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Wed 06 Dec 30 Nov
Thu 07 Dec 04 Dec
Fri 08 Dec 29 Nov
Sun 10 Dec 02 Dec
Mon 11 Dec 02 Dec
Tue 12 Dec 02 Dec
Wed 13 Dec 29 Nov
Thu 14 Dec 03 Dec
Mon 18 Dec 03 Dec
Tue 19 Dec 30 Nov
Thu 21 Dec 04 Dec
Fri 22 Dec 28 Nov
Sat 23 Dec 02 Dec
Mon 25 Dec 29 Nov
Tue 26 Dec 03 Dec
Wed 27 Dec 04 Dec
Thu 28 Dec 28 Nov
Fri 29 Dec 02 Dec
Sat 30 Dec 29 Nov
Sun 31 Dec 30 Nov
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Departure Date
Wed 06 Dec
Updated on 30 Nov
$2,880 RETURN
CX Airlines
Thu 07 Dec
Updated on 04 Dec
$2,570 RETURN
WY Airlines
Sun 10 Dec
Updated on 02 Dec
$3,291 RETURN
CX Airlines
Mon 11 Dec
Updated on 30 Nov
$2,898 RETURN
WY Airlines
Tue 12 Dec
Updated on 02 Dec
$3,014 RETURN
WY Airlines
Wed 13 Dec
Updated on 28 Nov
$2,375 RETURN
CZ Airlines
Thu 14 Dec
Updated on 03 Dec
$3,681 RETURN
CZ Airlines
Mon 18 Dec
Updated on 28 Nov
$3,449 RETURN
CZ Airlines
Tue 19 Dec
Updated on 30 Nov
$3,193 RETURN
CZ Airlines
Thu 21 Dec
Updated on 04 Dec
$2,734 RETURN
CZ Airlines
Fri 22 Dec
Updated on 29 Nov
$3,448 RETURN
CZ Airlines
Sat 23 Dec
Updated on 02 Dec
$2,548 RETURN
WY Airlines
Mon 25 Dec
Updated on 29 Nov
$3,445 RETURN
QR Airlines
Tue 26 Dec
Updated on 28 Nov
$3,559 RETURN
EK Airlines
Wed 27 Dec
Updated on 04 Dec
$2,911 RETURN
CZ Airlines
Thu 28 Dec
Updated on 04 Dec
$2,911 RETURN
CZ Airlines
Fri 29 Dec
Updated on 02 Dec
$2,608 RETURN
CZ Airlines
Sat 30 Dec
Updated on 29 Nov
$2,911 RETURN
CZ Airlines
Sun 31 Dec
Updated on 30 Nov
$3,634 RETURN
QR Airlines

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Route information for flights from Brisbane to Paris

Cheapest return price for the current month from $2,076*
Cheapest return price over next 6 months from $1,704*
Cheapest month May 2024
Most expensive month May 2024
Average flight time 22h 40m

Paris Guide

Tips for First-Time Travellers With Tickets to Paris From Brisbane

Learn a Little French

Once you’ve booked those cheap flights to Paris from Brisbane and you’re excited for your upcoming trip, there’s one thing that is recommended before you leave: learning a few everyday phrases in French. Nothing too fancy, but short questions can take you far in the City of Love. Knowing how to order a coffee, ask where the nearest bus or train station is, or enquiring to the price of a souvenir are always going to be helpful. Parisians also tend to appreciate the effort of tourists trying to learn the local language - even if your accent does give you away.

Beware The Tricksters

The French capital is one of the most popular destinations in Europe, including with those aboard flights Brisbane to Paris. The city is an iconic destination for lovers of art, food, history and, well… love. Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) sees millions of tourists arrive every single year, however this influx of tourists sees some people looking to take advantage. Paris is renowned for pickpockets and swindlers looking to get the most out of any unsuspecting tourists. Make sure that, when you're taking in some of the beautiful sights, you have one eye on your belongings.

How to Tip Waiters and Bar Staff

Tipping in Paris is similar to tipping in Brisbane. Waiting staff are paid a salary and so they don’t depend on tips as income. That said, it is common practice to tip waiters or bar staff who provide good service. Generally 5% to 10% of the bill is considered a good tip, so make sure that makes up part of your budget once you’ve booked your flights Brisbane to Paris.


