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Fri 01 Jul
Updated on 23 Jun
$744 ONE WAY
Sat 02 Jul
Updated on 24 Jun
$791 ONE WAY
Sun 03 Jul
Updated on 23 Jun
$684 ONE WAY
Mon 04 Jul
Updated on 27 Jun
$731 ONE WAY
Tue 05 Jul
Updated on 27 Jun
$697 ONE WAY
Wed 06 Jul
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$494 ONE WAY
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$542 ONE WAY
Fri 08 Jul
Updated on 27 Jun
$353 ONE WAY
Sat 09 Jul
Updated on 25 Jun
$353 ONE WAY
Sun 10 Jul
Updated on 27 Jun
$303 ONE WAY
Mon 11 Jul
Updated on 27 Jun
$328 ONE WAY
Tue 12 Jul
Updated on 26 Jun
$447 ONE WAY
Wed 13 Jul
Updated on 26 Jun
$303 ONE WAY
Thu 14 Jul
Updated on 26 Jun
$317 ONE WAY
Fri 15 Jul
Updated on 27 Jun
$303 ONE WAY
Sat 16 Jul
Updated on 26 Jun
$278 ONE WAY
Sun 17 Jul
Updated on 27 Jun
$258 ONE WAY
Mon 18 Jul
Updated on 27 Jun
$258 ONE WAY
Tue 19 Jul
Updated on 23 Jun
$317 ONE WAY
Wed 20 Jul
Updated on 26 Jun
$303 ONE WAY
Thu 21 Jul
Updated on 27 Jun
$372 ONE WAY
Fri 22 Jul
Updated on 27 Jun
$278 ONE WAY
Sat 23 Jul
Updated on 27 Jun
$303 ONE WAY
Sun 24 Jul
Updated on 25 Jun
$404 ONE WAY
Mon 25 Jul
Updated on 27 Jun
$317 ONE WAY
Tue 26 Jul
Updated on 27 Jun
$342 ONE WAY
Wed 27 Jul
Updated on 27 Jun
$353 ONE WAY
Thu 28 Jul
Updated on 27 Jun
$432 ONE WAY
Fri 29 Jul
Updated on 27 Jun
$404 ONE WAY
Sat 30 Jul
Updated on 27 Jun
$404 ONE WAY
Sun 31 Jul
Updated on 27 Jun
$353 ONE WAY

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Cheapest month October 2022
Most expensive month June 2022
Average flight time 1h 20m

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Compare Cheap Flights from Melbourne to Queenstown

Queenstown is a small city nestled in the mountains of New Zealand’s South Island. The city and its surrounding area is one of the top spots in New Zealand for adventure sports and outdoor activities. Outside of the city, you can hike through the mountains, go skiing, and go white water rafting to name a few. The region is full of natural beauty that will leave you speechless. Back in the city, you’ll have plenty to keep you entertained. No matter what time of year you visit, the Queenstown CBD is buzzing with lots of great restaurants, cafes, shopping, and regular festivals. Queenstown is full of excitement and beauty, making it the perfect holiday destination for Melburnians looking to explore New Zealand.

With more than 200 return flights from Melbourne to Queenstown each week, you have plenty of opportunity to visit the adventure capital of New Zealand. Jetstar, Qantas, Virgin Australia, Air New Zealand, Emirates, and Singapore Airlines all offer cheap airfares from Melbourne to Queenstown. Direct flights are available and will get you into Queenstown Airport (ZQN) in just over 3 hours. The majority of cheap flights from Melbourne to Queenstown depart from Melbourne Airport, but Qantas and Jetstar also offer cheap flights from Melbourne to Queenstown departing from Avalon Airport.

Are you ready to experience the excitement of Queenstown, New Zealand? Book your return flights from Melbourne to Queenstown with Webjet, and start planning your next holiday. Webjet compares cheap airfares from Melbourne to Queenstown to ensure you’re getting the best deals. So book your flights, pack your bags, and use Webjet’s guide to Queenstown to start planning your trip from MEL to ZQN.

