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The Big Apple, the Concrete Jungle, the City That Never Sleeps… No matter what nickname you use to refer to New York, there’s no denying it is one of the most iconic cities in the world. New York City is the largest city in the United States and is spread across five boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island. Within the city centre, you’ll find yourself surrounded by skyscrapers and neon lights. Outside of the fast-paced Midtown and the Financial District, there are lots of neighbourhoods within New York where you can experience the city from a local perspective. No matter what your interests are, you’ll find something you love in New York. There’s history, art, shopping, parks, nightlife, restaurants, sports, theatre, and anything else you could be looking for in a city holiday. Due to how much there is to see and do in New York, plan to spend about a week exploring as much of the city as possible. From there, you can easily catch a bus or train to continue your American adventure to other cities, such as Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC.

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The best time to visit New York City

New York has four distinct seasons, offering different experiences to visitors. Summer experiences hot and sunny weather with some humidity. It’s common for temperatures to reach 28°C during the day between the months of June and August. While New York is always busy, summer is the busiest season when people travel to the city from all over the world. Summer is an exciting time in New York with lots of festivals and outdoor markets to experience, but it also comes with higher rates on hotels.

Winter is cold in New York, but it can also offer low rates on hotels and flights. After the New Year, NYC goes into a slight hibernation until the spring months. Temperatures average about 4°C, and you may experience some snow. However, when it snows in NYC, it tends to melt quickly. The city has lots of fun indoor activities to keep you entertained on the super cold days as well, such as Broadway shows, museums, and shopping. If you are travelling on a budget, winter is the perfect time to book cheap airfares from Adelaide to NYC.

To experience manageable crowds along with nice weather and decent prices, consider visiting NYC in the spring or autumn. Temperatures average about 15 to 20°C, and while there is some rain, there are plenty of sunny days as well. Compared to the summer months when the city is at its busiest, you can find some great deals on hotels in the city centre.

For a truly magical experience in New York City, plan your visit for the month of December. In the lead-up to Christmas and the New Year, NYC is teeming with festivities and decorations. Some spots to have on your radar during this time are Rockefeller Center to ice skate and see the Christmas tree, the Christmas windows at Macy’s on Fifth Avenue, and the Christmas markets in Bryant Park and Grand Central Station. Then on New Year’s Eve, Times Square hosts its world-famous celebration. Christmas is a busy time in NYC, which brings with it higher rates on hotels. But visiting New York in December is sure to be a holiday you’ll never forget.

Departing From Adelaide

There is one major airport in Adelaide, which is located 5 kilometres (3 miles) west of the city centre. Due to its ideal location, there are several quick and affordable ways to reach Adelaide Airport (ADL) from the CBD and coastal suburb of Glenelg.

Lots of major airlines offer cheap airfares from Adelaide to NYC. These airlines include Qantas, Virgin Australia, United Airlines, Delta Airlines, Emirates, and American Airlines. There are no direct cheap flights from Adelaide to NYC, but you can arrive into your destination with one stopover. Each week, there are about 850 return flights from Adelaide to NYC available, which will get you into one of the NYC airports in about 24 hours.

Getting to Adelaide Airport

To reach Adelaide Airport from the CBD, you can catch the double-decker JetExpress bus. The bus starts at Pulteney Street and makes a few other stops in the CBD before reaching the airport. The bus departs every hour on weekdays and arrives to the airport in about 25 minutes. The JetExpress costs the standard Metroticket fare of $5.50 AUD during peak hours and $3.60 AUD off-peak.

If you are travelling from one of Adelaide’s coastal suburbs, the JetBus is a great option. It originates in the CBD and then makes several stops through Glenelg and West Beach on its way to the airport. Buses to follow this route include J1, J3, J7, and J8. Buses depart regularly and reach the airport from the CBD in about 40 minutes. Tickets to ride the JetBus are the normal Metroticket fare.

Due to the airport’s close proximity to the city, taking a taxi or an Uber is a quick and affordable option. From the CBD, a taxi will get you to Adelaide Airport in about 15 minutes, and a taxi from Glenelg takes about 10 minutes. Taxi fare from each of these destinations comes to about $20 to $28 AUD.

Parking at Adelaide Airport

There are two different car parks at Adelaide Airport to accommodate different budgets and parking preferences. To secure the lowest rate for each car park, be sure to pre-book your parking space.

