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Departing Adelaide - - -
Travel in September
Travel to Perth from Adelaide with JQ Airlines
Departing Brisbane
Travel in July
Travel to Perth from Brisbane with JQ Airlines
Departing Canberra - -
Travel in July
Travel to Perth from Canberra with VA Airlines
Departing Cairns
Travel in December
Travel to Perth from Cairns with JQ Airlines
Departing Darwin - -
Travel in August
Travel to Perth from Darwin with VA Airlines
Departing Hobart -
Travel in August
Travel to Perth from Hobart with VA Airlines
Departing Melbourne - -
Travel in October
Travel to Perth from Melbourne with JQ Airlines
Departing Gold Coast
Travel in July
Travel to Perth from Gold Coast with JQ Airlines
Departing Sydney
Travel in August
Travel to Perth from Sydney with VA Airlines
Departing Townsville - - - - -
Travel in December
Travel to Perth from Townsville with VA Airlines
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Perth Guide

Important Information for Flights to Perth

The city of Perth is the sunny and relaxed capital of Western Australia, known for its breathtaking blue beaches, vibrant outdoor lifestyle and diverse wildlife. An ideal destination for those seeking adventure, flights to Perth grant you an opportunity to see quokkas, experience the magic of the Golden Outback and witness incredible star gazing thanks to the city’s isolation.

Start your tour of Perth by wandering through Kings Park and Botanic Garden, one of the world’s largest and most beautiful inner-city parks. Head to Dryandra Lookout for a view over the Swan River, followed by the Blue Boat House for the first of many excellent photo opportunities. In the afternoon, cool off at one of the city’s nearby beaches or head to Fremantle to wander through the laid-back streets. There are plenty of free things to do in Perth to keep you busy until dinner at one of the many first-class restaurants.

Perth is also the perfect place to kick off road trip adventures. Head north to the Kimberly, making your way from Perth to Broome via spectacular coastline, crystal caves and natural limestone formations. Or opt for the south and cruise from Perth to the Margaret River to experience WA’s famous wine region. With charming bakeries, specialty cafes and top-notch wineries to explore, it’s easily one of the most romantic things to do outside the city.

With frequent flights to Perth Airport (PER), travellers shouldn’t pass up the chance to experience the natural beauty and urban sophistication of this vibrant city. With the nearby magic of Rottnest Island, incredible sunsets over the ocean and breweries aplenty, it’s no wonder visitors flock to the west for a slice of Perth’s paradise. So what are you waiting for? Find cheap flights to Perth and start planning your trip today!  


Frequently Asked Questions About Flights to Perth

How long does it take to fly to Perth?

Perth is known as Australia’s most isolated city, so flights to Perth can be longer compared to other domestic journeys. For example, flights from Adelaide and Darwin typically arrive in under 4 hours, whereas further departure locations like Sydney and Brisbane can take over 5 hours to arrive. For more information on popular Perth flights, see below:

4 hours 10 mins From Melbourne
5 hours From Sydney
5 hours 25 mins From Brisbane
3 hours 20 mins From Adelaide
3 hours 45 min From Darwin
5 hours From Broome


When is the cheapest time of year to fly to Perth?

One of the best times to find cheap flights to Perth is the start of the Australian winter, from mid-April to the end of June. This is during the off-peak period when rainfall in Perth is at its highest. However, reasonable prices can also extend to the start of spring from August to September, and deals can often be found year-round. Search Perth flights for your preferred dates to get the latest pricing information.


Which airlines offer direct flights to Perth?

The main airlines that fly direct to Perth are Jetstar, Qantas and Virgin Australia. Regional Express (Rex) also operates cheap flights to Perth, but these are currently from Western Australia locations only, ie. Albany, Carnarvon, Esperance and Monkey Mia. Search flights to Perth for further pricing information and available airlines.


What is the airport code for flights to Perth?

The airport code for flights to Perth is PER.


What terminal will I arrive at for domestic flights to Perth?

Perth has four domestic terminals (T1, T2, T3 and T4). T1 and T2 are located in the same precinct, while T3 and T4 are in another, separated by a 10-minute drive. The terminal you land at may vary depending on the airline you are flying with.

Terminal 1 (T1): Domestic and International – Virgin, Qantas and Jetstar.
Terminal 2 (T2): Domestic – Virgin and Rex.
Terminal 3 (T3): Domestic and International – Qantas and Jetstar.
Terminal 4 (T4): Domestic – Qantas and Jetstar.


