 17 Oct 16 Oct
Fri 18 Oct 16 Oct
Sat 19 Oct 16 Oct
Sun 20 Oct 16 Oct
Mon 21 Oct 16 Oct
Tue 22 Oct 16 Oct
Wed 23 Oct 16 Oct
Thu 24 Oct 16 Oct
Fri 25 Oct 16 Oct
Sat 26 Oct 16 Oct
Sun 27 Oct 16 Oct
Mon 28 Oct 16 Oct
Tue 29 Oct 16 Oct
Wed 30 Oct 16 Oct
Thu 31 Oct 16 Oct
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Departure Date
Thu 17 Oct
Updated on 14 Oct
$385 ONE WAY
Fri 18 Oct
Updated on 16 Oct
$383 ONE WAY
Sat 19 Oct
Updated on 16 Oct
$195 ONE WAY
Sun 20 Oct
Updated on 16 Oct
$222 ONE WAY
Mon 21 Oct
Updated on 16 Oct
$185 ONE WAY
Tue 22 Oct
Updated on 16 Oct
$171 ONE WAY
Wed 23 Oct
Updated on 16 Oct
$171 ONE WAY
Thu 24 Oct
Updated on 16 Oct
$210 ONE WAY
Fri 25 Oct
Updated on 16 Oct
$185 ONE WAY
Sat 26 Oct
Updated on 16 Oct
$185 ONE WAY
Sun 27 Oct
Updated on 16 Oct
$209 ONE WAY
Mon 28 Oct
Updated on 16 Oct
$198 ONE WAY
Tue 29 Oct
Updated on 16 Oct
$222 ONE WAY
Wed 30 Oct
Updated on 16 Oct
$208 ONE WAY
Thu 31 Oct
Updated on 16 Oct
$222 ONE WAY

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Cheap Townsville to Sydney Flights

Sydney is without a doubt one of the best-known cities in Australia. Famed for its beautiful beaches, iconic attractions, cultural heritage and nightlife, a trip here never fails to impress.

Book your direct flights from Townsville to Sydney with Jetstar or Virgin Australia, and you'll be exploring this colourful city in just 2h 40 min. With ten flights per week, you can use Webjet to help you find the cheapest dates for your trip.

Ready to explore one of Australia's most popular destinations? Here's a quick guide to everything you need to know about flying from Townsville to Sydney.

Departing from Townsville Airport

Getting to Townsville Airport

If you're staying at selected Townsville Hotels, you can make use of the city shuttle to the airport. The service runs seven days a week, but it's not the most efficient option as you'll have to pick up other passengers on the way.

Another affordable way of getting to the airport is with Ingham travel. The company runs four return bus trips from Ingham to the airport every day.

Taxi and ridesharing services are also available in Townsville. A one-way trip to the airport costs around AUD 12-15 and usually takes 15 minutes depending on the traffic.

Parking at Townsville Airport

  • Short-Term Car Park: If you're planning a trip to Sydney for less than 10 hours, leave your car here. The first 10 minutes are free, and it only costs AUD 20 to park here for 7 hours.
  • Saver Car Park: For trips longer than a day, this car park offers the best value for money. Rates are AUD 19 per day, and the spaces are close to the terminals.
  • Premium Car Park: Only a one minute walk from the terminal buildings, this is the best parking option for travellers that want extra convenience. It costs AUD 26 to park here each day, and the lot is covered and secure.

Arriving at Sydney Airport

Getting from Sydney Airport to Your Hotel

Want to avoid sitting in Sydney's traffic jams? Skip the line for cabs and instead take the train. It leaves every 10 minutes from the airport and has a journey time of only 13 minutes.

If you're visiting Sydney on a budget, the best way to get into the city is with the public bus. Take route 400 into Perth, and it will only set you back AUD 5.60.

If you would rather take a cab, you'll find the taxi stands outside of the domestic terminals. If there is no heavy traffic, a trip into the CBD will take about 20 minutes and cost you AUD 44-55.

For ridesharing services, you can request your ride with the airport's free WiFi and meet your driver at the priority pick-up area.

Want to hire your own car for your trip to Sydney? Head to the T2 or T3 arrivals area, and you'll find an array of car rental companies to choose from.

Things to Do in Sydney 

  • Are you a surfing addict? Then a trip to Shark Island is a must! It's home to Australia's heaviest waves and attracts die-hard surfers from all around the world.
  • Sydney is home to some of Australia's most iconic landmarks. Be sure to visit the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge at least once.
  • If the bustle of the city is getting to you, escape to the Royal Botanic Gardens. It's full of lush pathways, exotic plants and it won't cost you a cent.
  • Learn more about Australia's history by visiting the Hyde Park Barracks Museum. It's considered one of the most important convict locations in the country and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Tickets cost AUD 10 and include a 45-minute guided tour.

For information on your return flights from Sydney to Townsville, visit this page.

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