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Lima Guide

Need to know

Steeped in history, renaissance art and exciting modern attractions, Lima is a city that offers the best of both worlds.

Lima is a city with a colourful culture and many traditions. Its thriving artistic community has grown from its classical past to a new wave of galleries and museums, with the El Circuito Magico del Agua especially sought after for its display of illuminated fountains and laser lights. Visit the Museo Larco for traditional pre-Columbian artworks and ceramic artefacts housed in an 18th century mansion or try the Museo de la Nacion to unearth the history of Peru’s ancient civilizations.

Lima has a booming dining scene and offers a variety of culinary delights. Take a culinary tour and sample Lima’s renowned cuisine or head to the city’s dazzling markets for immensely tasty street food.

With a culture dating back to the 16th century Lima’s religious history runs deep, with its roots evident the city’s many churches, such as the elegant Iglesia de Santo Domingo,brevered as the final resting place of three saints. The Basilica y Convento de San Francisco de Lima’s Baroque-style architecture stands tall in the middle of the city and is home to a monastery, a large library and underground catacombs ready to be explored.

There are many walking and biking tours on offer in the city, with opportunities to go further afield and uncover ancient ruins, such as the Pachacamac Temple, which can be found 30 km from the city centre. The pyramid ruins of the Temples of the Sun and the Moon are an astounding sight to behold, thought to have originated from as far back as 200AD.

Getting around

Lima’s city centre can be challenging to get around for tourists and travellers. The high levels of traffic and erratic, aggressive drivers make navigating the city by car a tough job. Walking around the city is a good way to find hidden gems, but it is important to remember that pedestrians don’t have the right of way - so be careful! Lima’s bus systems are also chaotic, so it might be best to use the Lima Metro. Trains operate every 6-10 minutes from 6am to 10pm. You must purchase a Tarjeta card to use the trains.

Best time to Visit

Lima’s mild to dry climate mean this destination is great to visit all year round. December to March are the hottest months and are ideal for surfing and sunbathing.

The winter months (from June to October) are seen as the off-season as the cooler temperatures, high humidity and dark skies set in. However, there are many great events and festivals that take place during these months including the Fiesta de Santa Rosa de Lima, a celebration of the patron saint of Lima.


Jorge Chavez International Airport

Jorge Chavez International Airport began life as Lima-Callao International Airport in 1960. It was renamed in 1965 after the famous Peruvian aviator Jorge Chavez and has been serving international passengers ever since. Flights make their way to Jorge Chávez International Airport from a wide selection of destinations including Miami, Sao Paulo, Mexico and Madrid. There are no direct flights from Australia, so most Australian travellers make their way to the Peruvian city via destinations such as Los Angeles, Atlanta and Houston.