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Manila Guide

Manila City Guide

Located in Southeast Asia, Manila is the capital city of The Philippines and a city of great contrasts. Manila is located on the island of Luzon which, right next to Manila Bay. This bayside city was established many years ago in the 16th century by Spanish Conquistadors. At the heart of the city, you can find the baroque buildings and churches that have survived the many changes on this island.

Surrounding that city are modern skyscrapers, malls, and museums that show a stark contrast to the city’s humble beginnings. Poor and Rich simultaneously describe this city, with plenty of hidden gems for tourists.

Ready to plan your trip to the “Pearl of the Orient”? Webjet can provide you with offers for cheap flights to Manila (MNL) and useful information in the convenient travel guides.


Things to do in Manila


The capitol of the Philippines has different sides and moods to it, like a good book. If you want to take a peek at the Spanish chapter of Manila’s story then you can visit the walled-off core of the city – Intramuros. It is the oldest part of the city where you can experience the Spanish-era influence on the city’s architecture with many popular tourist attractions.

SM Megamall

In the modern metropolitan area of Manila, there are plenty of shopping options for travellers. One of which is the 4th largest mall in the world, namely SM Megamall. Mega is right, because this complex house around 800 stores, many of which are aimed at fashion shoppers looking for a good bargain on well-known international brands and local brands as well. The complex also offers a cinema, bowling alley, a huge hall for hosting international events and much, much more.

San Agustin Church

Dating back to the 16th century, San Agustin Church is the oldest church constructed from stone in the Philippines. The church is an official UNESCO site and is visited often by tourists. The church has beautiful decorations and various intricate mouldings inside, all wrapped up in the recognizable Baroque style. It also houses a crucifix from the 15th century. Definitely worth a trip from Melbourne (MEL) to Manila(MNL).

Best time to visit Manila

When is The Best Time to Book Cheap Flights to Manila (MNL)?

When you are planning your trip from Melbourne (MEL) to Manila (MNL), you want to make sure you avoid the rainy season, as most tourists do. The rainy season usually lasts from May to October, sure the rain is not constant, and if you don’t mind it, you can make use of the cheaper prices at this time.

The more attractive option for tourists is the dry season which spans from November to April. The hottest month is usually May, because of the humidity of the oncoming wet season, there are fewer visitors during this time. Tourists have taken advantage of the fewer crowds to enjoy Manila during October and May as these months aren’t so popular for everyone, but the lowered prices on flights and accommodation are definitely worth taking a look at.


Cheap Flights to Manila (MNL) from Melbourne (MEL)

Manila is one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in the world. Since its story began in the 16th century, it has continued to evolve from a Spanish colony into a modern Philippine city that still has great ties to its past. There are many tastes, smells, sites, and stories to experience in Manila, and they are all just a few clicks away on Webjet’s website.

To get from Melbourne (MEL) to Manila (MNL), you will need to use the main Tullamarine Airport (MEL). There are about 25 flights to Manila Airport (MNL) every day. One airline offers a direct flight from MEL to MNL and that is Philippine Airlines. They can get you to Manila (MNL) from Melbourne (MEL) in little over 8 hours. Other Airfares to Manila (MNL) have layovers and may cost more.

Thanks to the deals Webjet can find, you will easily track down cheap flights to Manila (MNL) that suit your travel needs.


Departing from Tullamarine Airport (MEL)

The main airport for Melbourne is the international Tullamarine Airport (MEL). It is conveniently located just 25 kilometres from the city’s business district.

Getting to Tullamarine Airport (MEL)

If you are going by car, taxi or Uber the ride will take around 25 minutes, more if there is traffic. The fastest route is via the Tullamarine Freeway, but you may have to pay tolls with a CityLink card. The ride to the airport costs around AUD 60 by taxi.

For travellers that aren’t in a hurry, you can always try the SkyBus service. Their buses run 24/7 and have multiple stops. The ride from the city centre to the airport can be 35 or 45 minutes long, depending on traffic. This way is cheaper too since it only costs AUD 19 for a one-way ticket. You can even reserve them online just like Airfares to Manila (MNL).


Parking Options at Tullamarine Airport (MEL)

The Value car parks are the most affordable option, whether you are going on a business trip over the weekend or on holiday with the family. These open-air car parks are not so close to the airport terminals, but there is a 24/7 shuttle bus service that can take you to the terminals and back. A shuttle bus departs every 5 to 10 minutes for the terminals.

If you do find yourself in a hurry, there are car parks directly in front of the terminals, with or without valet parking. These options are more expensive, but they are perfect if you need to catch a flight in a hurry.


Which International Terminal Will Your Cheap Flights to Manila (MNL) from Melbourne (MEL) depart from?

Your cheap flights to Manila (MNL) from Melbourne (MEL) will depart from the international terminal T2. Be sure to check in with plenty of time before your MEL to MNL flight.


Arriving at Manila Airport (MNL)

Once your cheap flights to Manila (MNL) from Melbourne (MEL) has landed you will be in Ninoy Aquino International Airport (MNL). The locals call it NAIA Airport, and because it is part of the municipality of Manila, tourists tend to call it Manila Airport. The airport is fairly close to the city centre and the hotels. There are more than a few options for people to travel safely through the capitol.


Getting from Manila Airport (MNL) to Your Hotel

There are several taxi services going from the airport to the downtown area. A trip can cost between AUD 9.75 and AUD 11.50, depending on the distance. If there is no traffic the trip will last about 20 minutes, but with heavy traffic, it can last up to an hour. Those are the metered yellow taxis. If you use coupon taxis, then you pay for the specific destination you are going in advance.

The coupon taxis are white with blue squares. While they are more expensive, coupon taxis are the better choice for multiple travellers with a lot of luggage, even if the yellow metered taxis can be up to 50% cheaper. Never accept rides from people who approach you to give you a taxi ride as Manila has lots of taxi scams, only use the official metered taxis or pre-booked taxi services.

For travellers wanting to take the bus, it is recommended to take the one at Terminal 3, that takes Route 2. This will lead you to touristic locations and the downtown area. The bus ride costs around AUD 2.50 for a one-way ticket.

There are also plenty of car rental companies located at Manila Airport (MNL) for your convenience, however, due to the famous congestion that can take place in the city, maybe you should consider other options if possible.

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