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Departure Date Last Updated^
Sun 01 Dec 14 Oct
Mon 02 Dec 15 Oct
Tue 03 Dec 09 Oct
Wed 04 Dec 16 Oct
Thu 05 Dec 16 Oct
Fri 06 Dec 09 Oct
Sat 07 Dec 18 Oct
Sun 08 Dec 14 Oct
Mon 09 Dec 14 Oct
Tue 10 Dec 12 Oct
Wed 11 Dec 13 Oct
Thu 12 Dec 14 Oct
Fri 13 Dec 14 Oct
Sat 14 Dec 14 Oct
Sun 15 Dec 16 Oct
Mon 16 Dec 07 Oct
Tue 17 Dec 14 Oct
Wed 18 Dec 13 Oct
Thu 19 Dec 16 Oct
Fri 20 Dec 08 Oct
Sat 21 Dec 13 Oct
Sun 22 Dec 09 Oct
Mon 23 Dec 15 Oct
Tue 24 Dec 05 Oct
Wed 25 Dec 13 Oct
Thu 26 Dec 10 Oct
Fri 27 Dec 12 Oct
Sat 28 Dec 11 Oct
Sun 29 Dec 10 Oct
Mon 30 Dec 06 Oct
Tue 31 Dec 17 Oct
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Departure Date
Sun 01 Dec
Updated on 15 Oct
Mon 02 Dec
Updated on 12 Oct
Tue 03 Dec
Updated on 17 Oct
Wed 04 Dec
Updated on 17 Oct
Thu 05 Dec
Updated on 09 Oct
Fri 06 Dec
Updated on 11 Oct
Sat 07 Dec
Updated on 11 Oct
Sun 08 Dec
Updated on 14 Oct
Mon 09 Dec
Updated on 18 Oct
Tue 10 Dec
Updated on 16 Oct
Wed 11 Dec
Updated on 18 Oct
$1,034 RETURN
Thu 12 Dec
Updated on 17 Oct
Fri 13 Dec
Updated on 14 Oct
$1,170 RETURN
Sat 14 Dec
Updated on 14 Oct
$1,300 RETURN
Sun 15 Dec
Updated on 16 Oct
$1,208 RETURN
Mon 16 Dec
Updated on 16 Oct
$1,254 RETURN
Tue 17 Dec
Updated on 08 Oct
$1,270 RETURN
Wed 18 Dec
Updated on 15 Oct
$1,310 RETURN
Thu 19 Dec
Updated on 09 Oct
$1,451 RETURN
Fri 20 Dec
Updated on 09 Oct
$1,579 RETURN
Sat 21 Dec
Updated on 15 Oct
$1,698 RETURN
Sun 22 Dec
Updated on 17 Oct
$1,315 RETURN
Mon 23 Dec
Updated on 15 Oct
$1,686 RETURN
Tue 24 Dec
Updated on 15 Oct
$1,350 RETURN
Wed 25 Dec
Updated on 13 Oct
$1,496 RETURN
Thu 26 Dec
Updated on 11 Oct
$1,540 RETURN
Fri 27 Dec
Updated on 17 Oct
$1,800 RETURN
Sat 28 Dec
Updated on 10 Oct
$1,472 RETURN
Sun 29 Dec
Updated on 14 Oct
$1,594 RETURN
Mon 30 Dec
Updated on 06 Oct
$1,446 RETURN
Tue 31 Dec
Updated on 12 Oct
$1,407 RETURN

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Travelling with Children

Find cheap flights Sydney to Phuket on Webjet to ease the cost of travelling to Thailand with children. The 12-hour travel time for Sydney to Phuket flights may leave children a little restless when arriving. Head to Kata Beach to let them stretch their legs while you relax after the flight. The water at Kata Beach is calmer, which is a big draw for families looking to snorkel, body surf, or simply relax in the water. When you use Webjet’s Deal Finder to book cheap flights to Phuket from Sydney, you can splurge on a water sport boat cruise adventure. A boat will take you from Phuket town to the island of Koh Racha Yai. From there everyone can spend the day taking advantage of the crystal waters and relaxing atmosphere. A variety of activities including swimming, kayaking, see-through canoeing, snorkelling, and water slides are available. If you’re a certified diver, you can upgrade your experience and go deeper in the reefs. Families on Sydney to Phuket flights hoping for thrills on their trip to Thailand can head to a number of theme, amusement or water parks while on the island, too.

