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Tips for First-Time Travellers to Male

Booking flights to Male is the first step to any great holiday in the Maldives. The capital city is the first port of call for visitors to the Republic of Maldives, and has enough history and culture to justify at least one day of exploring before jetting off to your resort.

Book Your Return Flights to Male in Advance

With more than 1000 beautiful islands in the Maldives, you can imagine why it’s such a popular destination for honeymooners, solo travellers and families alike. When looking for cheap flights to Male, the capital city where Velana International Airport is located, it’s important to book early, as tickets to Male are highly sought after and an airfare to Male can increase dramatically during the high season.

Don’t Skip the Capital

As the most populous city in the Maldives, Male has a lot to offer in terms of cultural significance. Resist the temptation to disembark your flights to Male and head straight to your hotel or resort, as the capital has a certain charm that shouldn’t be missed out on. Take some time to step out and explore the streets, which are conveniently laid out in a grid, making getting lost pretty difficult.

Dress Conservatively

Once you disembark your flights to Male, it’s important to adhere to local customs and cover up your knees, elbows and shoulders. Both men and women exploring the city are encouraged to stick to modest outfits. Remember that all public beaches require bathers to wear the same modest clothing for swimming, and bikinis are prohibited anywhere outside of the resorts. Male and the surrounding islands are predominantly Muslim and as such there is no alcohol served at restaurants and physical contact between male and female visitors should be kept to a minimum.

The Best Time to Visit

The Maldives are known for unpredictable weather patterns, so look for cheap flights to Male between October and April, which are generally the drier months. Search Webjet for flights to Male as far in advance as possible, to avoid missing out on an affordable airfare to Male on your chosen dates. Perfect weather is not always guaranteed, even in peak season, so be prepared to spend part of your holiday soaking up the luxurious accommodations. The monsoon season generally spans the months between June and August, so cheap flights to Male might be easier to find during this period.

Landmarks and Monuments You Can’t Miss

It’s worth walking around the city just to get an idea of the Maldivian culture before you move on to your resort. Your flights to Male might land in the afternoon, leaving you with a free night before your resort transfer in the morning, offering the perfect opportunity to hit the streets. The city has a hustle and bustle to it, and you’re likely to run into friendly locals on your explorations. Once at your resort, it’s pure luxury and you’re unlikely to encounter the same kind of immersion into local culture before you head home.

Old Friday Mosque

This unique mosque is built almost entirely from coral stone and dates back to 1656. Non-Muslim people are welcome to visit, although you will need to ask for permission to step inside and would of course need to be appropriately dressed in modest clothing, even if you are just viewing the outside.

The National Museum

Following an unfortunate break-in by religious extremists, who left with many of the museum’s most precious artifacts, back in 2012, security is tight at the National Museum. Discover the ancient roots of Maldivian cultural, from medieval times up to today.

Top Experiences For Visitors

Food is a highlight in Male, so come hungry. From Thai food to traditional Maldivian restaurants, there’s something for everyone. Visiting the Old Friday Mosque is advised, but bear in mind that visitors may only enter with prior consent. The Fish Market is definitely an experience, even if not an altogether pleasant one. The artificial beach is a great spot for a dip after your long flights to Male, but remember - no bikinis allowed!

Packing Tips

Check Your Weight Allowance

If you’re landing at Velana International Airport before boarding taking a seaplane to your resort, you might experience weight restrictions, as these planes are small and light. Remember to contact your resort and ask about the weight allowance before you board your flights to Male. Remember to include a few layering items in your hand luggage to wear when you land, as any inhabited islands require visitors to dress conservatively.

Protect Yourself from the Sun

Remember to bring comfortable shoes, sunscreen and a hat for your walkabout. The breeze may be cool, but the sun is hot.

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