Where to Park at Adelaide Airport

• The undercover Terminal Car Park is located just outside the airport terminal and has 24-hour security. From there, you can walk to the terminal in minutes. Parking for a week costs about $112 AUD, while two weeks costs about $194 AUD.

• The Long Term Car Park is a 10-minute walk from the terminal and offers a free shuttle bus to the terminals. A 7-day park costs about $70 AUD, and parking for two weeks costs about $104 AUD.


Arriving in New York City

When you book cheap airfares from Adelaide to NYC, there are three possible airports you could arrive to. John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK) is New York’s main airport. It is located in the southeastern corner within the borough of Queens and is made up of six passenger terminals. LaGuardia Airport (LGA) is also located in Queens and is the closest airport to the city centre of New York. LGA operates mainly domestic flights, but you may arrive here if you have a stopover in another US or Canadian city. Newark Liberty Airport (EWR) is west of Manhattan in the nearby city of Newark, New Jersey. There are convenient and affordable transportation options from each of these three airports into Manhattan.

How to Get from John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK) to Your New York City Hotel or Accommodation

If your flight arrives into John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK), your quickest option into the city is to take the Long Island Rail Road. To reach the LIRR, take the AirTrain from the airport to Jamaica Center. From there, the LIRR will get you into Penn Station in Manhattan in 35 minutes. Tickets to ride the AirTrain cost $5 USD ($7.05 AUD), and tickets for the LIRR cost $10 USD ($14.10 AUD), bringing the total train fare to $15 USD ($21.15 AUD).

For a more affordable option, you can catch the AirTrain to the subway, which will connect you to the city. To reach subway line A, take the AirTrain to Far Rockaway or Rockaway Park. If you would like to connect to subway lines E, J, or Z, catch the AirTrain to Jamaica Center. Throughout your subway journey, you’ll have lots of opportunities to change to a different subway line in order to reach your final destination. Altogether, train fare for the AirTrain and the subway will only set you back $7.75 USD ($11 AUD). This transportation option will get you into Manhattan in about an hour.

If you are tired after the long journey, you may opt for a taxi to your hotel. Taxis from John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK) offer a fixed fare of $52 USD ($73.45 AUD) into Manhattan. During the peak times between 4pm and 8pm and weekdays, there is also a surcharge of $4.50 USD ($6.35 AUD) added to your total. Remember that it is standard to tip taxi drivers in the USA, which should be about 15 to 20% of your total fare. A taxi will get you into Manhattan in about 45 minutes in normal traffic conditions.

How to Get from LaGuardia Airport (LGA) to Your NYC Hotel or Accommodation

If your flight arrives into LaGuardia Airport (LGA), you can reach the city by bus. The M60 bus departs from the airport and makes stops north of 59th Street in Manhattan. This includes the Upper East Side, Upper West Side, and Harlem. You can also catch the Q70 bus from the airport, which makes stops south of 59th Street in Manhattan. Each of these bus routes costs $2.75 USD ($3.90 AUD) and offers opportunities to transfer to the subway as well.

If you would like to take a taxi from LaGuardia Airport (LGA), you will arrive to your hotel in about 25 minutes without traffic. Taxis use meters from LaGuardia, with taxi fare to Manhattan costing about $30 to $45 USD ($42 to $63 AUD). If you are travelling between 4pm and 8pm on a weekday, there is also a peak time surcharge of $1 USD ($1.40 AUD).

How to Get from Newark Liberty Airport (EWR) to Your NYC Hotel or Accommodation

If your flight gets you into Newark Liberty Airport (EWR), catch the AirTrain for the most affordable option. The AirTrain is free to ride and connects passengers to the Newark Liberty rail station. From there, you can catch a New Jersey Transit train into Penn Station in Manhattan. Be careful not to get off the train too early as there is also a Penn Station in New Jersey. Altogether, this trip will take you about 45 minutes and will cost $13 USD ($18.30 AUD).

Another option is to catch the Newark Airport express bus. This bus travels to some of the major hubs around Midtown Manhattan, including Grand Central Station, Bryant Park, and the Port Authority Bus Terminal. Tickets to ride this bus cost $17 USD ($24 AUD) one-way, and $28 USD ($40 AUD) return.

