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Mumbai Guide

Tips for First-Time Travellers to Mumbai

It’s not just the Eat, Pray, Love kind of visitor who books plane tickets to Mumbai. This city is as vibrant as they come, offering sights, sounds and smells like no other for everyone from the adventure-seeker to the spiritual explorer.


Expect Some Traffic Delays

Mumbai traffic is like nothing you’ve ever experienced! After your flights to Mumbai, travelling from Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (BOM) to your accommodation could take twice as long as expected, so plan accordingly.


Don’t Drink The Water

Visitors who have booked flights to Mumbai should steer clear of drinking tap water; it can be contaminated and upset the stomachs of visitors. Make sure to drink only bottled water and avoid ice in your drinks unless you’re in a hotel that uses filtered water.


People will Stare

Foreigners, especially blonde women or people with blue eyes, can expect to attract stares from locals from the moment they step off their flights to Mumbai. Generally the staring is harmless as locals are mostly just curious.


The Best Time to Visit

It’s best to book your tickets to Mumbai for travel between the months of October and February, when the weather is mild and dry. Try to book your flights to Mumbai sooner rather than later if you’re hoping to find cheap flights to Mumbai and save on your airfare to Mumbai. Monsoon season starts around late June, so if you’re willing to visit out of season and explore the city during the pouring rain you might be able to pick up cheap flights to Mumbai and save on your airfare to Mumbai that way.


Major Events and Festivals

If you aren’t bound by specific dates, it’s worth booking your flights to Mumbai to coincide with one of the city’s colourful and festive celebrations.


Mumbai Ganesh Chaturthi

This is the biggest Hindu festival in India. The September celebration pays tribute to the birth of the elephant-headed god Ganesha and involves a week of festivities including prayers, songs and performances. It’s the perfect time to visit, so it’s worth booking your tickets to Mumbai around this time.


Krishna Janmashtami

Mumbai is one of the best places in India to join the celebration of the birth of Lord Krishna. Observed according to the moon during the month of August or September, the celebration includes a huge human pyramid that’s a real sight to behold!


Holi Festival

Travellers from around the world book their flights to Mumbai every year specifically to join the Holi celebrations. The March festival celebrates the start of spring and involves a variety of events and parties, culminating in a colourful explosion of paint and joy.


Landmarks and Monuments You Can’t Miss

Taj Mahal Palace

One of the most photographed places in India, the stunning palace is a blend of Islamic and Renaissance architecture. Built in 1903 by native Parsi JN Tata, after he was turned away from European establishments.


Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus

This extravagant Gothic building is a beautiful blend of Hindu, Islamic and Victorian architecture, complete with gargoyles, stained glass, and a clock. The train from the terminal to the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport takes approximately 1 hour, but involves a few changes, so plan accordingly if you have a lot of luggage.


Gateway to India

Built as a monument to honour to visit of King George V, the gateway overlooks the Mumbai harbour and makes for stunning sunset photos. It’s a prime photo and people-watching spot, and the chances that you’ll be asked to hold a baby for a picture are high. Just smile and wave.


Marine Drive

Officially identified as a Victorian Gothic and Art Deco Ensembles UNESCO World Heritage Site, this stretch of seaside is nicknamed ‘The Queen’s Necklace’ for the shimmering lights that twinkle after dark. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a snack, go for a walk or enjoy the sunset.


Etiquette Tips

Make sure you brush up on these local customs before you board your return flights to Mumbai to avoid inadvertently causing offence.


Always Eat with Your Right Hand

When tucking into a delicious local meal, eating with your hands is encouraged. Just remember to use only your right hand, as eating with the left hand is the height of bad manners. In fact, the right hand rule extends to greeting, pointing and passing or accepting anything. When in doubt, just go for the right hand.


Respect Religious Buildings

Religion is extremely important in India, and visits to temples and other religious buildings should be treated with the utmost respect. Ask a local before you enter and be sure to leave your shoes at the door if you do. Women should cover their shoulders and knees.


Use Your Best Words

English can be quite formal in India, so try to avoid being too casual if you’re speaking to someone who calls you ‘sir’ or ‘madam’ and avoid swearing altogether as it is considered highly offensive.