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Sun 26 Jun 22 Jun
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Sun 26 Jun
Updated on 22 Jun
$1,728 RETURN

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Cheapest return price for the current month from $1,728
Cheapest return price over next 6 months from $562
Cheapest month August 2022
Most expensive month June 2022
Average flight time 4h 50m

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Travelling with Children



Kula Wild Adventure Park



Kula Wild Adventure Park is teeming with activities that kids love - and is a popular go-to with families travelling on flights Canberra to Nadi. The park works to conserve the natural landscapes and native wildlife of Fiji. Visitors with Canberra to Nadi flights can take a walk through the rainforest and see animals such as iguanas, parrots, kula birds, and fruit bats. Additionally, there are plenty of adventurous activities to enjoy when you have tickets to Nadi from Canberra. These include water slides and a zip line through the canopy of the rainforest.




Attend a traditional show



Traditional Fijian shows are fun for the whole family when you book flights Canberra to Nadi. As well as serving some local food, attendees can witness Fijian dancing as well as more radical fire dancing and fire walking.




Try some new water sports



With 333 islands forming the country, Fiji has no shortage of activities centred around the water. When you book flights Canberra to Nadi with the kids, you can try a variety of new water sports together, such as kayaking, snorkelling, and paddle boarding.




Kids clubs



Many hotels and resorts across Fiji run kids clubs for families with cheap flights Canberra to Nadi. They offer activities for children of all different ages. These clubs can be fun for kids and are a nice way for them to interact with other children. Meanwhile, the adults can have some time to grab a meal, go for a drink, or visit the spa.





The Cost of Visiting



Fiji sounds like a luxury destination, but it is definitely possible to book Canberra to Nadi flights on a budget. On average, hotels in the Nadi area cost $150 AUD per night. However, there are also options less than $50 AUD per night and more luxurious resorts for about $300 AUD per night. Hotel costs can also vary based on the season you book cheap flights to Nadi from Canberra. Low season lasts from November to April when you can find some incredible deals on hotels to accompany your cheap flights Canberra to Nadi.



When dining out after your Canberra to Nadi flights, local food tends to be the most affordable. A meal from a casual restaurant costs about $10 FJD ($6.65 AUD), while a meal from a mid-range restaurant comes to about $30 FJD ($19.90 AUD).



Apart from accommodation, food, and your Canberra to Nadi flights, much of your budget will go toward activities. Renting snorkelling equipment costs about $30 FJD ($19.90 AUD), while a scuba diving excursion can cost significantly more at about $300 FJD ($200 AUD). If you’ll be visiting national parks when you book cheap flights to Nadi from Canberra, entrance costs about $15 FJD ($10 AUD).





Etiquette Tips For Travellers Booking Flights Canberra to Nadi



Dress conservatively



When you leave the hotel or resort, it is considerate to cover your shoulders and legs. Carry a sarong in your bag after you’ve arrived to Nadi International Airport (NAN) to put on when needed.




Take your shoes off before entering a “bure”



A bure is the local name for a Fijian bungalow.




If you are given kava in a local village, drink it



It is considered rude not to. Kava is made from kava root and tastes like a strong tea.




Speak in a low voice



Fijians can misinterpret loud or expressive voices as being angry.




Don’t point with your fingers



This can be seen as rude or aggressive by locals. Rather than pointing, gesture at something with an open hand.





How Much Time to Spend in Nadi



Fiji is the perfect holiday destination if you are looking to unwind and escape your hectic schedule back home. It would be possible to make a quick getaway to Fiji with flights Canberra to Nadi for a long weekend. But if you are looking to spend the week on “Fiji time” and embrace the laid-back way of life, plan to book Canberra to Nadi return flights for seven to 10 days. This will allow you to experience the many aspects of Fiji’s culture without feeling rushed.




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