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Tips for First-Time Travellers to Moscow

If you’re booking tickets to Moscow for your first visit to Russia, we have some tips to make your trip a memorable one! Remember that you need to apply for a visa well in advance of your flights to Moscow.

Use Rideshare Apps

Some Moscow locals recommend avoiding taxis or paying for taxi rides in cash. Instead, make use of rideshare apps like Uber and Gett, or a local company Yander Taxi. Making your way from Sheremetyevo International Airport (SVO) to central Moscow should take around 45 to 50 minutes, depending on traffic.

Apply for Your Visa with Time to Spare

The visa application can take a while, so start the process well in advance of your flights to Moscow. Using a visa agency is advised, and may help make the process easier. Your visa needs to be registered within 7 days after your flights to Moscow have landed.

Don’t Be Surprised if the Police Stop You

It’s important to have a copy of your travel documents when you’re exploring the city; your passport, visa, and registration can be requested by the police at any time.


The Best Time to Visit

The weather is at its mildest during the early spring - around early June. Finding cheap flights to Moscow during this peak season can be tricky, so remember to book your return flights to Moscow well in advance of your travel dates. The cost of an airfare to Moscow tends to be lower during January when the average temperatures can plummet to -8°C, so if you’re looking for cheap flights to Moscow (and aren’t afraid of the cold weather), this would be a good time to visit!


Landmarks and Monuments You Can’t Miss

Many travellers book their return flights to Moscow to explore the iconic architecture of this magnificent city. If you’re boarding your flights to Moscow for the same reason, you can’t miss these historic highlights.

St. Basil’s Cathedral

The rainbow dome of the cathedral was designed to look like the flame of a bonfire and built in the 1500s. It’s one of the city’s most iconic attractions and makes for some beautiful pictures.

State Historical Museum

Built in 1872, the museum is home to a vast collection of precious and significant items, ranging from prehistoric relics that once belonged to the tribes who called modern-day Russia their territory, to Romanov art collections.

Bolshoi Theatre

There’s no better experience to make the long flights to Moscow worthwhile than an evening of entertainment at the iconic theatre. Dating back to 1856, the historic venue hosts ballet and theatre performances worth writing home about.


Top Experiences For Visitors

From sipping Russian vodka to exploring an ancient fortress, there’s enough to see and do in this city to keep you booking your return flights to Moscow over and over again.

Shopping at the Izmaylovo

The largest flea market in Moscow offers everything from Soviet antiques to handmade souvenirs in a maze-like jumble of shops. It is the perfect place to pick up some treasures and gifts for those back home.

Explore The Kremlin

There’s enough to see and do in Russia’s oldest fortress to keep you busy for a full day. More than just home to Guiness World Record-holding bells and canons, the fortress has a fascinating history to explore. It’s best to visit with a tour group.

Enjoy a Taste of Russian Vodka

And whatever you do - don’t order a mixer! As per Russian tradition, vodka is taken neat, with a glass of water on the side if you’re really thirsty. It’s also tradition to nibble on something after each shot, so order a few bites with your drinks.


Packing Tips

If you’re visiting in winter, don’t board your flights to Moscow without packing your suitcase with enough layers to keep you warm in below zero temperatures! If your flights to Moscow are booked for the summer months, expect average temperatures around 18°C.

Pack Layers for Religious Sites

Women are required to cover their head and shoulders when entering religious sites, which are open to the public, so remember to carry a light scarf with you when sightseeing. Some religious sites require women to wear a skirt, so try to plan your wardrobe around your itinerary.

Dress Up for Nightlife

Moscow’s nightlife scene encourages dressing up, so women should be sure to brave the cold by putting their best high heeled foot forward in a short skirt or cocktail dress. Men typically dress in all black, and look smart even if they’re just dining out.

Translation Apps and a Phrasebook

It’s a good idea to learn a few Russian phrases and at least the basics of the Cyrillic alphabet before you board your flights to Russia. Once you land at Sheremetyevo International Airport, you’ll be more equipped to navigate and understand metro signs and road maps.

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