For the most direct ride to your hotel, you can catch a taxi from Newark Liberty Airport (EWR). Taxis from EWR operate using meters, and fare comes to about $50 USD ($70 AUD). This doesn’t include tolls or tip, so you’ll need to add those on at the end of the ride. A taxi from Newark Liberty Airport (EWR) will get you into Midtown Manhattan in about 30 minutes without traffic.

Things to do in New York City

Empire State Building

There’s no shortage of skyscrapers in New York, and one of the most iconic is the Empire State Building. It is one of the tallest skyscrapers in the city and dominates the Manhattan skyline. Head to the observation deck on top of the Empire State Building for an expansive view over the city. Tickets to visit the Empire State Building cost $37 USD ($52 AUD) for adults and $31 USD ($43.60 AUD) for children. If you would like to experience dinner with a view, you could also make a reservation for one of the restaurants on the top floors of the Empire State Building.

Times Square

While visiting New York, be sure to experience the neon lights of Times Square. The large square is located in the heart of Manhattan and is surrounded by neon billboards, restaurants, and shops. In the middle of the square, you’ll often see street performers as well. Visit Times Square both during the day and at night to see completely different sides to it. Surrounding Times Square, you’ll also find many of the city’s Broadway theatres. NYC is one of the best cities in the world for live theatre, and attending a Broadway show is a must for theatre lovers.

Brooklyn Bridge

Lots of tourists come to New York City and spend their entire holiday in Manhattan. To get more insight into what New York life is like for locals, head to one of the city’s other boroughs. You can visit Brooklyn by walking across the Brooklyn Bridge from the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Along the bridge, you’ll get great views of Brooklyn in one direction and the Manhattan skyline in the other direction. Once you reach the Brooklyn side of the bridge, you’ll be in a neighbourhood called DUMBO. Spend some time admiring the view of Manhattan along the river, then spend some time strolling through the old cobblestone streets. If you are hungry, you can also grab a slice of pizza from one of the most famous pizzerias in NYC, Grimaldi’s.

Central Park

New York is known and loved for its skyscrapers and status as a “concrete jungle,” but there is plenty of green space to experience around the city as well. The largest park in the city is Central Park, which stretches for 51 blocks between Midtown, Harlem, the Upper East Side, and the Upper West Side. You could easily spend an entire day exploring everything that Central Park has to offer. Some popular landmarks to visit include Belvedere Castle, the Reservoir, Bethesda Terrace, and the Strawberry Fields memorial to John Lennon. If you visit NYC in the summer, you’ll also have the opportunity to attend outdoor concerts in Central Park.

Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is one of the major symbols of New York City. It is a copper statue that was given to the United States by France in 1886. Over time, the statue has changed from copper to the light green colour that it is today. The statue is located on its own island off the coast of Manhattan. You can purchase a ticket to visit Liberty Island for $18.50 USD ($26 AUD) for adults, and $9 USD ($12.70 AUD) for children. If you would like to climb the statue, you can also purchase entry to the Crown for an additional $3 USD ($4.20 AUD). Tickets to Liberty Island will also give you access to the neighbouring Ellis Island where you can learn about the history of immigration in NYC. Local tip: if you would like to see the Statue of Liberty without paying the hefty price tag, catch the free Staten Island Ferry from the southern tip of Manhattan. The ferry departs every half hour and sails right past the statue, offering a great view.

The 9/11 Memorial

The most prominent event to affect New York in recent history were the attacks on the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001. To pay tribute to the thousands of people who lost their lives, a memorial was built in the place where the Twin Towers had stood. The memorial is dominated by two large fountains that match the same footprint as the towers and are surrounded by the names of everyone who lost their life. You’ll regularly spot a flower on various names, which means it would have been that person’s birthday on the day you are visiting. The Freedom Tower is another element of the memorial and now stands as the tallest building in New York City. To learn more about the effect the attacks had on the city and the resilience of New Yorkers following 9/11, pay a visit to the memorial’s September 11 Museum.

New York City Museums

New York is known as one of the best cities in the world for museum-hopping. Each museum has something unique to offer visitors. The American Museum of Natural History includes exhibits about dinosaurs, animals, and the geographic history of New York. Art lovers will enjoy the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and the Guggenheim. The Metropolitan Museum of Art (the Met) is the most famous museum in NYC and features exhibits on art and historical artefacts. Many of the museums in NYC operate on a “pay what you wish” system or offer a free night each week, allowing you to experience the museums of New York without dipping too far into your holiday budget.

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