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Public Transport and How to Get Around


One of the cheapest ways to get around Nadi is with the local bus. After your flights Perth to Nadi land and you've collected your bags, you can walk to the main road by Nadi International Airport (NAN) and catch a bus there. The service runs every 15 minutes, and the fares are cheap. Keep in mind that the bus stops are not clearly marked, so it might not be the best option if it's your first time in Nadi. If you want to travel further afield, there are express buses that run between Nadi and other major towns like Suva.


Getting from Nadi International Airport (NAN) to your hotel is convenient and cheap. As soon as your flights Perth to Nadi have landed, you can hire a driver by making your way to the arrivals terminal and haggling for a fair price.

You can also book a taxi driver to take you around Nadi and between nearby towns for sighting. It works out cheaper than renting a car, especially if you're travelling in a group. You can expect to pay on average F$30 ($19.88 AUD) per hour. If you're unsure how much is a fair price, always ask the hotel staff before you leave.

Car rental

If you want more freedom getting around, you can book your flights Perth to Nadi and car rental through Webjet. The vehicle will be ready for you once you land at Nadi International Airport (NAN) and the average price for rentals is around F$100 ($66.29 AUD) per day.

The Best Time to Visit

With consistent temperatures throughout the year, there isn't really a bad time to visit Nadi. However, there are a few things that you'll want to keep in mind when booking your cheap flights Perth to Nadi.

The busiest time of year for the city is between July and September. It's dry season for Fiji, and the weather is at its best. The only downside is that prices for flights Perth to Nadi skyrocket and hotels raise their rates to meet the demand. The beaches are also at their busiest as many Australians and New Zealanders come to the islands for the winter break.

If you want to escape the crowds, book your tickets to Nadi from Perth between November and April. It's when the islands experience their typhoon season and receive the majority of their annual rainfall. While you'll have to contend with less than perfect weather, you'll have an easy time finding cheap flights to Nadi from Perth and excellent deals from the top resorts.

For travellers that don't want to skip out on the good weather, but are on a budget, plan your trip to Nadi in October. It's the city's shoulder season, and it's right before the storms hit Fiji. May to June is another shoulder season that sees fewer visitors. Airlines operating Perth to Nadi return flights drop their prices over these two periods, and you'll have the top attractions all to yourself.

Tips for First-Time Travellers to Nadi

Don't eat the reef fish

When booking flights Perth to Nadi, a lot of travellers are excited about trying the delicious, fresh seafood. However, if you want to avoid getting sick on your holiday, avoid the reef fish. Due to the fish eating coral that can have toxic bloom, it's possible you'll get food poisoning. Instead, stick to deep-water fish like tuna and marlin.

Bring mosquito repellent

Mosquitos are common in Nadi, and you'll need to pack repellent or buy some at Nadi International Airport (NAN) when you arrive. Another thing to keep in mind when booking your flights Perth to Nadi is that Fiji is a country that carries the Zika virus.

Pack conservative clothing

Fiji is a conservative nation, and you should pack your bags accordingly. While it's okay to wear swimwear around the resorts, if you're walking around town or through the villages, you'll need to cover up. Once you've booked your Perth to Nadi flights, go through your wardrobe and pull out items that cover your shoulders and knees.

Shop at the local markets

Due to Fiji's remoteness, imported goods are expensive. You can save money by buying local fruit and vegetables from Nadi's markets. It's an excellent option for travellers booking tickets to Nadi from Perth that are staying in self-catering accommodation or backpacking through Fiji.

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