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Tips for First-Time Travellers to Marrakech

Get recommended vaccinations before your Brisbane to Marrakech flights

When you are preparing for your cheap flights Brisbane to Marrakech, there are several suggested vaccinations. These include hepatitis, typhoid, rabies, and tuberculosis.


Exchange money at the airport

Many vendors around Marrakech don’t accept credit or debit cards. Cash machines can be difficult to find around the city, so it’s best to change some money to Moroccan dirhams when you land at Marrakech Menara Airport (RAK).


Tipping is commonplace for visitors with flights Brisbane to Marrakech

In Morocco, visitors are expected to tip locals who assist them in some way. This includes restaurant servers, taxi drivers and cleaning staff at your hotel.


Stay in a traditional Moroccan riad

Riads are a type of Morrocan house that are centred around a courtyard. These courtyards often feature gardens and fountains; a popular style of accommodation for those heading to Morocco on flights Brisbane to Marrakech. Guest rooms within several scenic riads are available to book through Webjet.


Don’t be afraid to haggle prices

While shopping at markets after your cheap flights to Marrakech from Brisbane, try haggling prices with stall owners. Although they may request a certain price, vendors expect shoppers to barter with them to lower their prices.



Landmarks and Monuments You Can’t Miss

The Medina and Souks

The famous Medina of Marrakech is made up of a series of narrow and winding streets. Located right in the heart of old Marrakech, the Medina is where many visitors choose to stay after cheap flights to Marrakech from Brisbane. While wandering the maze-like Medina, you’ll see some gorgeous architecture and bright tile details. The Medina is also where you’ll find the major souks following your Brisbane to Marrakech flights. Souks are the traditional markets of Morocco where you can purchase everything from spices to rugs to clothing.


Jardin Majorelle

Jardin Majorelle was built over the course of 40 years by French artist Jacques Majorelle. There is a unique fusion of French and Middle Eastern influence throughout the designs of Marrakech, and the Jardin Majorelle is a great example of that. When you have Brisbane to Marrakech return flights, take a walk through these stunning gardens made up of flowers, streams, Art Deco architecture, and artefacts from the indigenous people of Morocco.


Koutoubia Mosque

This popular landmark is the largest mosque you’ll experience when you have tickets to Marrakech from Brisbane. The Koutoubia Mosque dates back to the 12th century. The mosque is a great example of Moorish architecture that went on to influence other major builds throughout Northern Africa and Spain. The tall minaret is the mosque’s main feature, along with keystone arches and elaborate tiles and stonework.


El Badi Palace

The El Badi Palace was built during the 16th century as a celebration of victory over the Portuguese in battle. At the time, the palace was expected to be incomparable to any other architectural landmark to be built in the city. However, over time, the El Badi Palace was abandoned and it turned to ruins. After your cheap flights to Marrakech from Brisbane, visit these ruins to get an idea of how grand and vast this palace once was (and still is).



Public Transport and How to Get Around after Brisbane to Marrakech flights

The major form of public transport to take after your flights Brisbane to Marrakech is the bus. Many bus routes travel around the inner and outer neighbourhoods of the city with stops at top attractions. Bus routes that include stops at major landmarks include buses 1, 8, 11, and 12. Note that buses are not able to travel through the Medina neighbourhood of Marrakech. The way to experience this area after your Brisbane to Marrakech flights is on foot.

Taxis are available to catch all throughout the city centre when you have flights Brisbane to Marrakech. The taxis operate on metres, and a fare within the city often costs about 15 to 25 dirhams ($2.25 to $3.70 AUD). 



How Much Time to Spend in Marrakech

When you book cheap flights Brisbane to Marrakech, plan to explore the city for about five days. From Marrakech, there are so many other places to experience around Morocco. You could continue your trip to the Moroccan cities of Casablanca, Fes, and Tangier or head into the scenic Atlas Mountains and Sahara Desert.


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