Landmarks and Monuments You Can’t Miss

The Eiffel Tower

There’s nothing quite as exciting as booking your Brisbane to Paris flights, knowing you’re going to see on of the world’s great wonders. The Eiffel Tower was built in 1889 and still stands tall above much of the city’s Gothic architecture to create one of the most iconic skylines in the world - an image that, alone, compels people to start searching for cheap flights to Paris from Brisbane. The tower’s three levels are open to visitors every day from 9:30am to 11:45pm. Make sure you book ahead to save time in the ticketline.


Arc De Triomphe

The Arc De Triomphe is another of Paris’ proud monuments, and is a fixture on the to-do list of anyone aboard flights Brisbane to Paris. It was constructed in 1806 to commemorate Napoleon’s victory in Austerlitz. Since then, its symbolism has evolved. Today, it stands as a reminder for those who gave their lives in the French Revolution, the Napoleonic Wars and WWI.


Public Transport and How to Get Around

The Metro

The most convenient way of getting around the city of Paris is by using the Metro. As soon as you have your flights Brisbane to Paris booked (and you know your dates), it’s best to book your Metro tickets from Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) to wherever you might be staying in the city. Ticket companies like the Paris Pass are a great way to get around the city in an easy, reliable way.



No matter if you’re booking your flights Brisbane to Paris to see world-famous art, dine in some of the most revered restaurants or experience the sights that give the city of lights its essence, there’s one thing you simply have to do: take a bike ride through the city. You can rent bicycles from kiosks or shops in many neighbourhoods. Apps such as Donkey Republic give you the ability to rent bikes from the drop-and-go stands dotted around the city. Interested in taking a bike around the city? Make sure you set up your account on Donkey Republic as soon as you’ve booked your Brisbane to Paris return flights.



For those of you who are booking flights Brisbane to Paris to explore the City of Lights as much as possible, the bus can be a convenient way for you to get around. You might encounter some queues and vehicles, but taking the bus does give you a great view of the city while you make your way around its streets. The bus from Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) into the city centre takes about an hour and a half, but it does offer a great introduction to the beautiful city.



Classic taxis in Paris operate a little differently. If you’re walking down the road and decide to grab a cab, you can’t stick out your hand and hail one like you can in most cities. You need to make your way to a designated taxi area where you can find cabs waiting for patrons. However, Uber has become a very popular way to get around the city. Make sure you’ve downloaded the Uber app and create a working profile once you’ve booked those cheap flights Brisbane to Paris.

Best time to visit Paris

The best time to visit Paris

No matter what time of year you book return flights for Brisbane to Paris travel, you are sure to have a magical time. Even rain or cold weather couldn’t put a dampener on the City of Lights. Paris has four distinct seasons, and summer is the high season between June and August. The weather is warm and sunny, but with that comes large crowds and higher accommodation prices. Summer temperatures average about 23-25°C.

Many Parisians prefer the city in the spring and autumn. The weather is still pleasant and the crowds are bearable. During the day, both seasons hover around 15°C. If you book cheap airfares from Brisbane to Paris in the spring, you’ll get to experience the city in full bloom with cherry blossoms and other flowers. In autumn, Paris experiences brightly coloured foliage and plenty of sunshine.

If you to find cheap flights to Paris in the winter (December to February), you will still have an amazing holiday. It gets cold and grey in winter, but the winter atmosphere only enhances the city’s romance. During the day, temperatures average a comfortable 8°C, but drop to about 3°C at night. In December, there are many Christmas markets and festivities. And although winter experiences some rain, there are plenty of indoor activities in Paris to keep you entertained until the sun comes back out.



Departing From Brisbane

Brisbane Airport (BNE) is one of the largest airport hubs in Australia. It is located about 15 kilometres (9.3 miles) northeast of the city centre and offers quick and easy transport options for passengers travelling in from the CBD or surrounding suburbs.