Top Experiences For Visitors

Anyone booking cheap flights to Phuket from Sydney for a romantic getaway or to simply get away from the busy city can find everything they need in Thailand. After confirming your tickets to Phuket from Sydney, schedule an afternoon spa treatment on Bangtao Beach. Spa treatments include time-honoured practices of the Thai culture that help remove physical and mental toxins from the body. Acupuncture, traditional Thai massages, facials, aromatherapy, Thai herb steam treatments, and other practices can be arranged. For adventure seekers heading over on Sydney to Phuket flights, check out the Monkey Hill excursions. Spend the day riding ATVs across the countryside and jouncing along the dirt roads with a guide. Then you’ll hang up your helmet to zip line to 20 different tree top platforms across the jungle. Most excursions include a meal and free hotel transfer. Certified divers travelling on Sydney to Phuket return flights should arrange a SCUBA diving adventure at Kata Beach. Each group is limited to only four divers to avoid overcrowding and to give each diver a unique experience in the reef. Hotel transfer and all diving gear is included with the excursion. If you’re travelling on flights Sydney to Phuket with family, a group, or solo it’s a good idea to purchase a guided city tour ticket. This is kind of an all access pass to see the major sites and landscapes as well as learn how Phuket got the nickname “Pearl of Andaman.” No trip to Thailand is complete without a visit to the iconic James Bond Island. Arrange a day trip to cruise across the turquoise waters of Phang Nga Bay over to the caves and limestone formations of the island of Khao Phing Kan. The area is also called ‘James Bond Island’ because of its role in the famous Bond film The Man with the Golden Gun. On the island you can explore stalactite caves and secluded lagoons as well as canoe and swim in the open waters of the bay.

Landmarks and Monuments You Can’t Miss

A holiday in Thailand can be an enriching experience for anyone on flights Sydney to Phuket. The deep-rooted culture and spirituality of the area can be seen and felt in nearly every city, town and village. Those on Sydney to Phuket flights should make time in their holiday schedule to visit Big Buddha (Ming Mongkol Buddha). The 45-metre white marble statue sits on the top of Nakkerd Hill in Chalong and is visible from anywhere in the southern areas of Phuket. Pack comfortable shoes and bring appropriate attire on your flights Sydney to Phuket to climb the temple steps. The steps are not too strenuous and the views from the top of the hill are absolutely stunning. Another awe-inspiring sight for travellers on flights Sydney to Phuket is Chaithararam Temple (Wat Chalong). A visit to this most revered temple in all Thailand can be a rewarding experience to those of all religions or creeds. The highest building on the grounds is a 60-metre stupa that shelters a bone fragment of Buddha. The painted walls and ceilings depict the most historical steps of Buddha’s life. Take a little trip off the beaten path after landing at Phuket International Airport (HKT) and head to the tiny island of Koh Sirey. It’s connected to Phuket town by a short bridge and there’s very little signage, but Koh Sirey is home to a major resort and Wat Koh Sirey. The colourful temple houses a massive golden reclining Buddha and the grounds offer incredible views of the island and Phuket town. When you arrive to Thailand on Sydney to Phuket flights, you will probably travel the main road of Thepkrasattri Road. As you head to your hotel or destination, you’ll have the chance to see the Tha Rua Shrine and the Heroines’ Monument along the way. Heroines’ Monument is a top landmark in Phuket as it shows the heroism of two sisters, Lady Chan and Lady Mook, who took arms against Burmese intruders and won. Tha Rua Shrine contains murals, carvings, Kwan Yin’s, and Buddhas throughout its richly coloured walls. Painted Dragons greet you from the outside, but the green and gold details along the walls and statutes is what draws travellers on flights Sydney to Phuket.  

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