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Thu 01 Sep 25 Jun
Fri 02 Sep 21 Jun
Sat 03 Sep 24 Jun
Sun 04 Sep 24 Jun
Mon 05 Sep 25 Jun
Tue 06 Sep 26 Jun
Wed 07 Sep 25 Jun
Thu 08 Sep 25 Jun
Fri 09 Sep 22 Jun
Sat 10 Sep 22 Jun
Sun 11 Sep 26 Jun
Mon 12 Sep 26 Jun
Tue 13 Sep 25 Jun
Wed 14 Sep 26 Jun
Thu 15 Sep 27 Jun
Fri 16 Sep 26 Jun
Sat 17 Sep 23 Jun
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Mon 19 Sep 26 Jun
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Sat 24 Sep 27 Jun
Sun 25 Sep 23 Jun
Mon 26 Sep 27 Jun
Tue 27 Sep 25 Jun
Wed 28 Sep 22 Jun
Fri 30 Sep 24 Jun
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Departure Date
Thu 01 Sep
Updated on 25 Jun
$1,335 RETURN
Fri 02 Sep
Updated on 26 Jun
$1,224 RETURN
Sat 03 Sep
Updated on 24 Jun
$1,249 RETURN
Sun 04 Sep
Updated on 24 Jun
$1,335 RETURN
Mon 05 Sep
Updated on 27 Jun
$1,199 RETURN
Tue 06 Sep
Updated on 23 Jun
$1,334 RETURN
Wed 07 Sep
Updated on 25 Jun
$1,335 RETURN
Thu 08 Sep
Updated on 25 Jun
$1,335 RETURN
Fri 09 Sep
Updated on 22 Jun
$1,620 RETURN
Sat 10 Sep
Updated on 23 Jun
$1,288 RETURN
Sun 11 Sep
Updated on 26 Jun
$1,224 RETURN
Mon 12 Sep
Updated on 26 Jun
$1,199 RETURN
Tue 13 Sep
Updated on 25 Jun
$1,335 RETURN
Wed 14 Sep
Updated on 26 Jun
$1,289 RETURN
Thu 15 Sep
Updated on 26 Jun
$1,335 RETURN
Fri 16 Sep
Updated on 26 Jun
$1,314 RETURN
Sat 17 Sep
Updated on 25 Jun
$1,354 RETURN
Sun 18 Sep
Updated on 25 Jun
$1,638 RETURN
Mon 19 Sep
Updated on 25 Jun
$1,199 RETURN
Wed 21 Sep
Updated on 25 Jun
$1,461 RETURN
Thu 22 Sep
Updated on 25 Jun
$1,429 RETURN
Fri 23 Sep
Updated on 24 Jun
$1,248 RETURN
Sat 24 Sep
Updated on 27 Jun
$1,559 RETURN
Sun 25 Sep
Updated on 23 Jun
$1,557 RETURN
Mon 26 Sep
Updated on 27 Jun
$1,199 RETURN
Tue 27 Sep
Updated on 25 Jun
$1,435 RETURN
Wed 28 Sep
Updated on 26 Jun
$1,264 RETURN
Fri 30 Sep
Updated on 27 Jun
$1,289 RETURN

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Cheapest return price for the current month from $1,199
Cheapest return price over next 6 months from $1,199
Cheapest month October 2022
Most expensive month June 2022
Average flight time 17hr 20min

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Compare Cheap Flights from Sydney to San Francisco

San Francisco is an iconic city that makes up the heart of Northern California. It’s known for its large hills and enormous bay. The city itself is extremely artistic, full of street art, vintage shopping, and live theatre. There is a big-city feel with the laid-back atmosphere that California is known for. Throughout San Francisco, you’ll find world-class restaurants and plenty of trendy bars and nightlife. Head outside central San Francisco and you’ll find some of California’s most popular spots, including the redwoods trees, Napa Valley, and Yosemite National Park. San Francisco is truly incredible and offers a completely different feel to the other major cities of California, making it a must-visit on any California road trip.