Things to do in Queenstown

Take the Skyline Gondola to Bob’s Peak

Bob’s Peak is a mountain just outside Queenstown’s CBD. From the top, you can experience the best views over Queenstown, Lake Wakatipu, and the surrounding mountain ranges. You have a couple of options to get to the top of Bob’s Peak. If you enjoy hiking, the Tiki Trail is an hour-long hike that will take you up to the top. Alternatively, you can catch the Skyline Gondola from the CBD. The gondola ride offers views that are almost as great as the views from the top of the mountain!

Adventure Sports

Queenstown is perfect for travellers who love to get an adrenaline rush. There are so many adventure sports available to try when you book cheap flights from Melbourne to Queenstown. The Shotover River offers a couple of activities. Visitors can go white water rafting or jet boating on the river and reach speeds up to 85 km per hour. And right over the river, the Shotover Canyon Swing offers an experience similar to bungy jumping, in which jumpers drop down and swing over the river. Queenstown also offers several bungy jumping options. Right in the city, the AJ Hackett bungy offers great views of the city and surrounding mountains as you freefall. Outside of the city, the Kawarau Bridge was where the first commercial bungy was built. And to the east of the city, the Nevis Bungy is one of the tallest in the world. All of these experiences will satisfy adrenaline junkies who book cheap airfares from Melbourne to Queenstown!

Lake Wakatipu

Queenstown is located right on Lake Wakatipu. This lightning-bolt shaped lake is 80 km long and the longest lake in New Zealand. There are several walking and biking trails around the lake, accompanied by some incredible views. If you book cheap flights from Melbourne to Queenstown in the summer, you can take a kayak or canoe out on Lake Wakatipu for an extra-special experience. On the city side of the lake, you can visit the Queenstown Gardens, and on the southeastern shores, you can see a mountain range called the Remarkables.

Milford Sound

Travel west from Queenstown to the coast, and you’ll be rewarded with the incredible Milford Sound. The Milford Sound is a fjord that is full of natural beauty. There are lots of sailing tours that can take you out on the Sound, and the area has lots of great hiking trails. You can visit Milford Sound as a day trip from Queenstown, but if you can dedicate two or three days to Milford Sound, you’ll have the best experience.

Gibbston Valley Winery

New Zealand is known internationally for its wine, and just outside Queenstown, you can visit a beautiful vineyard called the Gibbston Valley Winery. The vineyard has great views of the mountains and is located just next to the Kawarau River. At the vineyard, you can learn about the winemaking process and sample some local wines and cheeses. The Gibbston Valley Winery produces several varieties of wine and specialises in pinot noir.

When should you book return flights from Melbourne to Queenstown?

Queenstown experiences distinct seasons. Summer is the best time to visit in order to take advantage of all the outdoor activities Queenstown is known for. There’s plenty of sun and warm weather, which are perfect for hiking and water sports. Late spring and early autumn also experience nice weather during the day, but get a bit chilly at night.

Winters get cold, and Queenstown gets some snow. Not ideal for hiking, but it offers perfect conditions for skiing. Queenstown is surrounded by several mountain ranges that have some great skiing trails and resorts. Temperatures are cold, but the snow is perfectly powdery, and you’ll still experience plenty of sunshine.

Departing from Melbourne

Melbourne Airport (also known to locals as Melbourne Tullamarine) is located north of the city and is the departure point for most international flights leaving Melbourne. There are about 30 flights from Melbourne to Queenstown every day on many of the top airlines, including Qantas, Virgin Australia, Air New Zealand, and Jetstar. Avalon Airport is Melbourne’s second airport. It’s a small airport with flights within Australia, but some international flights leave from Avalon if they are connecting through Sydney. Qantas and Jetstar have a few flights that depart from Avalon heading to Queenstown Airport (ZQN).

Getting to Melbourne Airport (MEL)

The Skybus offers five different express services departing from all over Melbourne. It’s the most stress-free way to get to Melbourne Airport. Each Skybus route runs every day and offers free Wifi on board.

If you’re travelling from the CBD, the Melbourne City Express gets you from Southern Cross Station to Melbourne Airport in under 45 minutes. Buses run every 10 minutes between 4:30AM-midnight every day, getting you to the airport and on your way from MEL to ZQN in no time. The Skybus City Express runs 24 hours, so even in the early hours of the morning, you can get a ride to the airport every 15-30 minutes. Tickets for the City Express are $18 online or $19.50 at the station.

