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London Guide

London is both one of the largest, and one of the oldest cities in Europe. Whether for business or pleasure, flights to London are always worth your time!

The capital of England and the United Kingdom is located in the southeast part of the country. Housing over 8 million residents, the biggest city of the United Kingdom is incredibly diverse – over 300 languages can be heard in London on a daily basis. While this makes the culture scene of the city abundant and varied, London also keeps its traditional British energy alive thanks to its rich historical heritage.

London is one of the world culture and trade capitals with an incredibly rich history behind it. Whether you’re interested in cultural heritage, vibrant nightlife or something in between, London is a perfect holiday destination for anybody.

Visiting London is a pleasure when you find the best deals. With WebJet, cheap airfares to London are no longer a dream!

Things to do in London

Visit the Queen’s residence

If you’re lucky to travel to London in the summertime, make sure to visit the Buckingham Palace! Located in the City of Westminster, the fabled palace is still home to the icon of the country – Queen of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms Elizabeth II.

Inexpensive culture

Though the city might seem to be reserved for the affluent, not everything about it is expensive – in fact, free or very cheap entertainment is everywhere. Many museums, among which are the British Museum which holds artefacts like the Rosetta Stone and Elgin Marbles, the National Gallery holding pieces by painting masters like Cézanne and Van Gogh, and Tate Modern which is considered one of the most important modern art museums. All budgets are welcome to London!

Enjoy the view

Make it a point not to miss the most beautiful views London has to offer. The London Eye is a famous Ferris wheel offering a perfect overlook of the city from the Thames riverside. The legendary Tower Bridge, built between 1886 and 1894, is one of London’s most famed views. Finally, enjoy a picnic in the enormous Hyde Park, one of the most illustrious green spaces in London. Definitely worth the trip!

Best time to visit London

When to visit London:

No matter the time of the year, London is always a popular destination among tourists. In fact, it is one of the most visited European cities all year round. Luckily, cheap flights from Sydney to London are also available regardless of the season. The best time for a trip to London depends on the purpose of your visit.

If you’re travelling on a budget, make sure to visit London in the spring. While the weather can be rather chilly throughout spring, the numerous parks and green spaces of London are in full bloom.

For those hoping for a tour around the cultural sites, late summer is the best bet – mid-June through August are marked with warm (but not scorching) weather. Royal residences are also open for public during these months. However, the prices also peak in the summer season!


Departing from Sydney

Only 7 km south of the CBD, Sydney Airport is one of the busiest airports in Australia. This also means that there are many cheap flights to London from this airport on a daily basis. In fact, over 40 flights from Sydney to London depart each day, and some of the most reliable airlines provide cheap return flights to London, including Philippine Airlines, Etihad Airways, Qantas Airways, China Southern Airlines and others...

Getting to Sydney Airport (SYD)

Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport, or simply, the Sydney Airport, is not hard or expensive to get to. The cheapest transportation from Sydney to the airport is the Airport Link train. The train departs from numerous city spots, the busiest of which are the Central Station, Wynyard, Bondi Beach, and Darling Harbour. Of course, the train fares and commute times vary by the departure point. While traveling from Bondi can take as much as 45 minutes and cost $19.70, you’ll only need 15 minutes and $18.70 departing at CBD. You can either purchase an individual ticket, or use your Opal Card.

Taking a taxi or Uber can be a good option if you’re situated near the airport. Taking a taxi from CBD to SYD can take around 20 minutes and cost up to $60.

Parking at Sydney Airport

Whether you’re only taking a short trip or going away for a holiday, Blu Emu car park is the most affordable option.

Though Blu Emu does not offer a direct transportation to the International Terminal, it’s not hard to get to it in a timely manner. First, you’ll need to take a 24/7 free shuttle service from the parking to the Domestic Terminal. The ride lasts about 15 minutes, and you may wait up to 30 minutes to catch a ride. Once you get to the Domestic Terminal, you should either catch a free train (5 AM – midnight) or a Transfer Bus (6 AM – 8:50 PM). Blu Emu car park costs around $30 per day, with even cheaper parking options available by booking in advance.

Direct access to the International Terminal is also available, albeit for a higher price. Parking at P7 car park is the best option for those that must get to the International Terminal quickly – you’ll only need about 5 minutes to get there on foot. Booking in advance, P7 costs around $55 per day. This convenient parking option is perfect for short trips from Sydney to London!


Arriving in London

The world’s busiest airport system by passenger numbers consists of six international airports surrounding London. Handling almost 80% of international air traffic, Heathrow and Gatwick are the busiest London airports. Whether you’re arriving at Heathrow Airport or Gatwick Airport, travelling to London is easy and convenient if you follow WebJet’s transportation, airport, car and hotel guide!

Heathrow Airport (LHR)

Heathrow Airport (LHR) is considered the main entry into the UK for non-European visitors, so you’re likely to arrive there if you travel from Sydney to London. Your airplane will land on one of these terminals: 2, 3, 4 or 5. Heathrow is located in the London Borough of Hillingdon, about 22 km from central London. The fastest transportation option is the non-stop Heathrow Express, commuting to Paddington in under 20 minutes. London Underground is the most affordable option, but it’s not ideal if you’re in a rush - Piccadilly Line trains can take up to an hour.

Gatwick Airport (LGW)

Gatwick Airport (LGW), the second busiest airport is also a likely destination travelling from Sydney to London. You will either land on the South or the North terminal. Gatwick is located in West Sussex, around 50 km from central London. The fastest way to get to London, Victoria is by Gatwick Express train, taking around 30 minutes. Thameslink trains are another great option - taking only slightly more time and costing much less, Thameslink is perfect if you’d prefer to exit at another stop.

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