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Departure Date Last Updated^
Thu 16 Jul 02 Jul
Fri 17 Jul 03 Jul
Sat 18 Jul 03 Jul
Sun 19 Jul 07 Jul
Mon 20 Jul 12 Jul
Tue 21 Jul 11 Jul
Wed 22 Jul 04 Jul
Thu 23 Jul 09 Jul
Fri 24 Jul 12 Jul
Sat 25 Jul 10 Jul
Sun 26 Jul 14 Jul
Mon 27 Jul 14 Jul
Tue 28 Jul 14 Jul
Wed 29 Jul 14 Jul
Thu 30 Jul 14 Jul
Fri 31 Jul 14 Jul
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Departure Date
Thu 16 Jul
Updated on 02 Jul
$600 ONE WAY
Fri 17 Jul
Updated on 03 Jul
$372 ONE WAY
Sat 18 Jul
Updated on 03 Jul
$601 ONE WAY
Sun 19 Jul
Updated on 07 Jul
$604 ONE WAY
Mon 20 Jul
Updated on 12 Jul
$520 ONE WAY
Tue 21 Jul
Updated on 11 Jul
$445 ONE WAY
Wed 22 Jul
Updated on 04 Jul
$373 ONE WAY
Thu 23 Jul
Updated on 09 Jul
$520 ONE WAY
Fri 24 Jul
Updated on 12 Jul
$445 ONE WAY
Sat 25 Jul
Updated on 10 Jul
$520 ONE WAY
Sun 26 Jul
Updated on 14 Jul
$522 ONE WAY
Mon 27 Jul
Updated on 14 Jul
$522 ONE WAY
Tue 28 Jul
Updated on 14 Jul
$446 ONE WAY
Wed 29 Jul
Updated on 14 Jul
$522 ONE WAY
Thu 30 Jul
Updated on 14 Jul
$522 ONE WAY
Fri 31 Jul
Updated on 14 Jul
$446 ONE WAY

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Cheapest one-way price for the current month from $372
Cheapest one-way price over next 6 months from $102
Cheapest month September 2020
Popular month July 2020
Average flight time 1h 35m

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Landmarks and Monuments You Can’t Miss

One of the most iconic itinerary features for those travelling on flights Auckland to Sydney is to catch a show or tour the grounds of the Sydney Opera House. This iconic building attracts crowds from far and wide with its emblematic architecture, and it also hosts a myriad of world-class performances throughout the year. Stretch your legs and take in the scenery around the city centre when your first arrive on Auckland to Sydney flights. Darling Harbour is directly across from the city centre and offers spectacular views of Cockle Bay as well the Chinese Garden of Friendship, the Ferris wheel, and the National Maritime Museum. Darling Harbour is a must-see for all visitors searching for things to do with their cheap flights to Sydney from Auckland. Aside from the gardens and museums, you can also find an aquarium, Madame Tussauds, as well as a wealth of food and shopping options. Save money on tickets to Sydney from Auckland buy booking with Webjet and use these savings to pick up souvenirs from Paddy’s Markets. These markets have been a staple in Sydney for more than 150 years and feature more than 1,000 stalls. You can find souvenirs ranging from handicrafts, tp bric-a-brac and unique trinkets. Bondi Beach is a must-see for any traveller booking cheap flights Auckland to Sydney. This is one of Australia’s most famous beaches, known for luring in locals and celebrities alike. Grab your sunscreen and rash-shirts then head to this beautiful Australian landmark. No matter if you’re travelling on Auckland to Sydney return flights with family in tow or as a solo traveller, be sure to check out the Sydney Tower. The Sydney Tower Eye is the highest point in the city and allows for 360° views of the city and surrounding suburbs. For a romantic evening, plan a sunset tour of the Sydney Tower and take in breathtaking views over the Harbour. Not many first-time visitors arriving on flights Auckland to Sydney leave the Sydney Harbour Bridge off their sightseeing wish-list. The bridge has been an icon for the city since 1932. If you’re feeling adventurous, arrange a Sydney Bridge Climb and scale to the top of the bridge.

Travelling with Children

A popular activity for families travelling on Auckland to Sydney flights is a visit to Luna Park. The unique entrance is definitely attention-grabbing, but it’s the rides inside that will keep everyone entertained. Save money on cheap flights to Sydney from Auckland and put those savings towards extra roller-coaster rides, carnival games, festive eats or showbags. Families of sports-lovers should look to see if their flights from Auckland to Sydney line up with any major sporting events in town. Book tickets to see an AFL game at the Sydney Cricket Ground. The SCG also hosts cricket and rugby matches. Add a bit of history into your holiday by planning a day at Garigal National Park with your cheap flights Auckland to Sydney. The park is located just 20 kilometres from Sydney’s city centre and features an array of trails for every fitness level. You and your family can enjoy incredible scenery as well as more than 100 Aboriginal sites including cave art and rock engravings. Look forward to a scenic ferry ride as well as a day with well-kept animals when you pre-book tickets to the Taronga Zoo to coincide with your cheap flights to Sydney from Auckland. The zoo is a short ferry ride from the city centre and prides itself on conservation, sustainability, and public education. The zoo also features a sky-high rope adventure course, Sky Safari, and a train to get around the large zoo in comfort. For a most memorable experience, book an overnight stay in the zoo that includes sleeping in a safari-style tent.

Public Transport and How to Get Around

First-time travellers arriving at Sydney Airport (SYD) will find good public transport links throughout the city. The City Circle train line is perfect for travellers who are wanting to see most of the city’s major attractions with their flights Auckland to Sydney. Other lines will transport travellers to the Blue Mountains and along the South Coast. If you plan to use the trains on your holiday, pick up an Opal card to save time and money. Sydney buses are a relatively cheap mode of transportation for many travellers arriving on Auckland to Sydney flights. The network can transfer travellers to a myriad of destinations around the city, as well as outlying suburbs. However, buses can become caught up in frequent traffic jams during rush hour, so it’s a good idea to build plenty of travel time into your schedule. The ferries to Manly Beach or Darling Harbour can be accessed at the main terminal at Circular Quay. Visitors arriving on flights Auckland to Sydney can enjoy the views from one of seven ferry lines that depart every 25 to 40 minutes. If you’re planning Auckland to Sydney flights as part of a multi-city holiday, car hire may be a good idea. However, driving a car in and around the busy city can become expensive and parking is limited in some areas.

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