There are 125 to 195 cheap flights from Brisbane to Paris’s Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) every day. A variety of major airlines fly the route from BNE to CDG, including Qantas, Virgin Australia, British Airways, Air France, Cathay Pacific and Swiss Air. All return flights from Brisbane to Paris include a stopover and total travel time is approximately 24 hours.



Getting to Brisbane Airport

If you are travelling to the airport from Brisbane’s CBD, you can catch an Airtrain that will get you to the terminals in just 20 minutes. The train runs every 15 minutes during peak time and every 30 minutes outside of peak time. It operates 5am to 10pm on weekdays and 6am to 10pm on the weekends. The Airtrain also has connections from the Gold Coast and Brisbane suburbs. The Airtrain varies in price based on which station you travel from, and tickets can be purchased for a discount on the Airtrain website. Tickets from Brisbane Central Station cost $18 AUD one-way for adults.

You can also catch a taxi or an Uber to Brisbane Airport. The journey from Brisbane’s CBD to the airport takes about 20 minutes, and the trip costs between $45 and $55 AUD.



Parking at Brisbane Airport

If you are driving to the airport, there are several affordable parking options. For the best rates, pre-book your parking spot in advance.



Where to Park at Brisbane Airport

• AIRPARK Everyday is ideal for long-term parking. When you pre-book, rates start at from just $5 AUD per day for stays over 10 days. Shorter stays start at $10 AUD per day. A complimentary bus is available to take you from the car park to the airport terminals.

• AIRPARK Undercover offers the same rates for undercover spaces. It’s only available to reserve online and spot go quickly so be sure to book in advance for your Brisbane to Paris flight.



Arriving in Paris

Paris has two major airports: Charles de Gaulle (also known as Roissy) and Orly. Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) is located about 30 kilometres (18.6 miles) north of the city. It is the largest airport in France and receives the majority of international flights into Paris. Orly Airport (ORY) is the city’s second airport and is located about 18 kilometres (11 miles) south of the city centre. Orly operates many domestic flights but also receives international flights to Paris from locations all over the world.



How to Get from Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) to Your Paris Hotel or Accommodation

Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) is one of the largest airports in Europe and offers several quick and easy ways to get into the centre of Paris.

The airport is connected with Paris’ metro system. Take the B3 blue metro line westbound from the airport and you will arrive in the centre of Paris in about 30 minutes. The B3 line stops at several major metro stops, including Gare du Nord and Châtelet, where you can connect to other metro lines. The train journey from the airport costs €10.30 ($16 AUD), but once you are in central Paris, a single-ride ticket on the metro costs just €1.90 ($3 AUD).

If you don’t mind a longer journey into Paris, you can catch the 350 or 351 bus from Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG). The 350 bus travels to Gare de l’Est, and the 351 bus takes passengers to Nation station. Both buses take about 70 minutes and cost €6 ($9.75 AUD). From each of these stations, you can catch the metro to other destinations across Paris.

If you are tired after your long flight, a taxi can get you into central Paris in about 35 to 45 minutes, depending which area of the city you are staying in. Taxis are available right outside of each terminal. Taxis offer a fixed rate fare from the airport to each bank of central Paris. A taxi to the city’s Right Bank (where you’ll find the neighbourhoods of Montmartre and Le Marais) costs €50 (approximately $81 AUD). A taxi to the Left Bank (including Trocadero and Saint-Germain-des-Prés) costs €55 (roughly $89 AUD).



How to Get from Orly Airport (ORY) to Your Paris Hotel or Accommodation

If you fly into Orly Airport (ORY), you can get into central Paris using the metro. A free shuttle bus, Go C Paris, will take you to the Pont de Rungis station near the airport, which is on the C yellow metro line. From there, catch the metro heading north. The C metro line makes stops all along the Left Bank of Paris, and connects to several other metro lines that can take you to destinations around the city. Tickets for this journey cost €6.35 ($10 AUD) and will get you into central Paris in about 35 minutes.

For the most affordable journey into central Paris, you can catch a public bus to a different metro station. Bus 183 takes you to Porte de Choisy where you can connect to the number 7 pink metro line. This metro stops at many central stations, including the Louvre, Opéra, and Châtelet. Throughout the journey, you can easily switch to other metro lines that will take you to stations around the city. This route will get you into central Paris in about an hour and will only set you back €3.90 ($6 AUD).

