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Portland Guide

Public Transport and How to Get Around

Public Transport

Portland is one of the easiest US cities to navigate. There is a robust public transportation system that will take you across the city. For travellers buying return flights to Portland, the most popular bus routes are No.4, No.20 and No. 63. These three buses will take you to the city's top attractions and run every 15 minutes. A single trip costs $2.50 USD ($3.49 AUD), or you can get a 24-pass for $5 USD ($6.99 AUD).

Portland Streetcar

Another cheap way to get around Portland is with the city's streetcar service. The service runs throughout the central business district, the Pearl District, the Lloyd District and the Central Eastside Industrial District. The service runs throughout the week and fares are the same price as the public bus.


Unlike other US cities, taking a taxi in Portland is affordable due to the city’s relatively small size. Base fares start at $3 USD ($4.19 AUD) and go up by $3 USD ($4.19 AUD) for each mile. Ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft also operate in the city and are great options if you’re booking flights to Portland and you want to pay for transportation with your credit card.


If you want to rent a car for your trip, you can reserve a vehicle while booking your flights to Portland with Webjet. Alternatively, you can see what's available from the rental companies at Portland International Airport (PDX). One thing to keep in mind is that parking garages are expensive in the city. To cut costs, you should look for a hotel that offers free parking to guests.

Transport from Portland International Airport (PDX)

The best way to get from Portland International Airport (PDX) after your flights to Portland land is with a metered taxi or a ride-sharing service like Uber. You can take the light rail service from the airport, but you'll need to switch to a bus or streetcar eventually. However, if you have a lot of luggage, these options won't be possible as there isn't a lot of room on either service. You'll also need to walk the rest of the way to your accommodation.

The Best Time to Visit

For the best weather, book your airfare to Portland for travel in the summer. From June to August, the temperatures are warm and the days are clear, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to soak up the city’s outdoor culture. However, you'll need to set aside a bigger budget for your trip. Summer is high, and prices may increase for return flights to Portland.

If you're looking to score a bargain on airfares, visit Portland in the winter. From December to February, the city's chilly temperatures keep most travellers away, and it can be easier to find cheap flights to Portland. If the cold temperatures don't bother you, plan your trip around the city's key winter events such as the Festival of Lights, the Christmas Ships Parade and the Portland International Film Festival.

March to May is another good time of year for budget travellers buying flights to Portland. Temperatures are slowly rising, and while rains are frequent, you can see Portland's blooming roses and cherry trees. Other events happening in spring include whale watching and the Portland Cinco de Mayo Fiesta event. Prices for plane tickets to Portland can drop again in the autumn months. From September to November, quite a few deals on cheap flights to Portland pop up. You can also attend some of the city's best events like Portland Fashion Week and The Northwest Food & Wine Festival.

Top Things to Do and See

Washington Park

Washington Park is one of the best attractions for families buying tickets to Portland. Located near the city's centre, it boasts a selection of attractions. You can wander around the acclaimed Rose Test Garden which is the oldest of its kind in the US and visit the zoo, Hoyt Arboretum and Portland Children's Museum.

Columbia River

If you want to visit the Columbia River as a day trip from Portland, you'll need to hire a car. You can easily add a rental to your booking when buying your flights to Portland. Once there, you can visit the Multnomah Falls, Oneonta Gorge, and Latourell Falls.

Portland Japanese Garden

The Portland Japanese Garden is another attraction located inside Washington Park. Opening in 1961, the garden is kept in immaculate condition and includes beautiful spaces such as a Strolling Pond Garden, a Flat Garden and a Tea Garden. It’s a wonderful afternoon activity for families buying flights to Portland.

Portland Art Museum

Once you've booked your flights to Portland, add the city's art museum to your itinerary. Founded in 1892, it houses more than 42,000 artworks. Some of the museum's highlights include Native American artefacts, Asian art and van Gogh's Cart with Black Ox.