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Normanton Guide

What is the history of Normanton?

There is a fascinating local history to learn about first-hand after arriving on flights to Normanton. For thousands of years prior to the arrival of European settlers, Normanton was home to a population of Indigenous Australians and Torres Strait Islanders. Today, Indigenous Australians still make up more than half of the town’s population. European settlers first moved to the area in 1867 after flooding led to the abandonment of the nearby Burketown settlement. Normanton was named after the Norman River, which flows through town. In the 1880s, gold was discovered nearby, leading to an increase in the town’s population. Today, Normanton’s Indigenous heritage and culture contribute greatly to what you will experience after your cheap flights to Normanton.


What are Normanton’s most famous landmarks and monuments?

Krys the Crocodile

Krys the Crocodile is something of a legend in the Normanton area. You’ll notice this massive statue on the town’s main street after arriving on return flights to Normanton. It’s a replica of a saltwater crocodile that was shot by a local woman in 1957 on the Norman River. The crocodile was supposedly 8.6 metres (28 feet) long, which would make Krys the largest crocodile ever caught. No photos of the crocodile exist today, so some people are skeptical about whether or not this really happened. Whether or not Krys the Crocodile really existed, the statue is an impressive sight to see when you book airfare to Normanton. Some locals believe an even bigger crocodile is lurking nearby in the Norman River.

Mutton Hole Wetlands Conservation Park

This local landmark is located just north of town and can be reached via 4WD on an Outback road. The Wetlands are teeming with local wildlife to see after cheap flights to Normanton. After arriving on cheap flights to Normanton, you can spot a variety of birds here such as pelicans, brolgas, and sarus cranes. There are walking trails through the conservation park, and it’s bordered by the Norman River. If you book plane tickets to Normanton during the wet season between October and April, consider visiting with a local guide; crocodiles may be out at this time.

Bynoe Arts Centre

Learn about the local Aboriginal culture after your flights to Normanton by paying a visit to the Bynoe Arts Centre. It features traditional Aboriginal paintings and pottery, as well as landscape paintings of the Normanton area. In addition to displaying art, the centre also houses a studio. Visitors who have booked airfare to Normanton can watch local Aboriginal artists at work on their latest piece. Some items are also available to purchase as a souvenir after flights to Normanton to remember your holiday.


What are the best restaurants and cafes in Normanton?

Albion Hotel Restaurant

Albion Hotel is a classic Outback pub where you can get a hearty meal after arriving into Normanton Airport (NTN). It’s a popular dining spot among locals. The Albion Hotel has an eclectic design, with various photographs and newspaper clippings on the walls that show off the town’s history. Albion Hotel is one of the best places to order steak after arriving on flights to Normanton. Thanks to Normanton’s location near the coast, you can also order a fresh prawn caesar salad, a barramundi burger, or classic fish and chips here after your return flights to Normanton.

Normanton Bakery

Normanton Bakery is a great spot for breakfast, coffee, or a baked treat while visiting the area with return flights to Normanton. The bakery is one of the most popular establishments in town and serves a variety of freshly-made cakes, breads, sandwiches, and pies. Visitors exploring the area with tickets to Normanton can order food and coffee to go, or enjoy a meal at one of the cafe’s outdoor tables. Get in early for the best selection – Normanton Bakery is a popular spot and often sells out of many items before lunchtime!

Central Hotel Restaurant

This traditional Outback pub is located in the heart of town. The staff at Central Hotel is extremely friendly, and visitors are treated to large meals at affordable prices. While the restaurant serves a variety of options, it specialises in steak and seafood. Some of the most popular dishes to try at Central Hotel after your flights to Normanton include honey chilli prawns, creamy garlic steak, barramundi, and King Salmon. Indoor seating is available as well as a shaded outdoor terrace.