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Departure Date Last Updated^
Thu 07 Dec 04 Dec
Fri 08 Dec 29 Nov
Sat 09 Dec 28 Nov
Sun 10 Dec 29 Nov
Mon 11 Dec 29 Nov
Tue 12 Dec 29 Nov
Wed 13 Dec 28 Nov
Thu 14 Dec 04 Dec
Fri 15 Dec 29 Nov
Sat 16 Dec 04 Dec
Sun 17 Dec 30 Nov
Mon 18 Dec 02 Dec
Thu 21 Dec 04 Dec
Fri 22 Dec 04 Dec
Mon 25 Dec 04 Dec
Tue 26 Dec 04 Dec
Wed 27 Dec 04 Dec
Sat 30 Dec 02 Dec
Sun 31 Dec 01 Dec
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Departure Date
Thu 07 Dec
Updated on 30 Nov
$1,529 RETURN
FJ Airlines
Fri 08 Dec
Updated on 02 Dec
$1,749 RETURN
QF Airlines
Sat 09 Dec
Updated on 29 Nov
$1,761 RETURN
UA Airlines
Sun 10 Dec
Updated on 29 Nov
$1,717 RETURN
UA Airlines
Mon 11 Dec
Updated on 29 Nov
$1,713 RETURN
UA Airlines
Tue 12 Dec
Updated on 29 Nov
$1,712 RETURN
UA Airlines
Wed 13 Dec
Updated on 04 Dec
$2,315 RETURN
NZ Airlines
Thu 14 Dec
Updated on 04 Dec
$1,869 RETURN
FJ Airlines
Fri 15 Dec
Updated on 29 Nov
$2,328 RETURN
FJ Airlines
Sat 16 Dec
Updated on 04 Dec
$2,244 RETURN
FJ Airlines
Sun 17 Dec
Updated on 30 Nov
$2,327 RETURN
FJ Airlines
Mon 18 Dec
Updated on 02 Dec
$2,824 RETURN
FJ Airlines
Thu 21 Dec
Updated on 29 Nov
$2,797 RETURN
FJ Airlines
Fri 22 Dec
Updated on 04 Dec
$3,737 RETURN
QF Airlines
Mon 25 Dec
Updated on 04 Dec
$1,952 RETURN
FJ Airlines
Tue 26 Dec
Updated on 04 Dec
$2,337 RETURN
FJ Airlines
Wed 27 Dec
Updated on 30 Nov
$1,929 RETURN
QF Airlines
Sat 30 Dec
Updated on 01 Dec
$2,595 RETURN
UA Airlines
Sun 31 Dec
Updated on 01 Dec
$3,432 RETURN
UA Airlines

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Route information for flights from Adelaide to Los Angeles

Cheapest return price for the current month from $1,529*
Cheapest return price over next 6 months from $1,272*
Cheapest month May 2024
Most expensive month May 2024
Average flight time 16h 20min

Los Angeles Guide

Compare Cheap Flights from Adelaide to Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the most popular cities to visit in the United States and for good reason. Each neighbourhood in LA has a completely different atmosphere to it, making the city feel diverse and exciting. Downtown, you can experience fast-paced city life, but head west and you’ll find the laid-back coastal neighbourhoods of Los Angeles. With almost perfect weather year-round, Los Angeles places a huge emphasis on outdoor living. The city is brimming with beautiful beaches, hikes, shopping, and an amazing food and drink scene. Plus it is the home of Hollywood, so movie-buffs, TV-fanatics and mad music-fans can all get their kicks in La La Land.

Excited to see why so many people love Los Angeles? Book your return flights from Adelaide to Los Angeles with Webjet, and use our guide to start planning your trip to the USA.

Best time to visit Los Angeles

The best time to visit Los Angeles

With almost perfect weather year-round, there’s no bad time to visit Los Angeles! In summer, temperatures can reach 30°C but do cool down a bit at night. Even during winter, average temperatures hover around 20°C during the day.

While Los Angeles is always busy, you’ll experience the largest crowds between June and August, as this is summertime in the USA. The crowds at Disneyland or Hollywood during summer are especially large. During summer, hotel rates go up to accommodate the many people visiting the city.

For the ideal trip to LA, book cheap flights from Adelaide to Los Angeles outside of high season. It isn’t too hot during this time, and you’ll still get to soak up lots of California sunshine. Winter gets more rain than the other seasons, but you’ll still experience much more sunshine than rain. Winter is also the best time to score cheap hotel prices.

Los Angeles is well-known for its celebrity culture, so if you are hoping to run into any of your favourite stars, plan a trip to LA around one of the major award shows. The Academy Awards, Grammy Awards, Emmy Awards and Golden Globes all take place in autumn and winter, so visiting during one of these times will also allow you to take advantage of off-season hotel rates.


Departing From Adelaide

Adelaide Airport is located 5 kilometres (3 miles) west of the CBD. With its close proximity to the city and Glenelg, there are lots of quick and easy ways to get to your flight.

A variety of airlines offer cheap airfares from Adelaide (ADL) to Los Angeles (LAX), including Qantas, Virgin Australia, Air New Zealand, United Airlines, Delta Airlines and American Airlines. Flights include a short stopover along the way, and total flight time averages at about 17 hours. There are lots of flights available to choose from, with more than 800 departing from ADL to LAX each week.

