Easily Book Complex Multi-City Trips Worldwide, With Just A Few Clicks.

Webjet's powerful technology searches thousands of flights across multiple cities worldwide to generate the cheapest, fastest or best travel itinerary, saving you time, effort and money.

What Is
Multi-City Travel?

Multi-City travel is Webjet's innovative tool for effortless worldwide travel across multiple cities. Become your own travel agent and access flights from hundreds of airlines and thousands of destinations. Customise your trip to prioritise savings, time, or even create stopovers within your itinerary. Within minutes, generate one comprehensive online booking, all by yourself.
Destinations in the world. Giving you endless options to create an itinerary customised to you.
Flight options in less than a minute.
Webjet travellers who have booked an international Multi-City trip in the last year.

The Round trip

Embark on a captivating round-trip by seamlessly flying between consecutive cities and destinations. Optimise your trip by embracing unique travel stopovers to enhance your journey before returning to your starting city.
For example, travel from Sydney to Singapore, Singapore to Bali, and finally Bali back to Sydney.

Fly into one city,
and out from another

Embrace unparalleled flexibility by flying into one city and returning from another, crafting a personalised non-circular itinerary all in one booking. It's ideal for combining corporate and leisure travel or creating a custom gap-year experience.
For example, you could book a trip from Melbourne to Paris and then return from London to Melbourne.

How to book a Multi-City trip?

Effortlessly book your Multi-City trip on Webjet in just three simple steps. Start by searching for your personalised itinerary, choosing from a variety of options that suit your preferences, be it the cheapest, fastest, or the best travel itinerary. Then, select your preferred journey and complete your booking with ease. Whether you're embarking on a student gap year or fulfilling your retiree travel dreams, planning and booking your Multi-City adventure through Webjet will not only save you time but also help you make the most of your budget.
Visit Webjet's website or use the mobile app to navigate to the "Multi-City" tab on the search widget. Enter your departure city, destination cities and travel dates. Click the "Search Flights" button to initiate the search.
Explore a variety of flight options that our innovative technology provides within minutes. Select the flights that align with your preferences, whether they are the cheapest, fastest, or best available. Review the summary of your chosen flights, including the total price.
Proceed to the booking page, enter your passenger details and finalise the payment process to confirm your booking. Once completed, you will receive a confirmation email with your detailed travel itinerary. Pack your bags and get ready for an exciting trip ahead!

Your Multi-City adventure awaits

With Webjet, booking a Multi-City world trip empowers you to become your own travel agent. You have the freedom to explore a range of diverse destinations, personalise your itinerary, optimise your time, and secure the best value deal for you.
The possibilities for building a customised and unforgettable Multi-City trip are limitless, so why wait? Start your search today and embark on the adventure of a lifetime.