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Mon 01 Feb 04 Dec
Thu 04 Feb 28 Nov
Sat 06 Feb 23 Nov
Wed 10 Feb 29 Nov
Thu 11 Feb 30 Nov
Sat 13 Feb 01 Dec
Wed 17 Feb 20 Nov
Thu 18 Feb 22 Nov
Sat 20 Feb 24 Nov
Mon 22 Feb 25 Nov
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Departure Date
Mon 01 Feb
Updated on 04 Dec
$4,952 RETURN
Thu 04 Feb
Updated on 28 Nov
$4,952 RETURN
Sat 06 Feb
Updated on 23 Nov
$4,952 RETURN
Wed 10 Feb
Updated on 29 Nov
$4,952 RETURN
Thu 11 Feb
Updated on 30 Nov
$4,952 RETURN
Sat 13 Feb
Updated on 01 Dec
$4,952 RETURN
Wed 17 Feb
Updated on 20 Nov
$4,952 RETURN
Thu 18 Feb
Updated on 22 Nov
$4,952 RETURN
Sat 20 Feb
Updated on 24 Nov
$4,952 RETURN
Mon 22 Feb
Updated on 25 Nov
$4,952 RETURN
Wed 24 Feb
Updated on 27 Nov
$4,952 RETURN
Sat 27 Feb
Updated on 30 Nov
$4,952 RETURN

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Cheapest return price for the current month from $4,952
Cheapest return price over next 6 months from $714
Cheapest month June 2021
Most expensive month December 2020
Average flight time 9h 55m

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Landmarks and Monuments You Can’t Miss When Visiting on Flights Melbourne to Phuket


Wat Chalong



Wat Chalong is considered the most important of Phuket’s Buddhist temples to visit when you book Melbourne to Phuket flights. It was built in 1837 and dedicated to two monks, Luang Pho Chaem and Luong Pho Chuang, who guided Phuket during the Chinese Revolution. While visiting the temple after your cheap flights Melbourne to Phuket, you can see statues of these men alongside a piece of Buddha’s bone and a walking stick that’s believed to possess healing powers.




Phang Nga Bay



Phang Nga Bay is a popular day trip for visitors who book cheap flights to Phuket from Melbourne. Within the bay, there are stunning limestone cliffs jutting out of the water. After viewing the cliffs, continue the day at James Bond Island or visit the floating fishing village of Koh Panyee. Make sure to pack your camera in the luggage you’re taking on flights Melbourne to Phuket for this day trip




Big Buddha



The Big Buddha statue towers over Phuket and is viewed as a symbol of the city. Located atop the Nakkerd Hills, Big Buddha is 45 metres tall and can be seen from neighbourhoods all over Phuket. The statue was constructed from marble, which causes it to glow beautifully in the bright sun. While visiting the statue between your Melbourne to Phuket return flights, you’ll also be rewarded with a panoramic view over Phuket and its beaches.




Promthep Cape



Located in the south of Phuket, Promthep Cape is one of the best-loved spots among visitors with tickets to Phuket from Melbourne. From the cape, there are brilliant views over the ocean, which are particularly magical during sunset.




Wat Phra Thong



Wat Phra Thong is another impressive Buddhist temple to visit with your flights Melbourne to Phuket. It’s known for its shiny gold Buddha statue, referred to by locals as Luang Poh Phra Thong. What makes the statue unique is that it’s half buried and can only be seen above the chest. Wat Phra Thong is one of the oldest temples in Phuket and consists of beautiful Thai architecture that you can appreciate when you book cheap flights Melbourne to Phuket.





Major Events and Festivals



Phuket Old Town Festival



Phuket Old Town Festival is held each February as a way to celebrate Phuket’s culture. During the festival, streets around the Old Town are converted to pedestrian access only. There are many festivities to enjoy when you book cheap flights to Phuket from Melbourne, including parades, a light show, free boat rides along the canals, and traditional dancing and music.




Songkran Water Festival



This festival marks the Thai New Year in April. Thai people view water as purifying. It’s a way to wash away bad memories from the previous year and start the new year fresh. If you book Melbourne to Phuket flights for travel during the festival, you’ll spot locals having water fights with each other, and you’ll have plenty of opportunity to get involved yourself!




Loy Krathong



Loy Krathong is Thailand’s Festival of Lights that is held in cities across the country each November. Bodies of water are illuminated with small floating lights. The main spectacle is the thousands of lanterns that are released into the air. Locals release a lantern, and visitors with Melbourne to Phuket flights are welcome to do so too.




The Cost of Visiting



With an exchange rate in their favour, Thailand can be affordable for Australian travellers with flights into Phuket International Airport (HKT). While Phuket and the Thai islands are not quite as cheap as other parts of Thailand, visitors with cheap flights Melbourne to Phuket can still bag a bargain. A nice hotel in Phuket costs about $100 AUD per night. However, budget travellers can find options as low as $15 AUD. If you’re looking to experience luxury, you can find oceanside villas that are the perfect option for large groups travelling together.



While the prices in some Western restaurants reflect prices back home, you can find great deals at local restaurants after your Melbourne to Phuket flights. A meal at a local Thai restaurant can range between 150 to 250 baht ($6.70 to $11.15 AUD).



Within the city centre of Phuket, you can reach many places on foot. If you want to venture a bit further, there are public buses throughout Phuket. These small buses are called “songthaew” and cost between 25 and 50 baht ($1.10 and $2.20 AUD) depending on how far you are travelling. Tuk tuks are the popular way for tourists to travel around Phuket, however they’re more costly at about 335 baht ($15 AUD) for a ride in central Phuket.




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