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Cheapest return price for the current month from $452
Cheapest return price over next 6 months from $426
Cheapest month November 2022
Most expensive month September 2022
Average flight time 3h 55m

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Landmarks and Monuments You Can’t Miss


Naihehe Caves



If you’re looking to experience a unique side to Fiji when you book Sydney to Nadi flights, plan to visit the Naihehe Caves. The caves transport you back in time to the tribal period in Fiji’s history – in particular to a tribe that lived in the caves and were known for their cannibalism. The tribe killed and ate anyone who disrespected their chief. The last known act of cannibalism that took place in the Naihehe Caves was in 1867 before other Fijian tribes interfered to end the practice. Visitors headed to the caves upon landing flights Sydney to Nadi can learn more about this dark side to Fiji’s history and experience a completely different side to the country than its beaches and rainforests.




Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple



Sri Siva Subramaniya is a Hindu temple located in Nadi. Visitors with cheap flights to Nadi from Sydney appreciate the temple for its brightly coloured design. It was first built in 1926 and was rejuvenated following a Golden Jubilee celebration in 1976. It was renovated about 10 years later in the mid-1980s into the temple you see today. Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple is Fiji’s national temple and considered by many to be one of the country’s most beautiful.




Bouma Falls



The Bouma Falls are a series of three scenic waterfalls. They’re located within the Bouma National Heritage Park on the island of Taveuni. The waterfalls range in height from 10 to 24 metres, with the largest of the waterfalls having a popular swimming spot at its base. The national park where the Bouma Falls are located also has some great hikes that you can enjoy when you have tickets to Nadi from Sydney.




Rainbow Reef



Located within the Somosomo Strait, Rainbow Reef is known as one of the best snorkelling and diving spots in Fiji. It’s based between the islands of Vanua Levu and Taveuni and is accessible as a day trip for visitors with flights Sydney to Nadi. The reef is home to lots of colourful coral and tropical fish. The Great White Wall is a particularly popular spot to see in the reef and is named after its bright white coral.





Major Events and Festivals



Bula Festival



”Bula” means hello in Fijian, and you’ll hear it regularly as soon as you arrive to Nadi International Airport (NAN). The Bula Festival is welcoming to visitors with Sydney to Nadi return flights, and it’s a great way to learn more about Fiji. The festival is held each August and celebrates the nation’s history and culture through art, music, dancing, and parades.




Fiji Day



This holiday is an exciting time to book cheap flights Sydney to Nadi. Fiji Day is held on the 10th of October and celebrates Fiji gaining its independence in 1970. Celebrations take place over a full week and include parties, parades, and lots of traditional music and dancing.







Fiji is home to a large population of people of Indian descent. Diwali is a popular Indian holiday that’s also celebrated in Fiji on the 27th of October. The festival of lights is similar to the one in India but has a unique island flair to it. The celebrations consist of lots of light shows, firecrackers, and parties, making it an exciting time to reserve Sydney to Nadi flights.





Packing Tips For Travellers Booking Flights Sydney to Nadi



It’s customary to dress conservatively when you book cheap flights Sydney to Nadi. You’ll want to bring clothes that cover your shoulders and legs. However, the hot island weather also calls for lightweight, breathable clothing. Take a sarong or light scarf on your Sydney to Nadi flights to act as the perfect cover-up. With lots of beaches and water activities, you’ll also want to pack some swimsuits for your Sydney to Nadi flights. Hats and sunglasses are another must to protect yourself from the strong Fijian sun.



Speaking of the strong sun, you’ll also need plenty of sunscreen. You can purchase sunscreen in Fiji, but it will be much more expensive than sunscreen you can buy at home before your cheap flights to Nadi from Sydney. Make sure you get a waterproof sunscreen so it lasts when you’re at the beach and taking part in water sports.



Most people tend to think of beaches when planning for flights Sydney to Nadi. However, the country also has some incredible rainforests and national parks with hiking trails. If you enjoy hiking, be sure to pack a pair of hiking boots or sturdy shoes for your flights Sydney to Nadi that you can wear while experiencing this side to Fiji.


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