Pack your bags and get ready to explore California with Webjet’s cheap flights from Sydney to San Francisco, USA.

The best time to visit San Francisco

Like many destinations around the United States, high season in San Francisco occurs in summer between June and August. During these months, visitors flock to the Bay Area, causing hotel rates to increase. Weather-wise, summer isn’t actually the greatest time to experience San Francisco. While there is hardly any rain, there is lots of fog, and average temperatures are only about 19°C during the day.

The autumn months of September and October actually see warmer weather than the summer. There is lots of sunshine, and daytime temperatures average 21°C. Autumn also gets a lot less tourists than summer, causing hotel prices to decrease.

During the winter, rain is accompanied by fog and strong winds. However, temperatures don’t drop too low in San Francisco. During the day, it is typically 14°C, and nighttime temperatures drop to about 8°C. If you are hoping to visit San Francisco on a budget, winter is the time to do it. Winter is the city’s low season, and hotel prices across the city decrease.

Departing From Sydney

Sydney Airport (SYD) is located 7 kilometres (4.3 miles) south of the CBD. It is one of Australia’s major international hubs and offers flights to the United States on a variety of airlines.

Airlines offering cheap airfares from Sydney to San Francisco include Qantas, Virgin Australia, American Airlines, United Airlines, Air New Zealand, and Singapore Airlines. Direct flights will get you into San Francisco Airport in 13 hours 30 minutes. Each week, there are about 1,000 cheap flights from Sydney to San Francisco, so you’ll have no problem getting your California adventure started.

Getting to Sydney Airport (SYD)

The Airport Link train is the most affordable way to reach Sydney Airport. The train offers departures from train stations all over the Sydney area, including Central Station, Wynyard, Darling Harbour, and Bondi. The train even has stations in some of Sydney’s outer suburbs as well, including Wollongong. Train times and prices vary based on which station you are travelling from. A train from the CBD will get you to the airport in about 15 minutes for $18.70 AUD. If you’re catching an Airport Link train from Bondi, you’ll reach the airport in about 45 minutes and pay $19.70 AUD. Train tickets can be purchased individually or paid for with your Opal card.

If you would like to get a taxi or an Uber to Sydney Airport, you’ll arrive in about 20 minutes from the CBD and less than 30 minutes from Bondi. Taxi fare from the CBD costs about $45-$60 AUD, while Bondi taxi fare falls between $45-$65 AUD.

Parking at Sydney Airport

There are multiple parking options at Sydney Airport, which fit a variety of budgets. To secure the best rates, be sure to reserve your parking space in advance.

Where to Park at Sydney Airport

• The cheapest parking option at Sydney Airport is the Blu Emu car park. It is located outside the airport, and a shuttle comes regularly to get you there. Parking rates start from $30 per day to park.

• For the most direct access to the International Terminal, park in the P7 car park. It offers covered parking and is a 5-minute walk from the terminal. Parking rates start at $55 AUD per day.

Arriving in San Francisco

San Francisco has two airports, which both receive direct flights from Sydney. San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is the city’s main airport. It is located 21 kilometres (13 miles) south of central San Francisco. Oakland International Airport (OAK) is located east of San Francisco in the neighbouring city of Oakland. The airport is about 32 kilometres (20 miles) from San Francisco’s city centre.

How to Get from San Francisco International Airport (SFO) to Your San Francisco Hotel or Accommodation

When you arrive to San Francisco International Airport (SFO), the most cost-effective way to reach the city is on the BART train. BART is the city’s public train system and stands for Bay Area Rapid Transit. The BART is located on the departures floor of the International Terminal and can be reached by the airport’s free AirTrain. The BART gets you into the city centre in about 30 minutes and costs $9.15 USD ($12.70 AUD) from the airport. The BART makes stops in several central stations, including the Mission District, Civic Center, Powell Street, and Embarcadero.

