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Tips for First-Time Travellers to Marrakech

Dating all the way back to the Berber Empire, the historic city of Marrakech is a feast of sights and sounds for any traveller. Once you’ve booked your flights to Marrakech, it’s time to start planning your trip. These tips will help you know what to expect.

Be Prepared to Haggle

From market stall owners to taxi drivers, you’re going to be bargaining and haggling from the moment you step off your flights to Marrakech at Marrakech Menara Airport (RAK). Booking your taxi from Marrakech Menara Airport to your accommodation in advance will help you save time and patience, as will asking your accommodation to book your transfers when exploring the city.

Stick to Daytime Explorations

Pickpocketing and petty crime isn’t uncommon in Marrakech. Make sure your experience once landing after your long flights to Marrakech is positive by taking simple precautions, such as making sure you’re back at your accommodation at a reasonable hour and sticking to busy roads or areas if you’re on foot in the evening.

Spend Your Local Currency Before You Leave the Country

Some visitors book their plane tickets to Marrakech for the shopping, but if you do find yourself with some spare currency at the end of the trip, be sure to either spend it or donate it, as you won’t be able to use or exchange it outside of Morocco. And don’t bother saving it for duty free shopping either, as you won’t be able to spend it at Marrakech Menara Airport once you’ve gone through security

The Best Time to Visit

The weather is most favourable from March to May and then again from September to November, so be sure to book your tickets to Marrakech in advance if you are looking for cheap flights to Marrakech during these months. Airfare to Marrakech during these months does tend to skyrocket, so if you’re looking for cheap flights to Marrakech, you might be better off searching for return flights to Marrakech at a quieter time of year.

Landmarks and Monuments You Can’t Miss

Bustling souks, fragrant spice stalls and colourful mosques are some of the stunning attractions that will make your airfare to Marrakech so worth it.

Jardin Majorelle

This stunning garden is famed for having been saved from demolition for development by none other than Yves Saint Laurent. The designer purchased the five-hectare botanical garden in the 1980s and following his death in 2008, his ashes were scattered amongst his beloved flora.

Bab El Khamis Souk

A little off the tourist track, this souk is open every day, but on Thursday it is truly bustling. Don’t forget to leave some room in the suitcase you take on your flights to Marrakech so you can have somewhere to put all your treasures you pick up here!

Musee de Marrakech

A large collection of Moroccan art is on display at the Musee de Marrakech, which is housed inside the stunning Mnebhi Palace. Classic Moroccan stained glass windows, intricate doorways, and colourful Moroccan tiles create a dazzling backdrop for the art.

Top Experiences For Visitors

From the food to the shopping, you’ll soon discover why travellers book their return flights to Marrakech again and again.

Stay in a Riad

Skip the hotels for a stay in a local riad - a traditional Moroccan house with an interior courtyard. They are surprisingly affordable, offering a luxurious retreat from the mayhem of the city after a long day.

Embrace Getting Lost

It doesn’t matter how well prepared you are before boarding your flights to Marrakech; you will get lost once you head out into the city to explore. Just see it as an opportunity to see more of the city. Do be aware of seemingly helpful young men offering to lead you back to your intended path - this is a scamming tactic that has claimed the cash of many a traveller in the past.

And Haggling

It’s just part of the experience. Nothing is price marked, so before you ask how much something costs, set a number in your head for what you’d be willing to pay for it. The vendor will go high, you’ll go lower than your final price, they’ll come down a little - back and forth until you either settle on your ideal price or walk away. And don’t forget to save some luggage room for the return leg of your flights to Marrakech.

Packing Tips

Morocco is a Muslim country, so be sure to pack lightweight, long-sleeved items to cover your shoulders and elbows. Knees should also be covered in public.

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