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Miami Guide

Tips for First-Time Travellers with Return Flights to Miami

Miami is known for great weather, a vibrant cultural and food scene and iconic Art Deco architecture, enticing more than 44 million people to book flights to Miami every year.

Prepare for Late Nights

Miami is a late night city, with most clubs standing empty before midnight. If you’re experiencing jet-lag after your flights to Miami, that’s perfect, since your sleeping pattern is going to be thrown out - at least for the first couple of nights you’re in the city.

Avoid Rush Hour

If you think traffic is bad in your city, just wait until you try to get anywhere in Miami at rush hour. Since you’re on holiday, try to plan your days around travelling when locals are at work to avoid getting stuck in hours of traffic - particularly from 4pm to 7pm.

No Open Containers

Be aware of the “no open containers” law which prohibits drinking alcohol in public. Having an open bottle or glass of alcohol is not permitted unless you’re in a restaurant or bar - this includes the beach.

The Best Time to Visit

Although the summer months between June and August are the most festive, they can also be the most expensive time to visit, with flights to Miami booking up fast and an airfare to Miami potentially at its highest. Travelling in the springtime, between March and May, will make finding cheap flights to Miami easier and make the airfare to Miami easier on your hip pocket.

Landmarks and Monuments You Can’t Miss

Art Basel

If you managed to book your tickets to Miami around the week when Art Basel, one of the biggest art fairs in the world, takes place (normally the first week of December), you’re in luck because this is a week like no other to be in town. In fact, art enthusiasts from around the world book their flights to Miami specifically for the fair, which takes place in Basel Switzerland, Miami Beach Florida and Hong Kong every year, showcasing both new and established artists. From the moment your flights to Miami touch down at Miami International Airport (MIA), you’ll be stepping into one of the best weeks the city sees all year.

The Freedom Tower

Inspired by Spain’s Giralda, the Freedom Tower has been recognised by the National Register of Historic Places and is famous for being featured in an episode of Miami Vice. But more importantly, it houses works by Goya, Dalí, and da Vinci and offers free entry and tours.

Cape Florida Lighthouse

Built in 1825, this is the oldest structure in Miami and has a fascinating history. It was once a top-secret meeting place for slaves on the run and is now listed as a National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom Site. The climb to the top will leave you out of breath, but then so will the view, so it’s worth the effort.

Top Experiences For Visitors

Eat at Joe’s Stone Crab

Don’t let the long line put you off - the juicy Florida Keys stone crab alone could be worth the airfare to Miami. In fact, it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility to imagine that travellers time the booking of their return flights to Miami to coincide with the opening of the iconic restaurant every season, come mid-October.

Take a Walk Through Wynwood Art District

Ranked amongst the top street art neighbourhoods in the USA, this colourful neighbourhood makes for a great afternoon walk. You wouldn’t be the first tourist to bust out a full-blown photoshoot in front of the art, so don’t be shy.

Have a Drink at The Biltmore

Miami’s most fashionable hotel is a must visit. Stop by for a drink (or afternoon tea) and the chance to rub shoulders with any celebrities who happen to be in town. If you managed to find cheap flights to Miami and have some budget to spare, it’s worth booking the Champagne Brunch, which comes with a price tag of $85 USD excluding tax and 20% gratuity.

Packing Tips

Remember to check the weight allowance with your airline before your board your flights to Miami to avoid having to unload your bags at check-in. Also make sure to ask whether you need to collect your baggage at Miami International Airport if you’re catching a connecting flight.

Bring Your Flashy Beach Wear

Don’t be shy to dress up for the beach. Earrings, complicated bathers, tiny denim shorts with massive wedge heels - it’s all appropriate. You don’t want to be the tourist who bought tickets to Miami but didn’t get the memo to dress up for the beach!

Dressy Outfits for the Club

Miami is not the place to wear thongs to the club. Make sure you pack enough cocktail dresses and heels or collared shirts and dress shoes so that you can party the night away until you can’t party anymore.