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Male Guide

Public Transport and How to Get Around


As soon as your Sydney to Male flights arrive and you’ve made your way to your hotel. the best way to get around Male is on foot. Most of the city’s attractions and hotels are within walking distance due to the island's small size.


If you want to island hop from Male, you can take a seaplane from Velana International Airport (MLE) on the island of Hulhule. Once your flights Sydney to Male land, you can book a domestic transfer with Maldivian Air Taxi or Trans Maldivian Airways.


The local ferry is a good way to get from Velana International Airport (MLE) to Male. After your flights Sydney to Male arrive, you can make your way to the port and catch a ride. The boats leave every 10 minutes from 6am to 2:30am every Saturday to Thursday. On Fridays, the ferries operate every 10 minutes from 6am to midnight.


If you don't want to waste time getting to your hotel on Male from Velana International Airport (MLE), speedboat transfers are your best option. Some resorts offer private transfers, or you can book with independent service providers after you've organised your flights Sydney to Male.


While it won't take you long to walk around Male, there are metered taxis available. You can either hail a taxi from the road or ask your hotel to book you a ride. A short trip costs on average 20 MVR ($1.83 AUD) with a 10 MVR ($0.91 AUD) for any bags. It’s also possible to take a metered taxi from Velana International Airport (MLE) to your hotel once your flights Sydney to Male have landed.

The Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Male is between November and April. It's dry season in the Maldives, and the weather is perfect for outdoor activities and long, lazy days at the beach. The only downside is that it's the busiest time of year for the Maldives. If you're planning a trip over these months, you'll need to book your flights Sydney to Male as early as possible to lock in cheaper airfares.

For cheap flights to Male from Sydney, book your holiday over the wet season. From May to October, Male receives the majority of its annual rainfall, and you'll find excellent deals on cheap flights Sydney to Male. On the plus side, the storms don't last long, and you'll still be able to enjoy your holiday! The rainy weather means it's the best time of year for surfers as the swells and waves are at their biggest.

Top Experiences For Visitors

Try the street food

Head to the south side of Male, and you'll find a local market full of street food vendors. One of the best items to try is majaa. It's a tray of mango, coconut, dried fish with local spices.

Go scuba diving

The Maldives is one of the best places in the world to go scuba diving. The pristine conditions are why so many travellers book tickets to Male from Sydney each year. You can organise a day trip with one of the local tour companies and explore the islands’ underwater world. Just keep in mind that you have to wait at least 24 hours between your Sydney to Male flights before you can dive.

Take a cooking class

If you want to take your culinary skills up to the next level, take a local cooking class on Male. It's a great way to learn about Maldivian culture while sampling some of the country's top delicacies. When you’ve booked your tickets to Male from Sydney, you can book a class online or ask your hotel for recommendations once you arrive.

Tips for First-Time Travellers to Male

Plan your trip around Ramadan

During the one month period of Ramadan, it can be tricky to travel to the Maldives. Many hotel staff are with their families, and it's hard to find food during the day as most shops will be closed. You'll also need to abide by the Ramadan rules and avoid eating and drinking in public as well as covering up your knees and shoulders. As a result, it's best to plan your flights Sydney to Male around this religious period.

Don’t drink alcohol outside your hotel

The majority of the local people are Muslim, and there are strict rules around alcohol. Travellers booking Male to Sydney flights are not allowed to bring drinks into the country or alcohol outside of the resorts.

Be aware of the environment

The Maldives is the lowest-lying country in the world and is greatly threatened by climate change. After you've booked your flights Sydney to Male, pack things like reusable water bottles and straws to lessen your environmental impact. It's also a good rule of thumb to keep your energy consumption to a minimum and to avoid wasting water as much as possible.