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The Best Time to Visit Norway on Return Flights to Oslo

If you want to find the best deals on cheap flights to Oslo, look to travel in May through August. Daily temperatures hover between 15° and 21°C and can become quite cold at night. The summer months between late May through July typically experience almost 24 hours of daylight. The famed midnight sun usually occurs in late June or early July. Summer flights to Oslo may be at their cheapest, however, you will experience high amounts of rain in July and August. Even with the rain you can enjoy much of the city’s landmarks and museums, and you possibly won’t have the large crowds to contend with. Winter begins to roll in toward late September. This is when winter sports enthusiasts snag tickets to Oslo to take advantage of the fresh powder. While days seem to last forever in summer, winters in Oslo are the exact opposite. Daylight hours are limited and temperatures drop to below freezing. If you want to enjoy the colder weather without the horde of extreme sports fans, book your airfare to Oslo in early September. You can watch the pillows of snow forming on the mountains while enjoying the city’s full event calendar and not get caught up in the masses.

Top Experiences For Visitors

Plan summer flights to Oslo for the chance to enjoy the immaculate scenery and untouched beauty of the land. Fjord tours can be arranged after you confirm your tickets to Oslo or when you arrive, but it is definitely an excursion worth planning. Boat tours can take you through the Skagerrak strait which rests between Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. You’ll want to upgrade your zoom lens before departing on flights to Oslo on these types of tours as you may come across a wealth of photo ops along the way. Tours typically include sights of the Oslo Opera House, the Dyna Lighthouse, the Bygdøy Peninsula, and the ships berthed outside the Maritime Museum. Once you pass the landmarks, the boat will enter the Skagerrak strait where you can see the stretch of narrow sounds, wooded islands, coves, and tranquil bays. Save money by booking cheap flights to Oslo with Webjet so you can upgrade a tour to include fishing or safari excursions to the Swedish or Danish coast. You may find there is so much to see in the 1,000-year-old city. Get the most out of your airfare to Oslo by booking a city highlight bike tour. This is a fantastic way to see the different neighbourhoods while learning of their history and culture. What’s more, most tours limit groups to parties of 15 or less to create an opportunity for maximum enjoyment and discovery. You can see so much as you pedal down the main city street to find the yellow-brick parliament building and the 19th century National Theatre. Tours may include winding paths along cobbled streets toward the old shipyards where travellers can admire the expansive views. You may cruise past the Akershus Castle, the Royal Palace, perhaps even the intricate murals found within the Oslo City Hall. Frognerparken is often included on bike tours to allow travellers to take in the sights of the open-air statues by Norwegian artist, Gustav Vigeland. The highlight for many travellers booking bike tours with their flights to Oslo is the opportunity to see the infamous room where the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded every year.

Top Things to Do and See

If you’re booking summertime flights to Oslo for travel between May through August, check out the zip lining excursion at Kollensvevet. This heart pumping ski-like excursion takes you to the top of the Holmenkollen jumping tower, which has an altitude of 107 metres. Take in the impressive sights from the top before you zip down 361 metres to the bottom of the hill. If you want the adrenaline rush of skiing without the cold weather and higher prices of winter flights to Oslo, this is the excursion for you! If you’re into history of any kind, make plans to visit the Viking Ship Museum when you arrive on return flights to Oslo. Nestled on the quiet Bygdøy Peninsula, this museum boasts incredible finds from four different Viking burial sites around the Oslo Fjord. Take a look at the 9th-century Oseberg Ship, excavated between 1904 and 1905, which was buried within mud beneath a fjord. You’ll also see wood carvings, textiles, beds, and other Viking treasures that have been uncovered. Take in the fresh air after arriving at Oslo Airport (OSL) with a stroll through Frogner Park. There are more than 200 bronze and granite sculptures by Gustav Vigeland throughout the park. One work to look out for is the 14-metre totem Monolith. This sculpture is composed of 121 human figures and took Vigeland more than 14 years to carve. If you’re interested in learning more about Gustav Vigeland, make plans to visit the Vigeland Museum. Architecture enthusiasts travelling on past flights to Oslo have marvelled at the Neoclassical style building which served as the home of the great sculptor. A tour will showcase the plaster moulds used in some of the sculptures in the park as well as sketches and casts of Vigeland’s early works. The Royal Palace is a must-see for anyone travelling to Norway for the first time, on flights to Oslo. The castle was completed in 1849 and is the official residence of the King and Queen of Norway. Pre-book a tour of the grounds and formal rooms at the same time as confirming your summer flights to Oslo.

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