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Thu 07 Jul
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$1,028 RETURN
Fri 08 Jul
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$1,078 RETURN
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Wed 27 Jul
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Thu 28 Jul
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Fri 29 Jul
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Sat 30 Jul
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Sun 31 Jul
Updated on 01 Jul

Route information for flights from Melbourne to Nadi

Cheapest return price for the current month from $516
Cheapest return price over next 6 months from $434
Cheapest month November 2022
Most expensive month July 2022
Average flight time 4h 50m

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Currency used in Nadi

$1 AUD =

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Average Temperature in Nadi

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Tips for First-Time Travellers to Nadi

It’s All About The Water

The tropical, clear and warm waters of Fiji are a major reason that people book flights Melbourne To Nadi. From snorkelling with manta rays in the Yasawa Islands, heading out into the deep waters for a spot of game-fishing or enjoying an afternoon of waterskiing over the tropical waters, there’s always something to do in Fiji.

Get Ready To Take It Easy

If you’re looking for Melbourne to Nadi flights in search of a beach break; Fiji is the island for you. From the moment you land at Nadi International Airport (NAN), you’ll sense the slow, easy going pace of almost everyone one the islands.

Australian Dollars vs Fiji Dollars

If you’re planning on booking flights Melbourne to Nadi, you’re going to want to arrive prepared. A common misconception is that Fijian establishments accept Aussie dollars. The truth is that while some shops and restaurants do accept Australian dollars, it is at a reduced rate. After you’ve found those cheap flights to Nadi from Melbourne, we recommend you get all of your paperwork in order to exchange your dollars at Melbourne Airport (MEL) before your flight.

Top Things to Do and See

Get Into The Jungle

Yes, the perfect South Pacific waters are a great reason to find and book flights Melbourne to Nadi, but visiting the island without taking an outing into the jungle would be a missed opportunity. The myriad jungle trails will take you into dark and beautiful belly of the island’s rainforest. Some hotels and resorts offer the service as part of their package, but you can also book a guide with a local. Perhaps you could research and pick a trail while online, after booking your cheap flights Melbourne to Nadi.

Visit Surrounding Islands

There are more than 10 island groups to visit in the waters surrounding Fiji. Some holiday-makers book their flights Melbourne to Nadi only to immediately transfer over to a luxury resort island, such as Wakaya Island, for a few days of ultimate relaxation. The Yasawa Island group makes for a great (and popular) day trip that should be booked soon after you’ve found your cheap flights to Nadi from Melbourne. The Yasawa Islands is a group of about 20 beautiful isles that offer excellent scuba diving and snorkelling opportunities.

Go Birdwatching

Fiji is a world-famous bird watching destination. Some people book their Melbourne to Nadi flights solely to go into the jungles to find and watch the exotic and beautiful birdlife that grace the trees of the jungle.


The Best Time to Visit

The climate in the South Pacific is pretty consistent. The days are often warm and humid. Depending on the season, the late afternoons either see thundershowers and cloud cover, or clear blue skies. The best time to book your flights Melbourne to Nadi is for travel between July and September. Bear in mind that this is peak season, when a lot of holiday-makers are looking to escape to the islands, so it is best to search and book cheap flights to Nadi from Melbourne in advance.


Public Transport and How to Get Around


Taxis are the best way of getting around. As soon as you’ve landed at Nadi International Airport (NAN), you’ll see taxis waiting outside the arrivals hall to take you to your destination. Once you’ve booked your tickets to Nadi from Melbourne, make sure you find out the average rates so that you pay the right amount for your ride. Generally though, if you feel like the price is way too high, pick another driver to ride with.

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