What terminal will I arrive at for international flights to Perth?

All international flights arrive at Terminal 1 and Terminal 3.


What is the best time of year to book flights to Perth?

The shoulder seasons are the best time to book flights to Perth. During autumn (March to May) and spring (September to November), you can enjoy reasonably-priced flights and pleasant weather that’s not too humid. Spring is particularly lovely, with over 12,000 species of wildflowers coming into bloom across Perth’s nature reserves and national parks. However, for cheap Perth flights, consider travelling during the off-season of mid-April to June. Whichever dates you choose for your visit, book in advance for the best deals.


What cities can I fly to Perth from?

There are plenty of domestic flights available that travel directly to Perth. Within Australia, you can fly from Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Cairns, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Sydney and more. Once you’ve decided on your departure location, use our flights to Perth deal finder for the latest pricing information.


How far is it from the airport in Perth to the CBD?

Perth Airport (PER) is located approximately 16 kilometres east of the Perth CBD. Passengers can be connected to the city via public transport in just 18 minutes thanks to the Airport Line train or travel 23 minutes by car to reach the city side of the Swan River.

Things to do in Perth

What are Perth's Top Attractions?

Cottesloe Beach

Topping the list of the best beaches in Perth, Cottesloe Beach is a must-visit for anyone who loves being by the water. The white sand contrasts spectacularly with the crystal-clear water, inviting visitors to swim, snorkel, surf and bodyboard. Take a stroll along the bustling boulevard in between dips to enjoy a beachside lunch, dinner or afternoon cocktail.

Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island is one of Australia's iconic tourist destinations, largely thanks to the adorable selfie-ready quokkas that call it home. The island is accessible for day trips via ferry but ask any local, and they’ll tell you that “Rotto” is best enjoyed at a relaxed pace. So when booking your flights to Perth, consider planning an overnight or week-long stay to experience a proper paradise after the daily visitors are gone. Make the short walk from Thomson Bay to Pinky Beach before sunset and watch the sky turn pink from the vantage point of Bathurst Lighthouse.

Pinnacles Desert

The tall limestone spires of the Pinnacles Desert make for one of Australia’s most fascinating and unique landscapes. Found in the Nambung National Park, the pinnacles rise eerily out of the yellow desert sand, reaching up to 3.5 metres. Well worth the 3-hour drive from Perth, the jagged, sharp-edged columns are a spectacular sight, made even more magical if you nab a spot on a sunset and stargazing tour.


“Freo” is Perth’s Old Town, filled with charming narrow streets lined with historic buildings. Its creative and eclectic vibe has made it a popular hipster hangout with funky street art and al fresco cafés aplenty. But one of the main attractions is the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Fremantle Prison. Once used as a maximum-security gaol for more than 130 years, the building is full of tales from some of the most famous criminals. Go Behind Bars to see and learn all about death row, solitary cells and gallows. If you’re really feeling brave, book the Torchlight Tour and be guided with ghost stories in the dark – many past visitors have reported seeing the ghosts of prisoners.

Kings Park and Botanic Garden

The large and beautiful Kings Park sits in the centre of the city and offers incredible views of Perth. Head to one of many lookouts, take a stroll past the water garden or pack a picnic to enjoy in the Botanic Garden. You’ll also find the War Memorial, Pioneer Women’s Memorial and a host of community events taking place throughout the year.

King Street

For the ultimate shopping destination while you’re in Perth, look no further than King Street. Not only will you find luxury retailers such as Mui Mui, Tiffany, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton, but the buildings date back to the 19th century and create a striking contrast against Perth’s more modern structures.

When Is the Best Time of Year to Visit Perth?

When planning your trip to Perth, consider booking flights from March to May and September to November. With average temperatures of 22°C-27°C, the shoulder seasons are ideal if you’re looking to immerse yourself in Perth’s outdoor lifestyle and score reasonably-priced flights. However, the best of Perth can be experienced year-round, depending on your travel preferences.

Cheap flights to Perth are more likely during winter, and the cooler months are ideal for whale watching and making your way around the Margaret River wineries. If you don’t mind the prospect of rain, temperatures can still be fairly balmy at an average of 18°C. As for those chasing the summer sun, Perth brings the heat from December to February. With average temperatures of 27°C-32°C, you can take full advantage of WA’s incredible beaches.