For a quick and direct ride to your hotel, you can catch a taxi, Uber, or Lyft from San Francisco International Airport (SFO). They will get you into the city centre in about 25 minutes. A taxi costs about $45-$65 USD ($62.50-$90.25 AUD). A ride-sharing app will get you to your hotel for about $35 USD ($48.60 AUD).

How to Get from Oakland International Airport (OAK) to Your San Francisco Hotel or Accommodation

For an affordable trip to your hotel, you can catch a BART train from Oakland International Airport (OAK). The BART departs from the airport every 6 minutes and is located right across the street from the airport terminals. To reach San Francisco, catch the BART to Oakland’s Coliseum station. From there, transfer to Daly-City bound train, which will take you to several stations in the city centre, including Powell Street and the Mission District. The BART from Oakland International Airport (OAK) to central San Francisco costs $10.45 USD ($14.50 AUD).

A taxi or ride-sharing service will get you from Oakland Airport into the city centre in about 35 minutes. A taxi from the airport costs about $70 USD ($97 AUD), while an Uber or Lyft will get you to the city for about $43 USD ($60 AUD).

Things to do in San Francisco


Alcatraz Island is located within San Francisco Bay and is one of the most infamous prisons in history. While the prison was operating between 1934 and 1963, it was home to some of the USA’s worst criminals, including Al Capone and “the Birdman” Robert Stroud. Alcatraz was considered to be inescapable due to the dangerous currents of the San Francisco Bay. Alcatraz was known for its poor treatment of inmates, and there were several uprisings that led to the prison being shut down. Today, you can visit Alcatraz Island and learn all about its dark history. There are a variety of tickets to visit Alcatraz, with standard entry starting at $38 USD ($53.85 AUD) for adults.

Ride a Cable Car

Cable cars are the most iconic way to get around San Francisco. Throughout the city, there are several cable car routes that weave their way up and down SF’s massive hills. Popular spots to board the cable car are at the corner of Powell and Market Streets and Ghirardelli Square. The cable cars have seats, but the most fun way to ride is standing along the sides. Tickets to ride the cable cars are $7 USD ($10 AUD) and can either be purchased in advance or with cash onboard.

Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is San Francisco’s most famous landmark. This red mile-long bridge connects the city with Marin County across the bay. There are lots of places where you can get a great view of the bridge, including spots along the waterfront and lookouts on the Marin side of the bay.

Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley

California is known around the world for its wine. Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley are two of the most famous wine regions in the United States, and are located about an hour from San Francisco. Lots of wineries throughout the regions offer tastings and offer amazing views to accompany the wine.

The Mission District

This neighbourhood is one of the trendiest areas of San Francisco. The Mission District has lots of shopping, street art, and some of the best Mexican food in the city. While in the Mission District, visit some of the many vintage shops and enjoy the view of the city from Mission Dolores Park.

Lombard Street

This winding road is nicknamed San Francisco’s “crookedest street.” The road makes its way up Russian Hill, which is so steep that the road had to be built winding back and forth in order to be functional. The walk up Lombard Street is tiring, but from the top, you’ll be rewarded with an expansive view over the centre of San Francisco.

Explore the Waterfront

San Francisco is located on a bay and has lots of waterfront areas to explore. The most popular spot for tourists to visit is Fisherman’s Wharf where you’ll find shops, restaurants, and San Francisco’s aquarium. Pier 39 has a similar offering of shops and restaurants but doesn’t get quite as busy. From Pier 39, you’ll also be able to see San Francisco’s resident sea lion colony.

Muir Woods

Northern California is home to some of world’s most impressive trees. In the Muir Woods, you can walk among redwood trees, which are the tallest species of tree in the world. The trees are unbelievably tall, and the tallest one is 78.6 metres (258 feet) tall. The Muir Woods offer a unique experience the the skyscrapers of the city.

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