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Suva Guide

Tips for First-Time Travellers to Suva

Don't expect things to happen on time

Fiji time is a real thing. Whether it's your tour not starting on time or unexpected delays using public transportation, things don't always stay on schedule on the islands. While it can be frustrating, it’s best to embrace it and adapt to the slower pace of life.

Bula is the national greeting

As soon as your flights to Suva arrive, you'll start to hear bula wherever you go. The word directly translates as meaning "life", but the locals use it to mean hello, goodbye, and welcome.

Sundays are for church

If you're booking return flights to Suva over a Sunday, you'll notice that it’s the quietest day of the week. The locals spend hours in services, and you might find the most shops and tour operators won't be open. Tourists are welcome to attend church; the services are different than what some Westerners may be used to, and it's a great way to catch a glimpse of Fijian culture.

Transport from Nausori Airport (SUV)

After your flights to Suva land, the quickest way to get from Nausori Airport (SUV) to your hotel is with a taxi. A trip from the airport will take 30 to 40 minutes and cost $20 FJD ($13.23 AUD). If you're buying cheap flights to Suva and you want to keep your transportation costs as low as possible, your best bet is to take the airport bus. It runs from the airport to the Holiday Inn Hotel in the centre of Suva. The bus operates from Monday to Sunday and tickets cost $3 FJD ($1.98 AUD) per person.

The Cost of Visiting Suva

The cost of island hopping

If you're buying flights to Suva and you want to go island hopping around Fiji, you'll need a bigger budget. The outer islands are expensive to get to, and there are only a few backpacker resorts. Other costs that will creep up on you while staying at these resorts include activity prices, boat rides to the islands (these are known to be expensive) and mandatory meal plans.

Food costs in Suva

Eating on a budget in Suva is easy. You can get a classic Indo-Fijian roti with spiced curry for $1 USD ($1.42 AUD). When your flights to Suva arrive, you'll also see food stands dotted around the town. Here you can buy delicious plates of curries and dhal for as little as $3 USD ($4.26 AUD). If you book self-catering accommodation with your return flights to Suva, the best place to pick up fresh produce is at the markets. One thing to keep in mind is that you can’t buy one or two potatoes; everything is priced in a heap. You can expect to pay roughly $1 USD ($1.42 AUD) for six items.

The Best Time to Visit

Peak and off-season in Suva

If you're searching for cheap flights to Suva, the town's peak and off seasons will be the biggest factor in deciding when to visit Fiji. The winter months of July to August is one of the busiest periods for the islands. Families buying return flights to Suva from Australia and New Zealand flock to Fiji for the winter school holidays. You can expect to pay more for hotel rooms, and airfare prices may also spike.

For groups booking tickets to Suva, the off-season months (February, March, June, October and November) have the best deals. Suva is quieter during these times, and it's the perfect period if you want the beach all to yourself.

Weather in Suva

No matter when you book your flights to Suva for, the weather is generally pretty consistent throughout the year. However, like most tropical destinations, Suva has a noticeable dry and wet season. The rains come to Suva in the summer months (December to February). Travellers buying flights to Suva over this period should be aware of the increased risk of cyclones. However, it can be one of the best times of year for great-value deals on airfare to Suva.

If you don't want the weather to ruin your outdoor activity plans, plan your trip during the drier months of May to September. Visibility for diving and snorkelling will be at its best, and the humidity levels are much lower, making it more comfortable to tackle nearby hiking trails. For surfers buying flights to Suva, the most consistent swell is between April and October. However, the tropical storms create shorter swells and excellent waves between November and March. The only downside is the strong winds and tropical rains that can ruin any plans for an afternoon of surfing.