Getting to Adelaide Airport

Those heading to the airport from Adelaide’s CBD can catch the JetExpress double-decker bus (bus route J1X). This express bus makes a few stops within the CBD, starting at Pulteney Street. It arrives at the airport in 25 minutes, and buses depart every hour on weekdays. The bus costs the standard Metroticket fare of $5.50 AUD during peak hours and $3.60 AUD off-peak.

The JetBus is another option from the CBD. As well as making stops in the city centre, this bus route picks up passengers in Glenelg and West Beach. Buses J1, J3, J7, and J8 all follow this route. The bus will get you to the airport in less than 40 minutes for the standard Metroticket fare.

Since the airport is so close to the city, a taxi or an Uber will get you to the airport quickly. You can travel from the CBD to the airport in about 15 minutes and from Glenelg in 10 minutes. The taxi fare costs between $20 to $28 AUD.

Parking at Adelaide Airport

Adelaide Airport (ADL) offers two different car parks that are perfect for stays of all lengths. For both car parks, you can get even lower rates when you book your spot in advance.

Where to Park at Adelaide Airport

• The undercover Terminal Car Park is just outside the airport and has 24-hour security. From there, you can walk to the terminal in minutes. Parking in the Terminal Car Park starts at $112 AUD per week.

• The Long Term Car Park is a 10-minute walk from the airport and has a free shuttle bus that connects it with the terminals. A weeklong park in the Long Term Car Park starts at $70 AUD.


Arriving in Los Angeles

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) receives all flights entering the city. The airport is located about 27 kilometres (17 miles) west of Downtown. Thanks to the airport’s location between the city and the ocean, it has easy access to some of LA’s most popular neighbourhoods, including Hollywood, Downtown LA, Venice Beach, and Santa Monica.

How to Get from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to Your Los Angeles Hotel or Accommodation

When you arrive to LAX, the most affordable way to reach the city centre is on the FlyAway Bus. It makes stops all over central Los Angeles, including Downtown LA, Westwood, and Hollywood. Ticket prices vary based on which stop you are going to and vary between $8 to $10 USD ($11.20 to $14 AUD).

If your hotel is located in one of the city’s coastal neighbourhoods, you can catch a public bus from right outside the airport. The R3 bus has regular departures from the LAX City Bus Centre. Take the bus heading north to reach both Venice Beach and Santa Monica. Bus tickets cost a budget-friendly $1.25 USD ($1.75 AUD).

Taxis and Ubers are both available from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and offer the most direct ride to your hotel. If you are heading into Downtown Los Angeles, a taxi costs about $50 USD ($70 AUD), and if you’re staying in Venice Beach, a taxi will run about $30 USD ($42 AUD).

While Los Angeles offers public transport in the central areas, in order to experience the city like a local, rent a car for your holiday. For the ultimate LA experience, rent a convertible. You can rent a car from a variety of rental car companies at LAX for as low as $15 USD ($21 AUD) per day when you book in advance. A complimentary shuttle is available to take you from the airport terminal to the rental car pick-up location.

Things to do

Things to do in Los Angeles


Los Angeles is considered by many to be the Entertainment Capital of the World and is the main hub for American film and television. Many of the city’s entertainment companies are located in the central neighbourhood of Hollywood. Throughout Hollywood, there are a number of studios you can visit to learn more about the industry and see some famous movie sets. Some popular studio tours to take are located at the Warner Bros. Studios, Universal Studios, and Paramount Studios. After visiting a studio, walk along the Hollywood Walk of Fame and be sure to catch a view of the famous Hollywood sign.

Disneyland Park

Disney fans who visit Los Angeles must experience the world’s first Disney park, located just outside LA. This original Disneyland park opened in 1955 and has inspired the five other Disney parks around the world. Disneyland is made up of eight different “lands” full of rides and activities that are fun for both children and adults alike. The park has been nicknamed the “Happiest Place on Earth” and makes for a perfect day trip from central Los Angeles. The park is a half hour drive from Downtown LA and is also accessible by public transport.

Go to the Beach

The neighbourhoods of central Los Angeles are exciting, but to experience the laid-back lifestyle that California is known for, head west to the city’s beaches. Santa Monica is a popular spot to visit; it is home to a pier topped with an amusement park. Venice Beach is another gorgeous neighbourhood. It has a famous boardwalk lined with shops and restaurants on one side and the beach on the other. Just off the main drag of Venice, you’ll find a series of canals that will remind you of the canals of Venice, Italy. It’s the perfect spot for a scenic walk under the California sunshine.

Beverly Hills

If you’re hoping to spot some celebrities during your time in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills is the place to go. Go for lunch or a drink at the famous Beverly Hills Hotel to witness the glamorous style of early 1900s “Old Hollywood.” Outside of the hotel, you’ll find the popular shopping street of Rodeo Drive. It is lined with high-end stores and is a favourite shopping destination for many of the city’s A-listers.

Drive the Pacific Coast Highway

To experience more of Southern California, rent a car for the day and head out of the city. The Pacific Coast Highway passes through Santa Monica and is considered by many to be one of the most scenic drives in the world. If you just have a day, head north to visit Malibu and Santa Barbara or south to see the legendary Orange County. If you have a few days to spare, you could even drive as far north as San Francisco or as far south as San Diego. All along the Pacific Coast Highway, you’ll be treated to some of the most incredible views you could imagine.