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Thu 07 Jul 01 Jul
Sat 09 Jul 01 Jul
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Departure Date
Thu 07 Jul
Updated on 01 Jul
$1,158 RETURN
Sat 09 Jul
Updated on 01 Jul
$1,410 RETURN

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Cheapest return price for the current month from $1,158
Cheapest return price over next 6 months from $825
Cheapest month August 2022
Most expensive month July 2022
Average flight time 4h 50m

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A Brief History



Want to know a bit more about Fiji before boarding flights Cairns to Nadi? Fiji has a fascinating history that visitors with Cairns to Nadi flights can experience first-hand. It is believed that the earliest inhabitants to Fiji arrived from the Melanesian islands about 3,500 years ago. Several clans emerged around the islands, living in harmony for centuries. In 1653, Europeans first came to Fiji when Dutch seafarer Abel Tasman explored the islands. In the centuries that followed, more explorers made their way to Fiji from Europe and America. These visitors used Fiji as a trading port and built cotton plantations on the islands. This interference from foreigners encouraged the native clans of Fiji to unify in order to preserve their culture and languages. In 1874, Fiji became a Crown Colony and fell under the rule of the British Empire. It remained part of Britain until it gained its independence in 1970. After becoming independent, some conflict arose in Fiji among the clans and political groups over who would govern the newly independent nation. This lasted until 1990 when the country drew up a new constitution and settled any disagreements they had. Today, Fiji is an independent country while also being a part of the Commonwealth of Nations. Although there have been outside influences over the years, visitors with Cairns to Nadi return flights will still experience plenty of traditional Fijian culture.





Top Things to Do and See With Flights Cairns to Nadi



Kava Ceremonies



When you book cheap flights Cairns to Nadi, be sure to embrace the local traditions. Kava ceremonies offer an authentic experience and are held in local villages across the islands. During the ceremonies, visitors with Cairns to Nadi flights can meet locals and try a cup of their local kava drink. Made from kava root, the drink is similar to tea and has an earthy taste to it. Kava ceremonies are special to Fijian people, so being welcomed as a guest is an honour.




Bouma National Heritage Park



Bouma National Heritage park covers about 80% of Taveuni – the third largest island in Fiji. The park is made up of rainforest and located beside the ocean, offering up some gorgeous views when you have cheap flights to Nadi from Cairns. There are several great hikes and walking trails throughout the national park, including the Vidawa Rainforest Trail. To accompany the tropical waterfalls, there are also plenty of natural swimming pools where you can take a dip when you book cheap flights Cairns to Nadi.







When you book cheap flights to Nadi from Cairns, you will be spoiled with some gorgeous coral reefs right at your doorstep. There are a variety of places to go snorkelling around Fiji, as reefs encircle much of the country. While snorkelling in Fiji, you can appreciate the colourful coral and see lots of tropical fish. Some of the top places to snorkel when you book Cairns to Nadi flights are the Great Astrolabe Reef, Rainbow Reef, and the Namena Marine Reserve.




Sabeto Hot Springs and Mud Pool



For a rustic Fijian spa experience, skip the hotel spa for the Sabeto Hot Springs and Mud Pool near Nadi International Airport (NAN). The pools are completely natural and heated by a geothermal source. In order to get the full experience, spend some time relaxing in the hot springs, then spread mud on your body before getting out. Once the mud has dried completely, get back in the mud bath to rinse off, and finish off in the neighbouring mud-free hot spring. The mud is believed to have healing properties, plus it makes for a fun and unique Fijian experience to accompany your flights Cairns to Nadi.




The Best Time to Visit on Flights Cairns to Nadi



Like most tropical islands, Fiji has both a dry season and a wet season. The country’s dry season lasts from May to October, with July through September being the busiest time to book Cairns to Nadi flights. Fiji’s wet season takes place between November and April. Humidity levels are higher during these months, and rain is more common, particularly between January and March. While the wet season experiences regular showers in the afternoons, you’ll still get lots of sunshine when you book tickets to Nadi from Cairns. With wet season being the low season in Fiji, it’s also the ideal time to find bargains on hotels and cheap flights Cairns to Nadi.




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