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Port Hedland Guide

A Brief History of Port Hedland

Port Hedland is the largest port in Australia and is a major centre for the iron industry in the country. Before the town became what it is today, it was home to the traditional owners of the land: the Kariyarra people. Today, there are more than 31 Aboriginal language groups in the region. If you're booking flights to Port Hedland, you can go on a tour where you can see some of the 40 000 petroglyphs made by past Aboriginal tribes.

Port Hedland is also home to beautiful beaches and mangroves that are full of wildlife. It's the perfect destination for nature lovers looking to book return flights to Port Hedland who want to escape the large crowds in bigger cities like Perth.

The Best Time to Visit Port Hedland

The weather in Port Hedland is marked by the wet and dry season. Both offer different experiences for people buying flights to Port Hedland and will impact the type of trip you'll have. The wet season runs from November to April. The days are hot and humid, and most travellers avoid booking flights to Port Hedland in favour of a cooler climate.

However, if you don't mind the heat, you can witness some spectacular lightning shows across the arid landscape, the waterfalls will be full, and the sunsets are incredible. With fewer people heading to the region, you won't have a hard time finding cheap flights to Port Hedland and hotels will lower their rates.

One thing to keep in mind is that some activities, tours and locations close over the wet season. Before booking your tickets to Port Hedland, check to make sure everything you want to see on your itinerary will be open. The dry season in Port Hedland is from May to November. It's the most popular time to visit the city as temperatures are cooler, making outdoor activities more bearable. Book your return flights to Port Hedland as soon as possible to lock in lower airfare prices, and expect larger crowds at the city's top attractions upon your arrival.

Public Transport and How to Get Around

There isn't an extensive public transport system in Port Hedland. When your flights to Port Hedland land, the best way to get around is to hire a car. It will give you more freedom and will work out cheaper than a taxi (especially if you're planning day trips). You can rent a vehicle through Webjet before you arrive or you can choose from what's available at Port Hedland International Airport (PHE).

If you're planning on staying in town the majority of the time, you can either walk or take a taxi. There are metered taxis available at the airport, or you can phone the Hedland taxi service to request a ride. For travellers buying cheap flights to Port Hedland, there is a public bus service. It's a limited weekday service that runs between the town, Cooke Point and South Hedland.

Top Things to Do and See

Go on a street art tour

Port Hedland boasts some of the best street art in Western Australia. Once your flights to Port Hedland land, you can head to the Visitors Centre to pick up a street art map. The best artworks are in the West End, and while some are obvious to find, there are a few hidden that you'll need to track down.

Watch turtles nest

For an incredible wildlife experience, book your flights to Port Hedland around the nesting period of the flatback sea turtles. These endangered creatures only nest on Australian beaches and witnessing this even is a wonderful activity for the whole family. From October to January the flatback turtles lay their eggs on the beaches. A few months later (December to March), the hatchlings emerge from the sand and dash towards the ocean. You can sign up for guided evening tours and watch the nesting or hatchings take place.

See the Pilbara wildflowers

The best time to see the Pilbara wildflowers is between July and September. Book your flights to Port Hedland to follow the Pilbara Wildflowers Trail. Keep in mind that you'll need a car. You can rent one from Port Hedland International Airport (PHE) or add it to your cart as you book your cheap flights to Port Hedland through Webjet.

Watch the Staircase to the Moon phenomenon

The Staircase to the Moon is a natural phenomenon that happens in Port Hedland between March and October. It's one of the main reasons people buy an airfare to Port Hedland around the full moon. During the event, the tidal changes create pockets of water caught in sand ripples. When the moon rises, it creates an illusion of a golden staircase. The best place to see the phenomenon take place is Cooke Point Caravan Park. There's a viewing deck where you can watch the natural occurrence for free.