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Departure Date Last Updated^
Wed 01 Apr 20 Mar
Thu 02 Apr 23 Mar
Fri 03 Apr 22 Mar
Sat 04 Apr 21 Mar
Sun 05 Apr 26 Mar
Mon 06 Apr 20 Mar
Tue 07 Apr 19 Mar
Wed 08 Apr 22 Mar
Thu 09 Apr 23 Mar
Fri 10 Apr 22 Mar
Sat 11 Apr 19 Mar
Sun 12 Apr 23 Mar
Mon 13 Apr 23 Mar
Tue 14 Apr 23 Mar
Wed 15 Apr 18 Mar
Thu 16 Apr 20 Mar
Fri 17 Apr 16 Mar
Sat 18 Apr 21 Mar
Sun 19 Apr 20 Mar
Mon 20 Apr 20 Mar
Tue 21 Apr 21 Mar
Wed 22 Apr 23 Mar
Thu 23 Apr 17 Mar
Fri 24 Apr 16 Mar
Sat 25 Apr 22 Mar
Sun 26 Apr 16 Mar
Mon 27 Apr 19 Mar
Tue 28 Apr 20 Mar
Wed 29 Apr 25 Mar
Thu 30 Apr 18 Mar
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Departure Date
Wed 01 Apr
Updated on 19 Mar
$207 ONE WAY
Thu 02 Apr
Updated on 19 Mar
$218 ONE WAY
Fri 03 Apr
Updated on 18 Mar
$245 ONE WAY
Sat 04 Apr
Updated on 21 Mar
$245 ONE WAY
Sun 05 Apr
Updated on 26 Mar
$245 ONE WAY
Mon 06 Apr
Updated on 20 Mar
$245 ONE WAY
Tue 07 Apr
Updated on 19 Mar
$183 ONE WAY
Wed 08 Apr
Updated on 22 Mar
$274 ONE WAY
Thu 09 Apr
Updated on 26 Mar
$289 ONE WAY
Fri 10 Apr
Updated on 20 Mar
$281 ONE WAY
Sat 11 Apr
Updated on 19 Mar
$245 ONE WAY
Sun 12 Apr
Updated on 17 Mar
$215 ONE WAY
Mon 13 Apr
Updated on 23 Mar
$280 ONE WAY
Tue 14 Apr
Updated on 16 Mar
$240 ONE WAY
Wed 15 Apr
Updated on 18 Mar
$224 ONE WAY
Thu 16 Apr
Updated on 19 Mar
$218 ONE WAY
Fri 17 Apr
Updated on 16 Mar
$245 ONE WAY
Sat 18 Apr
Updated on 21 Mar
$245 ONE WAY
Sun 19 Apr
Updated on 19 Mar
$251 ONE WAY
Mon 20 Apr
Updated on 20 Mar
$245 ONE WAY
Tue 21 Apr
Updated on 19 Mar
$179 ONE WAY
Wed 22 Apr
Updated on 16 Mar
$179 ONE WAY
Thu 23 Apr
Updated on 17 Mar
$239 ONE WAY
Fri 24 Apr
Updated on 16 Mar
$244 ONE WAY
Sat 25 Apr
Updated on 22 Mar
$245 ONE WAY
Sun 26 Apr
Updated on 16 Mar
$242 ONE WAY
Mon 27 Apr
Updated on 19 Mar
$169 ONE WAY
Tue 28 Apr
Updated on 20 Mar
$169 ONE WAY
Wed 29 Apr
Updated on 25 Mar
$285 ONE WAY
Thu 30 Apr
Updated on 18 Mar
$189 ONE WAY

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Route information for flights from Mackay to Sydney

Cheapest one-way price for the current month from $165
Cheapest one-way price over next 6 months from $143
Cheapest month August 2020
Popular month May 2020
Average flight time 1h 35m

Cheapest time to fly to Sydney

Best flight deals in April

Currency used in Sydney

$1 AUD =

Current Time in Sydney

Average Temperature in Sydney

Average Rainfall in Sydney

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Top Things to Do and See in Sydney

Sydney Opera House

The shiny white Opera House is often the first thing people picture when they think of Sydney. With a unique sail design, the Sydney Opera House has a completely unique appearance compared to the other buildings of central Sydney. The Opera House first opened in 1973 and has been hosting regular cultural events ever since. To make your trip unforgettable, you could attend a show at the Opera House. In addition to operas, you can often see plays, comedy shows, and classical music concerts. When you have cheap flights Mackay to Sydney, you can view the Opera House up close and from several other vantage points around the harbour, including the Rocks, Royal Botanic Gardens, and North Sydney. You can even see it from above when your Mackay to Sydney flights are arriving to Sydney Airport (SYD).

Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is located a short distance from the Opera House and stretches for about 1.1 kilometres across Sydney Harbour. Known for its steel arch design, the Harbour Bridge is one of the other most-recognised landmarks you’ll see when you have Mackay to Sydney return flights. For a great view over the harbour and Opera House, take a walk across the bridge. The view is especially gorgeous at sunrise and sunset when you can see a golden glow over the city. For an even more unforgettable experience when you have cheap flights Mackay to Sydney, you could do the official Bridge Climb across the top arch of the bridge.