Travelling from the Southbank or the Docklands, the Southbank Docklands Express has 6 different pick-up points to choose from. This Skybus runs between 7AM-7PM and departs regularly for the airport. Buses leave every half hour during the week and every hour during the weekend. Tickets for this service can be purchased for $18 online.

The St Kilda Express picks up passengers from 4 different locations. During the week, it runs every half hour between 6:15AM-8PM, and during the weekend it runs between 6AM-7PM. The St Kilda Express is $19 to Melbourne Airport and will get you to your terminal in about an hour.

If you’re coming from a bit further south of the city, the Peninsula Express has 16 pick-up points along the Mornington Peninsula and southeastern beaches, including Brighton and Frankston. Fares vary between $22-$55 based on pick-up point, and there are regular departures throughout the day. Check the Skybus website for your stop’s daily timetable.

Coming from the western suburbs? The Western Express has pick-up points in both Werribee and Tarneit and will get you to Melbourne Airport in about 45 minutes to an hour. Tickets for the Western Express are $21, and buses leave hourly between 6:15AM-6:30PM.

If you prefer to take a taxi or an Uber to the airport, a ride from the CBD will have you to Melbourne Airport in under thirty minutes. Taxi fare from the CBD to Melbourne Airport comes out to about $55-$75 depending on traffic.

Parking at Melbourne Airport

If you plan to drive, Melbourne Airport has plenty of parking options to choose from. The Long Term car park is the best option for the budget-conscious traveller. You can park your car for less than $10 a day, and the sooner you reserve your spot, the lower your rate will be. A free shuttle bus is available to take you from the car park to the terminals in less than 5 minutes, so you can be on your way from MEL to ZQN in no time!

Getting to Avalon Airport (AVV)

Avalon Airport is located about 50 km southwest of Melbourne’s CBD, just outside of Geelong. The Skybus has an Avalon City Express route, which picks up passengers in Southern Cross station and on Synnot Street in Werribee. Tickets from the CBD cost $22, and tickets from Werribee are $19. The Skybus Avalon timetable changes a little bit each day, but has buses scheduled to meet all departing and arriving flights. The Skybus will get you to Avalon Airport in 50 minutes from the CBD and 30 minutes from Werribee.

Parking at Avalon Airport

Avalon Airport has a “tap and go” system for its car park. When you arrive, you can either take a ticket or tap your credit card. If you choose to get a ticket, you can pay via a pay machine at the end of your trip when you’re leaving the airport. With the tap and go system, you simply tap off with the same credit card you used when you arrived, and you will be charged the corresponding amount. The cost of parking varies and the price per day goes down for each day you are parked. If you book return flights from Melbourne to Queenstown for 4 days, it would cost $77 to park. However, booking a longer trip for two weeks into Queenstown Airport (ZQN) would only cost $132 to park. The car park is under 24-hour surveillance and is located just outside the airport, so you can be inside the terminal within a few minutes.

Arriving in Queenstown

Queenstown is home to one airport and is one of the main entry points for travellers visiting New Zealand’s South Island. The Queenstown Airport (ZQN) is located in the town of Frankton, just 8 km northeast of Queenstown’s CBD.

Getting to the CBD from Queenstown Airport (ZQN)

The most affordable way to get from Queenstown Airport (ZQN) into the city is on the public bus. The Orbus picks up passengers from the airport regularly between 6AM and midnight. It drops passengers right in the heart of the CBD. Queenstown is compact and very walkable, so you’ll be able to quickly walk from the bus to hotels in the city centre. Without a Queenstown transport card, a one-way ticket on the bus is $5. However, if you plan to take public transport multiple times during your trip, you can purchase a GoCard at the airport. These cards cost $5 and decrease your bus fare from $5 to $2 per ride.

With Queenstown Airport (ZQN) located so close to the CBD, a taxi is a great option to get you right to your hotel. The taxi ride only takes about 10 minutes, and fare costs about $20-$25.

Since many of Queenstown’s natural attractions are located outside of the city, a hire car can give you extra freedom to travel around the area. Several major rental car companies have offices and car pick-up points at Queenstown Airport (ZQN). Many types of cars are available, starting at just $32 per day. And a car rental tip: if you’re visiting Queenstown in the winter, you may want to consider hiring a 4x4 in case you experience some snow.

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