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Fri 19 Apr 16 Apr
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Departure Date
Thu 18 Apr
Updated on 16 Apr
$357 ONE WAY
JQ Airlines
Fri 19 Apr
Updated on 16 Apr
$432 ONE WAY
VA Airlines
Sat 20 Apr
Updated on 16 Apr
$362 ONE WAY
JQ Airlines
Sun 21 Apr
Updated on 16 Apr
$415 ONE WAY
JQ Airlines
Mon 22 Apr
Updated on 16 Apr
$399 ONE WAY
JQ Airlines
Tue 23 Apr
Updated on 16 Apr
$380 ONE WAY
JQ Airlines
Wed 24 Apr
Updated on 15 Apr
$436 ONE WAY
JQ Airlines
Thu 25 Apr
Updated on 16 Apr
$357 ONE WAY
JQ Airlines
Fri 26 Apr
Updated on 16 Apr
$362 ONE WAY
JQ Airlines
Sat 27 Apr
Updated on 15 Apr
$399 ONE WAY
JQ Airlines
Sun 28 Apr
Updated on 16 Apr
$435 ONE WAY
VA Airlines
Mon 29 Apr
Updated on 15 Apr
$361 ONE WAY
JQ Airlines
Tue 30 Apr
Updated on 15 Apr
$316 ONE WAY
JQ Airlines

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Route information for flights from Brisbane to Queenstown

Cheapest one-way price for the current month from $316*
Cheapest one-way price over next 6 months from $287*
Cheapest month September 2024
Most expensive month September 2024
Average flight time 1h 20m

Queenstown Guide

Known by adrenaline junkies from all corners of the world as being the prime destination for adventure, Queenstown is just one of those mesmerizing locations that you can’t miss-out on. Queenstown offers its visitors a wide variety of activities, from bungee jumping to enjoying your evenings at the local bars, this gem of the Southern Hemisphere has it all.

With an urban population of just over 15 thousand, this resort is well-known for its commerce-oriented tourism and an oceanic climate. These are only some of the reasons why many travellers visit Queenstown. The resort has a little bit of everything for everyone.

Well, did this get you interested in having one of the most memorable trips of your life? Book your direct flights Brisbane (BNE) to Queenstown (ZQN) with Webjet’s airfare finder that will ensure you get the most affordable airfare deals.


Things to do in Queenstown

Lake Wakatipu

Out of many magical locations which you can visit, very few can compare to the sublime views and water activities of Lake Wakatipu. Here, you can partake in sailing, cruising, going for a speedboat ride, and if you just want to relax, you can have a picnic and enjoy the amazing scenery. The alluring views alone are worth jumping on one of the direct flights Brisbane (BNE) to Queenstown (ZQN) and visiting Lake Wakatipu.

Skippers Canyon

Located just a few kilometres north of Queenstown, Skippers Canyon is a must-see for any traveller. Accessed by one of New Zealand’s best-known scenic roads, Skippers Canyon is one of those places that is well worth the short trip. Being on the same road that leads to Coronet Peak, it is a popular stopover for all those who come from Brisbane to Queenstown seeking adventure.


Marine Parade

Upon disembarking from one of the many flights Brisbane (BNE) to Queenstown (ZQN), people will want to enjoy a more relaxing atmosphere. Being one of the most popular destinations for travellers to visit in the summer months, Marine Parade has a gorgeous view of Lake Wakatipu and Queenstown beach. It is also the most famous location for all those looking to celebrate New Year’s with a bang, having one of the most exhilarating fireworks shows on the island.

Best time to visit Queenstown

When is The Best Time to book flights Brisbane (BNE) to Queenstown (ZQN)?

Having an oceanic climate that allows Queenstown to have cool winters and summers, you don’t have to worry about the temperature.

Being a hiker’s heaven in summer and a skiing paradise in winter, Queenstown is one of those travel destinations which you can visit any time of the year. Although Queenstown is most popular to visit in July, that’s also when it’s the most crowded so if you want to avoid the busy streets due to school holidays and high-priced fares, your best choice would be to visit it in August.


Cheap flights Brisbane (BNE) to Queenstown (ZQN)

Being such a popular destination for many, it is no wonder that there are so many cheap flights Brisbane (BNE) to Queenstown (ZQN) available all year round.

There are over 25 BNE to ZQN flights available on a daily basis. Most of the airline companies also offer return BNE to ZQN flights at affordable prices. With Webjet you will easily be able to find BNE to ZQN flights that match your luggage needs and price range.


Departing from Brisbane Airport (BNE)

The flight that will take you from Brisbane (BNE) to Queenstown (ZQN) will be located at Brisbane Airport (BNE). It is located only 15 kilometres from the city centre and is the main airport for the entire municipality. Brisbane Airport offers top quality service and is one of the bussies airports in Australia with 29 international and 50 domestic destinations available from many different airline companies. 

Getting to Brisbane Airport (BNE)

To reach Brisbane Airport, you can choose one of many car services like taxi or Uber. A taxi ride will cost you between AUD 45-55 and it takes around 20 minutes in normal traffic conditions.

For those who aren’t in a hurry to catch their direct flights Brisbane (BNE) to Queenstown (ZQN), there is also a cheap and dependable SkyBus service. This choice of transportation can also offer you door to door transfer to and from Brisbane Airport. A trip to or from Brisbane Airport will cost you AUD 15.


Parking Options at Brisbane Airport (BNE)

Being located at Brisbane Airport, makes AIRPARK the safest and most affordable option for parking. Just park your car and jump right on the shuttle bus service that will take you directly to the terminal door. AIRPARK is a great choice with starting rates being just AUD 5 per day.

However, for those of you who just want to start your travel completely hassle free, use ParkValet. It will allow you to drop off your car right at the international terminal car park. They even offer services that will have your car waiting for you clean, by adding a car wash, but this option comes with a higher price.


Which International Terminal will your cheap flights Brisbane (BNE) to Queenstown (ZQN) depart from?

Your BNE to ZQN flight will depart from the international T1 terminal at Brisbane Airport (BNE).


Arriving at Queenstown Airport (ZQN)

Upon arriving from Brisbane (BNE) to Queenstown (ZQN) you will be at Queenstown Airport. The airport is located right in the centre of Queenstown so you won’t need to burden yourself with deciding how to get to the resort. After you have cleared the security checks you can decide which of the transportation options will take you to your hotel or other accommodation.


Getting from Queenstown Airport (ZQN) to Your Hotel

After arriving from Brisbane to Queenstown, there are many options waiting for you when it comes to transportation when you are leaving Queenstown Airport. The one with the best value would definitely be the Super Shuttle, which will take you directly from the airport to your chosen accommodation in Queenstown. Each mini-coach is equipped with a luggage trailer that will be more than enough for your luggage needs. The cost is only half of the taxi fare.

There are also 3 taxi companies to choose from. This is an option for those who want to have an exclusive ride to their hotel but it comes at double the price of the previous option. Still, this is what most of the tourists pick.

For those who want the ultimate luxury transport, they can always choose one of 7 available limousine services. They include the meet and greet service and fast yet comfortable transport to your hotel or accommodation, but it is the most expensive out of the three.

So, what are you waiting for, book one of the flights Brisbane (BNE) to Queenstown (ZQN).