Bondi Beach

There are lots of scenic beaches around the Sydney area to experience with your flights Mackay to Sydney. Bondi Beach in eastern Sydney is by far the city’s most famous. The beach is particularly popular among surfers and is also a great place to lounge in the sun taking in the atmosphere. There is lots to see and do around the beach as well. Lining the beach, you’ll find a variety of cafes, restaurants, and bars that offer beautiful views over the ocean. The Bondi Icebergs infinity pool is another popular spot to see. Located on the edge of Bondi Beach, this pool is perched on the side of a cliff with ocean water crashing over the side. For more impressive cliff and ocean views, there is a coastal walk that stretches from Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach.

Royal Botanic Gardens

Right beside the Sydney Harbour, you can visit the city’s Royal Botanic Gardens. These gardens cover 30 hectares and are made up of a variety of different gardens. There are plants and flowers from all over the world, but there is a particular emphasis on local Australian flora. Take your time wandering through the gardens, and visit Mrs. Macquarie’s Point for a stunning harbour view. From this spot, you can look out over the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. While the view is always impressive, it is especially scenic at sunset.

Spit to Manly Coastal Walk

The Spit to Manly Coastal Walk is a great hike to enjoy when you have tickets to Sydney from Mackay. It offers a similar experience to the one between Bondi and Coogee, but you’ll come across much fewer tourists on this route. The 10 kilometre (6 mile) walk weaves around the coastline in northern Sydney. The walk offers various terrains and views, with certain parts of the walk directly on the beach and others snaking through the forest. Start the hike at Spit Bridge, which can be reached by bus from central Sydney. Once you arrive in Manly, reward yourself after the long hike with a meal overlooking the ocean.


Neighbourhood Overview of Sydney

Central Business District

Located just south of Sydney Harbour, the CBD is the commercial hub of Sydney that you’ll experience when you book Mackay to Sydney flights. Throughout the CBD, you’ll see skyscrapers, government buildings, and some parks. There is lots of great shopping throughout the CBD and a variety of restaurants, cafes, and bars to enjoy when you have Mackay to Sydney flights. The top portion of the CBD touches the harbour, offering up some gorgeous waterfront views. Head to Circular Quay to watch the street performers, take in the views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, and wander through the Royal Botanic Gardens.


Bondi is one of Sydney’s most popular neighbourhoods to visit and stay in when you book Mackay to Sydney flights. In eastern Sydney, Bondi is located next to the ocean and is home to one of Australia’s most famous beaches, Bondi Beach. In addition to the beach, the neighbourhood has some great cafes, restaurants, and bars overlooking the water. Along the ocean, there are some beautiful cliffs as well as a coastal path that you can take from Bondi to other popular beaches nearby.

The Rocks

Nestled within the CBD and beside Sydney Harbour, the Rocks is the oldest neighbourhood in Sydney. It was first built in the late 1700s by British settlers who arrived to Sydney. Today, you can still witness much of the neighbourhood’s history through the classic architecture and cobblestone laneways. It serves as a fascinating contrast compared to the primarily modern and shiny CBD. While exploring the Rocks, you can see street performers, sit at outdoor cafes, and shop at independent shops. To learn more about the neighbourhood’s history when you book flights Mackay to Sydney, you can also join onto a free walking tour, which is held every night at 6pm.

Surry Hills

Known as one of Sydney’s trendiest neighbourhoods, Surry Hills is the place to go for boutique and vintage shopping, quirky bars, and a diverse dining scene. Some of the top activities in Surry Hills are vintage shopping on Crown Street and seeing a performance at the Belvoir Street Theatre. At night, the neighbourhood is the perfect place to grab dinner before hitting a couple of bars.

Potts Point and Woolloomooloo

These side-by-side neighbourhoods are a short distance east of the CBD. Based on a peninsula, this part of Sydney offers some beautiful harbour views. The neighbourhoods are home to tree-lined streets, Art Deco architecture, and some great cafes, giving the area a slightly European feel. There are lots of great restaurants throughout Potts Point and Woolloomooloo as well as several local theatres. In the southern end of Potts Point, you can also find Kings Cross, which was once considered to be Sydney’s red light district. Today, it is still home to an exciting nightlife scene that is particularly popular among the city’s twenty-somethings.


Public Transport and How to Get Around

While the CBD is walkable, Sydney is spread out across a large area. In order to visit some of the outer neighbourhoods when you book Mackay to Sydney return flights, such as Bondi and Manly, public transport is a reliable and affordable option. Sydney has an extensive public transport system, making it easy to travel around the city. You can get around by train, bus, ferry, and tram. In order to pay for public transport, you can use an Opal transport card or individual Opal tickets. If you are planning to take public transport more than once or twice, investing in an Opal card can help you save money. Opal cards themselves do not cost anything, but they have a minimum top-up amount of $10 AUD. Opal cards can be purchased from retailers all over the city, including convenience stores and supermarkets as well as at Sydney Airport (SYD).

While travelling with your Opal card, you will need to tap on and tap off. Fares can vary based on how far you are travelling and what mode of transport you are using. Buses and trams offer the lowest rates, typically between $2.20 and $3.66. Trains are a bit more and can also vary by time of day you are travelling. Ferries are the most expensive, with a single journey costing between $6 and $7.51 with an Opal card. If you take public transport regularly after your cheap flights to Sydney from Mackay, your travel will be capped once you reach a certain amount in a day or a week. The daily cap for an Opal card is $15 Monday to Saturday and $2.50 AUD on Sundays. The weekly cap for the week starting on Mondays is $60 AUD.

In addition to public transport when you purchase cheap flights to Sydney from Mackay, you’ll have no trouble finding a taxi in the central areas of Sydney. The city also uses ride sharing apps Uber and GoCatch.

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