A taxi is a great option to take from Orly Airport (ORY) after a long flight. A taxi from Orly will take about 30 to 40 minutes into the centre of Paris. Taxis offer fixed fares into the city. A trip to the Left Bank costs €30 ($48 AUD), and a ride to the Right Bank costs €35 ($56 AUD).

Things to do


Eiffel Tower

It would be almost impossible to visit Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower. It is arguably the city’s most famous landmark; a symbol of the city that is recognised around the world. You can take a lift up to the top, but to feel most accomplished, you can also climb up to the second floor. From the top level, you’ll be rewarded with an incredible panorama across the city. Visit at golden hour or sunset for beautiful lighting to admire the glow cast over the city. At night, the Eiffel Tower glitters in a light show for the first 5 minutes of every hour, so be sure to catch the show at least once during your holiday. A popular option is for visitors to pack a quintessentially French picnic - wine, cheese, pastries - and enjoy a picnic as they watch the tower’s dazzling display.


Louvre Museum

No trip to Paris is complete without a visit to the Louvre. The entrance to the Louvre is a large glass pyramid in the middle of a plaza. Head inside to explore the sprawling galleries and gaze upon some of the most famous artworks in history, including Venus de Milo, St. John the Baptist, Virgin of the Rocks, and the Louvre’s most famous resident, Mona Lisa.


Notre-Dame de Paris

Notre-Dame de Paris is a medieval cathedral located on a tiny island called Île de la Cité. The cathedral was built in a Gothic style and is stunning both inside and out. Look out for the colourful stained glass windows and flying buttresses, both of which are a common characteristic of Gothic-style architecture. Once you’ve spent some time looking through Notre Dame, head up to one of the bell towers for an amazing view over the Seine River and Paris skyline.


Arc de Triomphe

The Arc de Triomphe is located at the western end of the Champs-Élysées. It’s made of marble and is one of the most-loved icons in Paris. The arch was built to commemorate the soldiers who fought in the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars in the late 1700s and early 1800s. The Arc de Triomphe is beautiful to see from below, and if you head to the top, you’ll get a beautiful view over central Paris. Tip: it is one of the best places to take in the views of golden hour in Paris.


Sacré Coeur Basilica

This enormous church is the second most visited landmark in Paris. Located at the top of a hill in Montmartre, Sacré Coeur is the highest point in Paris. The basilica was built shortly after the end of the Franco-Prussian War and commemorates the thousands of soldiers who lost their lives. The basilica has mosaics, gardens and a large pipe organ. Since Sacré Coeur is so high up, you can get a great view of the city from its steps. On a clear day, you can even see the Eiffel Tower at the other end of the city.



If you’re a fan of shopping and fashion, you’ll love the Champs-Élysées. This boulevard is lined with boutiques from the top French designers, including Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Karl Lagerfeld. Paris is widely considered the fashion capital of the world, so even simply window-shopping is an enjoyable way to while away an afternoon.


Moulin Rouge

Located in Montmartre, Moulin Rouge is an old-world theatre that evokes the glory days of Paris’ La Belle Époque era. The theatre’s name translates to ‘red windmill’ and that is exactly how the exterior has been designed; the neon-lit windmill is one of the most recognisable sights in the city. Venture beyond the theatre’s front doors to discover an elaborately lavish interior. Think plush red velvet, dark corners and ample gold accents. The Moulin Rouge still operates as a cabaret and shows are still performed. The program of performances changes regularly, however all shows include dancing, lively music, wild costumes and a thrilling atmosphere.



There are countless day trips you can take from Paris. One of the most popular is the excursion to the Chateau of Versailles. Versailles is actually small city located less than an hour from Paris on the train, however the name ‘Versailles’ is more commonly associated with the royal chateau. It was the official French royal residence from 1682 until the start of the French Revolution. A visit to the palace has you walking through its elaborate design, from the glittering Hall of Mirrors, to state rooms and the royal apartments. Be sure to make time to explore the exquisite gardens and grounds, especially the Estate of Trianon.